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Photo Album of

Burnett Co.


This page contains photos from the Burnett Co. area, including people, places, occupations, schools, tombstones --
any items that pertains to the historical or genealogical aspect of Burnett Co.  This is just a small sampling of our 
county's pictorial history.  We hope you enjoy viewing these photos.

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Anderson, August and wife
Anderson, August's wife
Anderson, Charles' children
Anderson, Elfie
Baker, Aaron and family
Baker, Aaron and family #2
Baker Children
Baker, Hazel Gladys (9 months old)
Baldwin, Edward & Naomi
Baldwin, Ed & his fish
Baldwin, Ed & golf trophy
Baldwin, Naomi
Baldwin, Ed & Naomi & unk. couple
Beda (1)
Beda (2)
Boyle, Annie
Bynell, David and Mary
Bynell, Oscar
Cornwall, Archie & Ella (Burgert)
Cornwall, Ella (Burgert), 1909
Cornwall, Ella
Cornwall, Vera & Friends
Dodd Family
Eckenberg, Agnes
Ekblad Family, 1924
Erickson, A. (?)
Erickson, Anna and Axel
Erickson, Axel
Erickson, Herbert
Ferdell, Dina
Giswold, Martin - family of 1908
Goodell, Harry & Ida (Smith)
Hagen, Charley
Hegge, Cora
Hegge, Jack & family
Hogan, Bert
Hoaglund, Ruth(?) & husband(?)
Hoaglund women
Holmes Brothers band
Klarquist, Alma
Knutson, Arne & Marit
Knutson, Ole & Caroline
Jarl, Joel
Johnson, Freda and horse
Johnson, Hilda
Johnson, W. & Palm, Eric
Jordan, Jim & his prize buck rack
Lair, Andrew Aeton
Lair family men
Larson, Gustaf and family
Lindgren Family
Little, Ana (wedding photo, 1900)
Mansfield Family
Mansfield, Harry & Ellen
Mansfield, Harry - Military photo
Mansfield, Mattie
McDowell, Albert
McDowell, Charles & Ella (wedding photo)
McDowell family
Meade, Cora (Hegge) & daughters
Meyer, Lewis & Selma (Anderson) (wedding photo)
Nelson, C. & Magnuson R., 1894
Nelson, Gust (wedding photo, 1901)
Nelson, Gusta
Nelson, Ida
Nelson, Sarah
Nygren family
Peterson, C. E. & Family
Peterson, Reuben breaking a field
Romlin, Eric & his 'Harley'?
Rud, Arne K.
Rud parents
Smith, Alice
Smith, Jessie
Smith, Nellie
Spaulding, Mary (Chapman) & Violet
Swenson, Alex and Johanna
Swenson's 50th Anniversary
Thayer, Basil J. & Donna M. (Meade)
Thayer, Elwin, 1918
Thayer, Elwin & friend, LeRoy Jackson
Thayer, Wayne
Trade River July 4th Celebration
Trade River July 4th Celebration, 1914
Trade River Mission Church
Westmore, Fred

Unknown People - Do you know them?

Unknown boy with cat Identified!                             .
Unknown couple Identified!
Unknown Grantsburg boys
Unknown Grantsburg boys Postcard back
"Eva & Nella"
"Eva Vandalen" Identified!
"Anton Johnson"
"Mr. & Mrs. Bourfs?"
"John Johnson"
"John Vandalen"
"Lee Crowther"
"Lizzie (Olson) Profitt"
"Mabel Hanstrom & Edna Polley"
Unknown family photo
Unidentifiable Man (2 photos)
Unknown sisters
Unknown woman
Unknown man
Unknown Grantsburg people.



Aaron Baker home
Charles Wesley Koon home
Charles Mansfield home
Courthouse at Grantsburg
English Methodist Church, 1908
Excelsior Factory at Grantsburg
Danbury Methodist Church, 1950s
Danbury Bank, 1913
Danbury, 1941
Fishbowl Inn
Forestwood Lodge
Forestwood Lodge cabin
Grantsburg Drug Co.
Grantsburg High School
Grantsburg Starch Factory
Grantsburg Stock Yards
Hickerson Roller Mill at Grantsburg
Houman's Resort in Danbury
Inside Trade River Sawmill
J F Johnson home, 1910
Joseph Peterson farm, 1957
Kilkare on Birch Island Lake, Webb Lake
Larson Farmhouse
Main Street of Danbury
Main Street of Danbury looking east, 1920s
Main Street of Danbury looking west, 1920s
Main Street of Grantsburg
'Marshals of the Day' at Grantsburg
Namakagon Lodge, 1943
North Bridge at Danbury - Blueberry Special
North on Oak St. in Grantsburg
Roamer's Inn Resort, Webb Lake, 1950s
Siren Ski Slide
St. Croix River Flood, circa 1950
Swedish Free Mission Church
Trade River
Trade River Church at Christmas
Trade River Creamery
Trade River Furniture Factory & Mill Wheel
Trade River Sawmill
Trade River Sawmill #2
View from the Holmes Lake Catholic Church
Webb Lake Store
Webster Depot, 1912
Yellow Lake Log Drive
Ye Olde Outhouse - Danbury postcard


E. N. Erickson Potato Harvest, Trade River
Farming in Falun
Haying at C. E. Peterson's
Logging with Andrew Aeton Lair
Navy Bean Threshing
Threshing Rig and Crew


Clam River School, 1905
Clam River School Roster, 1905
Clam River School Teacher, 1905
Dongola School students, 1913
Falun School Classroom
Falun School students of 1932
Trade River School before 1907
Trade River School after 1907
Trade River School children
Webb Lake School students of 1931
Webster High School, 1944


Bluff Lake Cemetery
Curtis C. Dodd

Clam Lake Cemetery

James Spenser Baker

Danbury Cemetery

Edward & Naomi Baldwin
Monroe & Frances "Lulu" Baldwin

Lakeview Cemetery

Aaron Shelby Baker
Eugene & Rena (Coon) Baker
George Baker
Ida (Coon) Baker
Isaac Baker
Mary Etta (Belt) Baker
Ora Baker
Ray Ebenezer Baker
Ruby Baker
William A & Emma A Cooan
Lakeview Cemetery
Lyman Dodd
Mark & Hattie (Baker) Dodd
Mary & Rachel Dodd
Charles H. Engebretson
Otis & Mary Engebretson
Patti Jean Engebretson
Paul Leroy Engebretson
Shirley Pauline (Augustine) Engebretson
Clyde & Alma (Pearson) Hillman
Lafe Koon
Charles & Mattie Mansfield
Charles W. & Myrtle Mansfield
Dorothy Jean Mansfield

Mission Cemetery

Lars G. Erickson
Carl & Anna Zetterquist
Zetterquist tombstone details

Orange Cemetery

Burgert Family Stone
Adam & Charlotte (Hall) Burgert
Orange Cemetery

Sacred Hearts Cemetery

Joseph Merkle
Timberland Cemetery
Timberland Cemetery Entrance
Lillian (Lair) Clark
Bessie Lair
Claude A Lair
John Lair
Kenneth Lair (taken in 1949)
Kenneth Lair (taken in 2001)
Rose (Clark) Lair
Betsy Moore
Harry & Ceciel (Lair) Rathbun

Union Cemetery

Carl Frederick Carlson
Carl Frederick Carlson Jr.
Gust Carlson
Phillip & Nina Dickey
Herbert (son) & Anna (mother) Erickson
John & Almeda Erickson
Ed Carl Johnson
Hilda (Carlson) Johnson
Britta Meyer
Carl Meyer
Meyer Family Stone
Lowell C. Mott
Henry & Mabel Schultz
Oscar Carl Sjoberg
Union Cemetery Entrance

Viola Cemetery

Albert & Alice Fristed
Allen Dean Fristed
Carles Fristed
Carles & Rosella Fristed
Joan Marie Fristed
Owen & Delores Fristed
Peter Fristed
Retha Fristed
Edith Mae (Parrott) Jensen
Eva Jane Baker Parrot Jensen
Raymond Jensen
Jean E. & Lavern F. Mansfield
Etta Mae Parrott
Olaf & Marjorie Pearson
Viola Lake Cemetery

Zion Cemetery

"King" Carl Anderson



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