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Obituary of Louise Blondo - September 28, 1882

Green Bay Advocate.

Sept 28th, 1882


A melancholy accident occurred on the steam barge M. Brunette (owned by Manuel Brunette, son of Dom. Jr.) while at Klaus dock last Sunday morning. In which Mrs. A. Blondo aged 22 years, of Fort Howard, and her little son, aged 2 and 1/2 years were drowned.

Mrs. Blondo and her husband were both working on the barge, she being employed as cook. After breakfast all the men, excepting her husband, left the boat. She commenced clearing the table, and he took a hook and line and commenced fishing. In a few moments one of the workmen returned and Informed Mr. Blondo that he could make 50 cents in half an hour by helping to unload the Hauley, so he dropped the line and started for the Hauley. After an ( ? ) of about twenty minutes he returned to the boat and found his wife and child missing. He thought nothing of It at first, as he supposed she was called away suddenly to see his sister, who was v ery sick in Fort Howard. But when the noon hour arrived and she wasn't on hand to prepare the dinner, he began to get anxious, so he went to his sister's residence. Not finding her there, he called at several other places where she was in the habit of vis i ting but could learn nothing of them. When night arrived and nothing was heard of them, he grew greatly alarmed, lest something wrong had befallen them. He finally met the Capt. of the tug Monroe, who advised him to drag the river as they might have accidentally fallen in. He then returned to the barge and began dragging the river with a hook and line. He was working only a short time, about two minutes, when the hook caught in the neck of the unfortunate woman's dress, and she was drawn to the surface. The child was in the mother's arms and when Mr. B. got sight of the two faces above the water his worst fears were realized, and it caused him such a terrible shock that he was compelled to drop the line, and several minutes elapsed before he was able to cal l for aid.

When he did so, a crowd soon arrived and the bodies were taken from the water. An Inquest was held on the bodies the same evening, ( ? ) Brice and Dr. Rhode being in attendance, and a verdict of accidental drowning was found. The fish line that had been left In the water by Mr. B. in the morning, was tightly grasped In the hand of the mother and was considerably entangled around the child body and her arm.

It is generally supposed that she sitting on the side of the barge playing with the little one when she accidentally lost her balance and fell in. It is one of the most melancholy accidents that ever happened in this city.

*Note: Mrs. Blondo was Louise (Bergeon) wife of Abram Brunette (Blondo)

Submitted by: Jan R Dorn