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Marriages from Our Savior Church

Stanley, Wisconsin
contributed by Kris McCrea (partial list)

Date of Marriage Names of Bride and Groom Age Where From Witnesses
Jun 2, 1901 Ole Reuden 27 Valders Norge Thron Evensen
  Helene Marie Stensli 27 Toten Norge Simon Estensen
Jun 29, 1901 Anaren Hoyland 42 Solar Norge Julius Howland
  Karen Lokken 28 Fron Norge Andr. Sandbo
Aug 17 1901 John C Thune 21 Fredrikstad Norge Lars K Soli
  Hannah H Solie 17 Eau Claire Wi Hans J Soli
Mar 22 1902 Hakon Johnson 38 Norge Julius Howland
  Karen Olson 27 Norge Martin Moen
Apr 5 1902 Johan Emil Johnson 32 Sverge Harold Albert Thorp
  Anna Constanse Solie 22 Moss Norge John B Larsen
Jun 28 1902 Hans J Solie 22   Carl J Solie
  Olga Bolethe Weisner 18   Lars L Solie
Sept 11 1902 Hans P Benson 31 Denmark Otto Anderson
  Lovise Mary Anderson 26 Norge Anna L. Solie
Jan 19 1903 Harold Albert Thorp 21 Wo Alfred A. Soli
  Clara A Solie 20 MI Olga Oline Thorp
May 23 1903 Martin M Moen 25 Norge Carl Utne
  Anethe Petrine Utne 19 Eau Claire Alvilda Anderson
Oct 9 1903 Simen Larsen 27 Norge Simen Estensen
  Ellen Olson 27 Norge Marie Larsen
Nov 25 1903 Ed. E. Olson 40 Norge E--ie Olson
  Mathilda Gilbertsen 37 Norge Jennie Gilbertsen
Jan 16 1904 Christian G Kinney 31 Soldier(?) Benjamin Kinney
  Ella A Peterson 23 Norge Elise Peterson
May 21 H. E (not readable )     H. E (not readable )
  Sev------- Oline Evenson 2? Norway Mary Evenson
Jan 4 1915 Harold Christiansen 21 Norway William Kolstad
  Clara Sofie Kolstad 20 WI Minnie Nerdrum
Mar 20 1915 George Ulander 21 WI Albert Ulander
  Jennie Ness 19 Stanley Hannah Ness
May 8 1915 Anton Solie 24 Norway Lawrence Solie
  Bertha Lydia Larson 20 Stanley Edna Larson
Jun 5 1915 Gustav Solie 25 Stanley Anton Long
  Katherine Steene 22 Norge Olga Steene
Jun 17 1915 Henry Sebre 47 Norge Hildur Baade
  Martha Gunderson 50 Norge Gerhart Anseth
June 19 1915 Theodore Hoff 24 WI Ingvol Vaagen
  Mina Vaagen 23 WI Olga Hoff
Oct 1 1915 Nels Norby 30 WI Olav Olson
  Amalia Husby 24 WI Clara Husby
Nov 20 1915 Jorgon Solie 22 WI Hartvig Solie
  Dagny Ofelia Solie 18 WI Anna Solie
Dec 2 1916 Andrew Nelson 25 WI Ingval Olson
  Borghild Anderson 24 Norge Helga Solie
Dec 9 1916 Oscar E Wold 26 WI Arthur Hagen
  Gladys E Pearson 22 WI Miss Evenson
Mar 7 1917 Paulus Peterson 40 Norge Nora Midtlien
  Serene Midtlien 33 WI Esther Gunderson
Mar 28 1917 Herbert Gunderson 27 WI Oscar Christiansen
  Ida Christiansen 22 WI Esther Gunderson
Jun 2 1917 Charles A Soderberg 24 WI Anton Solie
  Bertha Solie 22 WI Esther Soderberg
Jun 2 1917 Henry Solie 26 WI Anton Solie
  Jennie Dahl 26 WI Anna Dahl
June 2 1917 Anton Long 23 Stanley Arthur Long
  Olga Steen 21 Norge Astrid Hansen
Sept 9 1917 John Thornton 28 WI Mr & Mrs Alfred
  Signey Kristiansen 31 Norge Kristiansen  


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