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Hampden Cemetery

Hampden Township, Columbia County Wisconsin

Intersections of County Rd K & N and Bradley Rd near the Hampden Town Hall. Tombstone transcription by Joan Woodward & Pat Asmussen 2003 & 2004. Edited and reformatted by Anna Mae Axness

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Name: last, first(Spouse)BirthDeathLOC,--INSCRIPTION
Unknown, Unknown  4-S,--Stone difficult to read
Unknown, Perry  4-S,--Stone in ground
Almary, A.. 12 Feb 18794-S,--d/o G.S. & P, 24yr 10mo 14 da
Andler, Charlene(Robert)10-09-1933 11-S,--See: Andler, Robert for children
Andler, Gale05-27-196701-08-199311-S,--on stone with Robert & Charlene
Andler, Robert(Charlene)12-30-1930 11-S,--Our (Charlene) children: Glenn, Gary, Cheryl, Gregg, Gale
Anfinson, Clara M.  8-N,--See: Bradley, Clara M.
Bachman, Ethel L.189019576-S,--
Barclay, Nina A.189519815-S,--
Basey, G. Irene  16-W,--See: Moore, G. Irene
Bell, Frank E.(Janet L.)187019644-S,--
Bell, Harvey B.(Hilda M.)188119624-S,--
Bell, Hilda M.(Harvey B.)188919814-S,--
Bell, Janet L.(Frank E.)187519614-S,--
Bell, LaVergne R.(Mirza L.)191519944-S,--
Bell, Mirza L.(Stewart C.)184719315-S,--
Bell, Stewart C.(Mirza L.)184619335-S,--
Bell, Stuart L.(LaVergne R.)191620064-S,--
Bentley, Jane  1-S,--See: Sutton, Jane Bentley
Bishop, Nancy(A.S.) 27 Feb 18608-S,-- Age 44 yrs
Bock, A. E.14 Sept 182014 Sept 188410-S,--Age 64 yrs
Bock, Anna Sophia Dorothea(N.H.)10 Mar 181724 Nov 189010-S,--Born in OsterEhlienworth, Hanover, Germany
Bock, Bertha  10-S,--See: Johnson, Bertha Bock
Bock, Delores 12-12-193212-S,--Infant
Bock, Doris L.(Walter H.)1931 15-S,--Nee:Parpart Children: Gloria, George, Walter, Jas., Brian, Bonnie, Audrey
Bock, Dorothea(Henry)1857192310-S,--
Bock, Ella L.(George J.)1892197112-S,--
Bock, Emma1893189910-S,--d/o Henry & Dorothea Bock
Bock, Fred J.(Irma E.)11-25-190008-19-198010-S,--
Bock, George8 Apr 182422 June 189810-S,--Born in Osterbruch, Hanover, Germany
Bock, George J.(Ella L.)1894194212-S,--
Bock, Henry(Dorothea)1845192210-S,--
Bock, Irma E.(Fred J.)06-28-190202-09-199310-S,--
Bock, N. H.17 Apr 18194 Dec 188310-S,--64yr 7mo 17da old
Bock, Rudolph15 July 189605-28-198510-S,--
Bock, Wally C.05-12-190506-28-1905 Metal marker
Bock, Walter H.(Doris L.)192406-27-190515-S,--
Bogel, AnnaNo dateNo date9-S,--small stone
Bogel, JohnNo dateNo date9-S,--small stone
Booker, Ivor Partridge16 Sept 186509-18-192314-N,--s/o John Partridge Booker
Brabender, Glen 01-11-190313-S,--s/o J. & M. Brabender
Brabender, Harold 07-23-190413-S,--s/o J. & M. Brabender
Bradley, Ada Mae  6-N,--See: Kreier, Ada Mae
Bradley, Byron M.(Clara M.)190419888-N,--Father
Bradley, Clara M.(Byron M.)190519888-N,--Mother: Nee: Anfinson
Bradley, Emma F.(Wm Jay)186419408-N,--
Bradley, Lockey(William)182719127-N,--
Bradley, May M.186919546-N,--on stone with Alfred H.& Ada Mae Kreier
Bradley, Petra/Peyba? O.(Wm. O.)1888197014-N,--
Bradley, Ralph--8y 6m 20d old 30 Jan 18727-N,--s/o W.R. & L. Bradley
Bradley, Rosella V.192219308-N,--d/o Byron & Clara Bradley
Bradley, William(Lockey)182719087-N,--
Bradley, William O.(Petra/Peyba)1891195914-N,--
Bradley, Wm. Jay(Emma F.)186019288-N,--
Braund, Dorothy(Gerald)1925196414-N,--Mother of Cynthia and Regina
Brewer, Emma C.(Frederick)20 May 184308-07-190811-S,--
Brewer, Freddie G.5 Mar 187620 July 189811-S,--
Brewer, Frederick(Emma C.)10 Apr 18352 Mar 189511-S,--Civil War
Brewer, Israel C.(Sally B.)179718738-S,--Great grandparents of Calvin Coolidge
Brewer, Sally B.(Israel C.)180118848-S,--Great grandparents of Calvin Coolidge
Brewer, Wilbur F.17 Mar 188104-17-195511-S,--
Brewer, Willie F.28 Feb 18728 Mar 187711-S,--s/o F.A. & E. Brewer
Broadbent, Lillie May(Silas A.)1893198514-N,--
Broadbent, Silas A.(Lillie May)1903198514-N,--
Bullen, Jehial--77y 9m 11da old 5 Apr 189913-S,--Harvey M. Brown Post No. 146 Civil War, Co M 1st Wis. H.A.
Bush, Celia L.(Darius Harrison)7 July 183706-15-19151-S,--
Bush, Darius Harrison(Celia L.)17 Jan 182705-17-19071-S,--Born: Somerset, N.Y.
Bush, Elvira A.(W.R.)15 Oct 185712-27-19035-S,--
Bush, John E.7 Mar 180218 Mar 18913-S,--
Bush, William R.(Elvira A.)8 Jan 185705-07-19355-S,--
Butler, James 12 Apr 188112-N,--62 yrs, 3 mos, 7 dys
Butler, Rachel20 Jan 180128 Aug 188512-N,--on stone with Lyman Morse, maybe his wife
Cady, Elizabeth A.(Oliver N.) 24 July 18616-S,--22yr old
Castleberry, Alice L.(Ransom H.)1911199214-S,--
Castleberry, Ransom H.(Alice L.)1913198914-S,--
Chase, Benjamin(Mahatable M.) 15 Aug 189383 yrs, 8 mos, 11 dys
Chase, E. Maroy--2yr 4mo old 4 Mar 18487-S,--Child of Benjamin & Mariah
Chase, Julia E.--3yr 11mo old 10 Mar 18507-S,--d/o Benjamin & Mariah
Chase, Mahatable M.(Benjamin) 5 Nov 18967-S,--83 yrs, 4 mos, 15 dys
Clark, Daughter 01-23-195712-S,--d/o J.(?) and E. Clark
Clark Family Stone  Henry Robinson Clark, DeWitt C. & Harriett F.
Clark, DeWitt C,. 8 Sept 186212-S,--10 yrs, 4 mos, 2 dys
Clark, Harriett F. 24 Nov 185412-S,--6 Mos 12 dys
Clark, Henry Robinson5 Oct 181931 Oct 189512-S,--76 yrs, 26da old
Coggins, Charles J.(Evelyn J.)01-30-192608-22-20029-S,--(m)07-09-1952
Coggins, Dena M.(Harry C.)189319639-S,--
Coggins, Evelyn J.(Charles J.06-20-1929 9-S,--(m)07-09-1952
Coggins, Harry C.(Dena M.)9 Oct 188904-24-19729-S,--Farrier U.S. Arm, WW I
Coggins, Ritchie Jay 08-24-19649-S,--Our Boy
Cole, Mate 30 Oct 188011-N,--d/o H.& N. Cole, 25y 5m 19da
Cole, Nancy A.(Henry) 25 May 188011-N,--63yr 3mo 3da old
Cole, Willie 1 Aug 187811-N,--s/o H.& N. Cole, 17y 3m 14d old
Conant, Earl E.(Lucille M.)1912197515-S,--
Conant, Lucille M.(Earl E.)1916197815-S,--Nee: Koberstein
Copeland, Thomas 23 Oct 18554-N,--58yr old
Corning, Janet M.(Myrwyn H.)10-26-1937 16-W,--Nee:Kostad, (m)08-13-1955
Corning, Myrwyn H.(Janet M.)02-26-193501-31-199916-W,--(m)08-13-1955
Crook, Arleen M.(Morris B.)02-25-191901-03-200214-S,--
Crook, Morris B.(Arleen M.)09-29-190705-01-196614-S,--
Curtis, Emma J.(William H.)185219314-N,--
Curtis, Infant 4 Apr 18704-N,--c/o Wm. & Emma Curtis
Curtis, Lida187119504-N,--
Curtis, William H.(Emma J.)184019284-N,--Civil War
Custer, Christen--3mo 4da old 13 Aug 18??7-S,--d/o W.I. & I.J. (WE & EJ?)
Custer, Emma J.--2mo 4da old 21 Oct 18567-S,--d/o W.I. & I.J. (WE & EJ?)
Custer, Infant 5 Sept 18637-S,--d/o W.I..& I.J. (WE & EJ?)
Custer, Wm. Edward--1y 10m 27da 4 Sept 18557-S,--s/o W.I. & I.J. (WE & EJ?)
Dalton, Clara L.(Vernon L.)10 Aug 189501-23-19796-S,--Nee Lerch
Dalton, Vernon L.(Clara L.)5 May 189702-12-19706-S,--Wisconsin Pvt US Army, WW I
Dawson, Joseph Allen(Tammy Nelson) (m)04-01-199602-27-196908-08-200415-S,--s/o Patrick & Mary Dawson, Persian Gulf War, Nat'l Guard, US Army
Dawson, Tammy(Joseph Allen)11-18-1974  Nee Nelson, (m)04-01-1996
Duborg, Auguste24 Aug 18434 Mar 18769-N,--
Duborg, Bertha(Rudolph)1890198413-S,--
Duborg, Carl A.(Eleanor R.)03-06-190807-22-199114-S,--
Duborg, Eleanor R.(Carl A.)02-12-192301-1-198614-S,--
Duborg, Frederick J.(Laura H.)1866194511-S,--
Duborg, Henry(Minnie)1863193614-S,--Father
Duborg, J. Frederich182819269-N,--
Duborg, Johann A. T.23 Aug 187415 Feb 18769-N,--s/o J. & A.D. Duborg
Duborg, Laura H.(Frederick J.)1870195811-S,--
Duborg, Matilda184919279-N,--
Duborg, Minnie(Henry)1864193714-S,--Mother
Duborg, Rudolph(Bertha)1882196813-S,--
Duborg, Walter J.1894196914-S,--
Duchins, Frank F.C.3 Aug 186215 Mar 188713-S,--s/o F. & M. Duchins
Duhring, Fredrick C.(Wilhelmine)23 Feb 182303-13-191313-S,--
Duhring, Wilhelmine(Fredrick C.)19 Feb 18244 May 189113-S,--
Eaton, Luella F.  16-W,--See: Raley, Luella F.
Ebert, Charles A.(Mary)1870195414-S,--Father
Ebert, F. Otto  12-S,--
Ebert, Gustav(Wilhelmine)9 Oct 184701-20-193212-S,--
Ebert, Mary(Charles A.)1878193614-S,--Mother
Ebert, Wilhelmine(Gustav)9 Mar 184501-01-191212-S,--
Ebbert, Frances O.(William)186019586-S,--
Ebrert, Genie 3 Mar 18836-S,--s/o W. & O. Ebrert, 7 yrs, 7 mos
Ebbert, William(Frances O.)11 Jan 184212-22-19176-S,--Civil War
Eggert, Albert28 Sept 187304-13-196311-S,--on stone with Louis Eggert
Eggert, Emil1886197010-S,--
Eggert, Frances(Henry)17 Mar 186612-26-19504-S,--
Eggert, Friedericke(Ludwig)25 June 184606-12-191410-S,--
Eggert, Henry(Frances)4 Jan 186701-18-19594-S,--
Eggert, Ida1872193510-S,--
Eggert, Louis15 May 188204-08-196311-S,--on stone with Albert Eggert
Eggert, Louise1880195810-S,--
Eggert, Ludwig(Friedericke)16 Nov 184112-02-190910-S,--
Eggert, Rudolph1884193510-S,--
Eldredge, Norman12 Jan 180012 Dec 18874-S,--
Eldredge, Silas12 Feb 182503-22-19074-S,--
Fadness, Knute E.185119384-S,--Father
Fairbanks, Calvin J.(Emma Luella)26 June 185407-27-19057-S,--
Fairbanks, Edward(Mary)14 Feb 18199 May 18948-S,--
Fairbanks, Emma Luella(Calvin J.)1 Nov 18566 Sept 18977-S,--
Fairbanks, Mary(Edward)68 yrs4 Apr 18968-S,--
Fansel, Joyce E.(Werner W.)1927 16-W,--
Fansel, Karleen G. Martin1950199116-W,--d/o Werner & Joyce Fansel
Fansel, Werner W.(Joyce E.)1919199016-W,--
Faulkner, Patricia Rose07-12-196401-16-198115-S,--
Gehrke, Carl F. W.9 Dec 187915 Nov 188013-S,--s/o F. & F. Gehrke
Gest, Cassells D.02-13-192402-08-194512-S,--Buried in Manila PFC U.S. Army - WW 2, Purple Heart
Gest, Debra L.07-18-195303-04-199616-W,--
Gest, Dewey W.(Rose B.)1899197212-S,--
Gest, Elizabeth(William C.)1870196611-S,--
Gest, Gordon W.1926 12-S,--
Gest, Harold A.04-10-190112-16-197311-S,--Pvt US Army
Gest, Raymond Fred19 Apr 189706-13-196711-S,--Wisconsin Sgt HQ Co 56 Infantry - WW I & II
Gest, Rose B.(Dewey W.)1898198212-S,--
Gest, William C.(Elizabeth)1862193711-S,--
Gottschalk, Alice M.  11-S,--See: Lynch, Alice M.
Griesen, Bill E.1931 15-N,--
Griesen, Darlene M.1937 15-N,--
Haight, Ann M.(M.L.) 8 Nov 18805-N,-- 40yr old
Haight, Isaac(Lois) 3 Oct 18605-N,--85 yrs 1 mo, 20 dys
Haight, J. E. 24 July 18785-N,--71 yrs 1 mo 29 dys
Haight, Lois(Isaac) 16 Dec 18715-N,-- 94yrs 3mos 21dys
Haight, Phebe (?) 20 Jan 18655-N,--57yr old
Haight, William L. 6 July 18625-N,--22 yrs, 8 mos, 1 dy
Hall, Anna Eleanora20 Nov 185002-16-193413-S,--
Hall, Annie E.  2-S,--Broken stone d/o ?
Hall, Daniel19 May 181210-09-190313-S,--
Hall, Galen15 Apr 184001-27-191613-S,--
Hall, Lydia N.11 Dec 181418 Aug 189713-S,--
Hall, Wife of Ralph  2-S,--Broken stone
Hall, Winfield19 Oct 184612-12-192613-S,--
Halverson, Melvin A.(Ruth L.)1915198115-N,--
Halverson, Ruth L.(Melvin A.)1920 15-N,--
Hasey, Austin188018843-N,--
Hasey, Elizabeth(James H.)185519483-N,--
Hasey, Fred E.(Hattie O.)12 Nov 188512-25-19622-N,--
Hasey, Harold W.1914200014-S,--
Hasey, Hattie O.(Fred E.)14 Jan 188808-12-19832-N,--
Hasey, James H.(Elizabeth)185319393-N,--
Hasey, Jane E.1918 14-S,--
Hasey, Kathleen 195614-S,--Infant
Hasey, Mary B.188819673-N,--
Hasey, Mary L. 194014-S,--Infant
Hatch, Allen "Dale"(Sharon Arline)08-27-193310-22-198716-W,--U.S. Army, (m)03-26-1966
Hatch, Sharon Arline(Allen Dale)10-04-1943 16-W,--(m)03-26-1966
Heinreich, Arthur R.07-08-192001-14-199313-S,--
Heinreich, August(Matilda)1878193213-S,--Father
Heinreich, Hildegarde M.  15-S,--See: Weidemann, Hildegarde M.
Heinreich, Malinda01-14-190701-26-192413-S,--d/o A.H. & M.A. Heinreich
Heinreich, Matilda(August)1873196013-S,--Mother
Helm, Anton1863193312-S,--
Helm, Charles1872193812-S,--
Helm, Father1824191112-S,--on stone with Mother Helm
Helm, John1861191212-S,--
Helm, Louis1868193112-S,--
Helm, Mother1843192612-S,--on stone with Father Helm
Helm, Otto1884193912-S,--
Helm, William1865193812-S,--
Helwig, Doretta M.(William C.)1920 15-N,--(m)11-06-1937, Nee Mellor
Helwig, William C.(Doretta M.)1911199215-N,--(m)11-06-1937
Henning, Lester O.1920198815-S,--on stone with Kenneth R.& Lois V.Jones
Henning, Louis E.(Mabel E.)1898198013-S,--
Henning, Mabel E.(Louis E.)1904200413-S,--
Henning, Olive M.(Otto F.)1893198613-S,--
Henning, Otto F.(Olive M.)1889195613-S,--
Hergund, Albert  12-S,--s/o Fried. & Otilile Hergund
Hergund, Alma  12-S,--d/o Fried. & Otilile Hergund
Hergund, Eduard  12-S,--Stone difficult to read
Hergund, Selma  12-S,--d/o Fried. & Otilile Hergund
Hermanson Family Stone  14-S,--Irvin K, Leola E, Marge A.
Hermanson, Irvin K.1918199914-S,--
Hermanson, Leola E.1918 14-S,--
Hermanson, Marge A.1949 14-S,--
Holte, Anna1858192314-N,--Mother
Huisman, Emma A.(John E.)1914200112-S,--
Huisman, John E.(Emma A.)1909197712-S,--
Hundley, Helen H.  14-S,--See: Lang, Helen H.
Hunt, Ervin R.(Roberta M.)07-21-192406-Jul-0214-S,--
Hunt, Marilynn J.06-30-195011-23-200414-S,--d/o Ervin R.& Roberta M. Hunt
Hunt, Roberta M.(Ervin R.)05-29-1922 14-S,--Nee: Roth
James, Ida E.  7-S,--Broken Stone d/o J.M. James
James, Charles G.(Nancy)26 Nov 180323 Oct 18767-S,--b. in Brookfield, N.Y, d.1875?
James, John N.12-31-190418657-S,--Prin. Mus. Wis. HV Arty Civil War Marker
James, Nancy(Charles G.)13 Jan 18089 Aug 18977-S,-- Born in Edmundson, N.Y.
Johnson, Bertha Bock1893194810-S,--
Jones, James R. 5 July 18627-S,--Trp B 4 Regt Wis. Cav. Civil War
Jones, Joye M.(Robert J.Jr.)04-20-192509-10-2006 Nee Miller
Jones, Kenneth R.(Lois V.)1923 15-S,--(m)11-23-1991
Jones, Lois V.(Kenneth R.)1930200415-S,--(m)11-23-1991
Jones, Robert J.Jr.(Joye M.)01-22-191605-19-2005 WW II, COX US Navy
Kasuboske, Ada I.10-22-191103-30-199714-S,--See. Markhardt, Ada I.
Kehl, Ella  1-S,--See: Ruggles, Ella
Kind, Evelyn R.(Harold E.)1917 13-S,--(m)10-16-1932
Kind, Grace M.(Raymond L.)1909196913-S,--
Kind, Harold E.(Evelyn R.)1913199513-S,--(m)10-16-1932
Kind, Harold F.08-25-193801-07-198013-S,--s/o Harold E.& Evelyn R. Kind
Kind, Raymond L.(Grace M.)1904199413-S,--
Kind, Roger L.07-28-193501-29-199213-S,--s/o Raymond L.& Grace M. Kind
Koberstein, Ethel(Reinhold F.)1892197013-S,--
Koberstein, Reinhold F.(Ethel)1884195213-S,--
Koberstein,  15-S,--See: Conant, Lucille
Koenig, Ella May189519736-N,--Nee: Lynch
Koenig, Martin L.188819656-N,--
Konkel, Frances(Henry)190519664-S,--
Konkel, Henry(Frances)189919764-S,--
Kostad, Janet M.  16-W,--See: Corning, Janet M.
Krebs, M. M.29 Aug 182121 Aug 188614-S,--
Kreier, Ada Mae(Alfred H.)190519996-N,--Nee: Bradley
Kreier, Alfred H.(Ada Mae)190219676-N,--
Kusrow, Henry W.(Irene E.)1916 15-N,--
Kusrow, Irene E.(Henry W.)1915198115-N,--
Lang, Edith A.(Frank H.)1884196714-S,--
Lang, Frank H.(Edith A.)1879195314-S,--
Lang, Helen H.1914 14-S,--Hundley, on stone with Marson F. Lang
Lang, Judith K.1940 14-S,--d/o Ralph C. & Naomi M. Lang
Lang, Lois M. Boese1936195814-S,--d/o Ralph C. & Naomi M. Lang
Lang, Margaret1920193514-S,--d/o F.H. & E. Lang
Lang, Marson F.1904197214-S,--on stone with Helen H. Hundley
Lang, Naomi M.(Ralph C.)1906199714-S,--Mother
Lang, Ralph C.(Naomi M.)1906198314-S,--Father
Lang, Robert1922193714-S,--s/o F. H. & E. Lang
Laskey, Albert 03-05-19163-S,--89yr old
Laskey, Doritha(Richard) 13 June 18753-S,--75yr old
Laskey, John 26 Dec 18893-S,--62yr old
Laskey, Mary(Albert) 4 Sept 18723-S,-- 28yr old
Laskey, Richard(Doritha) 13 Oct 18703-S,--86yr old
Lee, Carol R.1946199616-W,--
Lee, Charles A.194419485-S,--
Lee, Margaret1912 5-S,--on stone with Marvel A. Lee
Lee, Marvel A.191119925-S,--on stone with Margaret Lee
Lerch, Anna186119256-S,--Mother
Lerch, Clara  6-S,--See: Dalton, Clara
Lerch, Edward186219276-S,--Father
Lerch, Elsie189118926-S,--
Lerch, George21 Feb 189903-11-19896-S,--
Lerch, Mary190219116-S,--
Lerch, Otto189718996-S,--
Lerch, Theresa182018966-S,--Grandmother
Lienke, Gladys A.  16-W,--See: Winge, Gladys A.
Logemann, Anton Fredric(Mary M.)1 Feb 181404-08-19047-S,--
Logemann, John14 Nov 185630 Mar 18627-S,--s/o A.F. & M.M. Logemann
Logemann, Mary Magdalena(Anton)10 Aug 183305-24-19057-S,--
Lynch, Alice M.(Bernard E.Sr.)04-01-1924 11-S,--Nee: Gottschalk, (m)05-29-1943
Lynch, Bernard E. Sr.(Alice M.)08-23-192010-11-200111-S,--(m)05-29-1943 Our children: Barbara, Bernard Jr., Juleen, Raymond, James, Mary, David, Sandra, Michael, Debra, Christine
Lynch, Betty Jane192619317-N,--
Lynch, David Lee09-16-195504-29-197811-S,--Vietnam, L Cpl US Marine Corps
Lynch, Debra Jean04-10-196001-04-196111-S,--
Lynch, Ella May  6-N,--See: Koenig, Ella May
Lynch, Lillie186719627-N,--on stone with Lucille Lynch
Lynch, Lucille190419297-N,--on stone with Lillie Lynch
Lynch, Manie S.6 Dec 188801-13-195411-S,--
Markhardt, Ada I.10-22-191103-30-199714-S,--See Kasuboske
Markhardt, Arnold G.(Lela)1913198814-S,--
Markhardt, Darwin A.1906194313-N,--
Markhardt, Elizabeth(Max H.)1875196214-S,--
Markhardt, Elmer Gustav01-17-190510-14-199516-W,--M. Sgt. US Army, WW II , Korea
Markhardt, Frances1916193714-S,--
Markhardt, Gladys Pearl11-19-191602-17-191713-N,--d/o D & S Markhardt
Markhardt, Kenny11-28-194712-11-2005 Father & Grandfather
Markhardt, K. Sena(Oscar L.)1884197013-N,--
Markhardt, Lela I.(Arnold G.)1913200114-S,--
Markhardt, Max Elmer 193514-S,--3wks old
Markhardt, Max H.(Elizabeth)1879195814-S,--
Markhardt, Oscar06-21-190906-22-190912-S,--Son
Markhardt, Oscar L.(K.Sena)1882196313-N,--
Markhardt, Regina10-01-191404-02-200416-W,--
McBurnie, Agnes Wilson(Robert) 21 Mar 18993-N,--, 82 yrs 26 dys
McBurnie Family Stone  3-N,--Robert 1877, Margaret 1873 & Christina 1875
McBurnie, Christina185218753-N,--
McBurnie, Margaret19151986 Metal marker
McBurnie, Margaret186118733-N,--
McBurnie, Robert185418773-N,--
McBurnie, Robert(Agnes Wilson) 23 Aug 18973-N,--86 yrs 9 mos
McDonald, Sophia 28 July 18??6-S,--Wife of ?? McDonald, stone half buried, 24 yrs, 6 mos
Mead, Solomon 16 Jahr 18698-N,--59 yrs, 9 mos, 17 dys
Mead, Wife(Solomon) 6 July 18628-N,-- 49yr 7mo 5da, broken stone
Miller, George J.11 Oct 189008-18-19334-N,--
Miller, Ina M.24 July 188909-22-19714-N,--
Miller, John A.23 Aug 185807-27-19184-N,--
Miller, Russell W.09-11-191302-21-19974-N,--
Montgomery, Amelia--3mo 4da old 13 Sept 18562-N,--d/o J. & O. M. Montgomery
Moore, G. Irene(Wayne W.)12-29-1918 16-W,--Nee: Basey, (m)04-16-1941
Moore, Wayne W.(G.Irene)12-19-191612-29-199116-W,--(m)04-16-1941
Morse, Evelyn 25 Oct 186212-N,--d/o H. and L.S. Morse, 16da old
Morse, Lyman--48yr 3mo 23da old 12 Sept 185112-N,--on stone with Rachel Butler
Morse, Melissa A.(E.J.)12 Aug 184028 Feb 18806-S,--
Morse, Nathan 12 Sept 185112-N,--s/o L. & R. Morse, 9yr 10mo old
Morse, Oliver H. 3 May 186612-N,--s/o H. and L.S. Morse, 3y 27da
Mott, Lois1791188012-N,--
Nelson, Elmer E.(Lorraine E.)03-13-191705-26-198115-S,--
Nelson, Lillie E.(Martin E.)1895195211-S,--
Nelson, Lorraine E.(Elmer E.)03-20-191312-29-200115-S,--
Nelson, Lucy(Monroe) 24 Mar 18727-N,-- 76yr old
Nelson, Martin E.(Lorraine E.)1895196511-S,--
Nelson, Monroe(Lucy)14 June 183724 Apr 18967-N,--
Nelson, Violet 193411-S,--Infant
Newcomb, 26 Aug 18625-N,--
O'Brion, E.186019251-S,--
O'Brion, Mary L.186419441-S,--
Olson, Clara L.11-15-192105-29-200117-W,--
Osborn, Eli N.181418876-S,--appears to be a newer stone
Osborn, Elizabeth(E.N.) 4 Dec 18786-S,-- 78 yrs 2 mos
Otto, Olive M.1893198613-S,--
Parker, Susan J.(Lucius D.) 4 Dec 18633-N,-- .
Parpart, Darlene M.(Lloyd O.)09-15-1936 16-W,--Nee: Stapes, (m)06-08-1957
Parpart, Doloris M.  16-W,--See: Warmuth, Doloris M.
Parpart, Doris L.  14-S,--See: Bock, Doris L.
Parpart, Erich H.29 Apr 189502-05-19668-S,--Father
Parpart, Ervin11-04-194201-01-19438-S,--
Parpart, Floyd W.12-28-193503-10-19888-S,--s/o Rosetta parpart
Parpart, Lavonne05-00-194808-00-19488-S,--
Parpart, Lloyd O.(Darlene M.)12-28-1935 16-W,--(m)06-08-1957
Parpart, Rosetta27 Aug 189702-04-19608-S,--Mother Nee: Prietz
Passage, Joseph L.9 May 18438 Apr 18689-S,--Civil War
Perkins, Francis1834191512-N,--
Perkins, John E.(Lura A.)16 Dec 183022 Sept 18879-S,--66 yrs, 9 mos, 7 dys
Perkins, Lura A.(John E.)3 Nov 183426 May 18799-S,-- 44 yrs, 7 mos, 23 dys
Perkins, W.H. (Dr.)183718789-S,--
Perkins, Warren M.9 Sept 186305-24-19149-S,--s/o J.E. & L.A. Perkins
Prahl, Mathilde(Wilhelm)20 Oct 184203-07-192313-S,--
Prahl, Wilhelm(Mathilde)20 Aug 183201-11-190613-S,--
Prietz, Rosetta  8-S,--See: Parpart, Rosetta
Raley, Donald B.09-16-195407-28-197314-S,--
Raley, Doris04-26-191403-10-200416-W,--Our children (Myrtle): Caril, Referd, Jerry, Wanda, Donald, Mary, Robert
Raley, Dustin D.01-30-198001-05-200014-S,--
Raley, Edgar M.(Luella M.)06-19-192205-01-199816-W,--US Army WW II, (m)09-06-1944 Children: Pam, Mike, Brenda
Raley, Luella F.(Edgar M.)11-15-1924 16-W,--Nee: Eaton, (m)09-06-1944
Raley, Sara Molly 06-29-198414-S,--d/o Referd and Sandra Raley
Raley, Myrtle06-16-192008-15-199316-W,--on stone with Doris Raley
Remus, Augusta(Carl)14 Aug 184304-07-191610-N,--Seine Gattin (Carl)
Remus, Carl(Augusta) 26 June 188710-N,--65 Jahr 8 tage(65yr 8da)
Remus, Carl E.(Edna A.)1886193714-S,--
Remus, Edna A.(Carl E.)1892198314-S,--
Remus, Paul E.1875194210-N,--
Ritter, Demerius M.(S.D.) 22 May 18905-S,-- 66yr old
Ritter, Dwight(Nellie)185019275-S,--
Ritter, Horatio(Leonora) 3 June 189610-S,--74 yrs, 5 mos, 2 dys
Ritter, Leonora(Horatio) 23 May 189610-S,--68 yrs, 9 mos, 21 dys
Ritter, Nellie(Dwight)186019--5-S,--
Ritter, S. D.(Demerius M.)3 Dec 182012 Apr 18865-S,--b.New Berlin, Chenango Co. N.Y.
Rostad, Erling J.(Lucille J.)1913198315-N,--
Rostad, Lucille J.(Erling J.)1914200515-N,-- CH: Darlene Donna, Darrell
Roth, Roberta M.  14-S,--See: Hunt, Roberta M.
Roys Family Stone  Clarendon, David E, Edwin B, Martin D, Mary A, Theodore S, Tunis V, Wm. A.
Roys, Clarendon182819102-S,--
Roys, David E.184118422-S,--
Roys, Edwin B.183319142-S,--Civil War
Roys, Martin D.182918522-S,--s/o William and Mary Ann
Roys, Mary A.(William A.)180718792-S,--
Roys, Theodore S.183918812-S,--
Roys, Tunis V.183118552-S,--s/o William and Mary Ann
Roys, William A.(Mary A.)180218432-S,--
Rupnow, Olga04-30-190904-30-190913-S,--Dau. Of J.W. & L.
Sanborn, Amanda(J.S.) 2 Oct 18698-S,--d/o L & E Sowards, 21yr 5m 7da
Sanderson, Archibald20 Sept 183712-06-191610-S,--
Sanderson, Elizabeth Simpson182319062-S,--w/o William, native of Scotland
Sanderson, Ellen6 Sept 186508-22-192510-S,--
Sanderson, Isabella T.(John)2 June 181512 June 185410-N,--
Sanderson, James K.16 June 18509 Feb 189110-N,--
Sanderson, Jennie1 May 186828 Oct 189510-S,--
Sanderson, John2 Feb 184708-02-190510-N,--
Sanderson, John20 Feb 180528 Mar 189110-N,--
Sanderson, Mary A.12 Sept 184604-21-190410-S,--
Sanderson, William(Elizabeth S.)180518692-S,--Native of Scotland
Schroud, Peter 6 Mar 18769-S,--53 yrs, 9 mos, 14 dys
Schultz, Alfred07-09-190211-11-191411-S,--s/o O.F. & A.W. Schultz
Schultz, Anna(Otto Sr.)1884194211-S,--
Schultz, Catharine F.(R.A.)4 Sept 186709-13-19098-S,--
Schultz, Earl R.02-12-191912-19-19985-S,--
Schultz, Herbert02-01-190411-12-195011-S,--s/o O.F. & A.W. Schultz
Schultz, Laura J.(Rudolph A.)189019755-S,--
Schultz, Otto Sr.(Anna)1875194411-S,--
Schultz, Rudolph A.(Laura J.)188219575-S,--
Schulz, Adolph9 Dec 183109-07-18888-N,--
Schulz, Charlotte(Wilhelm) 26 Feb 189511-N,--85 yr 6 mo
Schulz, Maria(Adolph) 27 June 18738-N,--26 yrs, 5 mos, 29 dys
Schulz, Wilhelm(Charlotte) 2 Dec 188511-N,--82 yr 4 mo 28 days
Selje, Beatrice H.(Roger W.)11-22-1928 15-S,--
Selje, Roger W.(Beatrice H.)01-30-192502-13-200315-S,--
Sell, Carlton R.1925 12-S,--
Sell, F. "Holly"1927 12-S,--
Seward, Celia 24 Jan 18576-S,--d/o L.J.& M. Seward, 8y 2m 12d
Simpson, Elizabeth  2-S,--See: Sanderson, Elizabeth
Smith, A.(Sam'l) 25 June 18981-N,--77 yrs 19 dys
Smith, Alice  5-S,--Broken Stone
Smith, Julia A. 19 Nov 18871-N,--d/o S.& A. Smith, 32y 1m 22da
Smith, Merrins  5-S,--Broken Stone
Smith, Not readable 24 Dec 18532-N,--s/o S.& A. Smith, 7y 1m ?da old
Smith, Rhoda(Thomas) 2 Mar 18533-S,--27yr old
Smith, Sam'l(A.) 12 July 18841-N,--62 yrs 7 mos 14 dys
Smith, Samuel  5-S,--Broken Stone
Smith, Thomas 15 Oct 18813-S,--Age 72
Soward, Levi  8-S,--Broken stone, s/o Lewis & Susan
Soward, Lewis 1 June 18508-S,--Age 54yr
Sowards, Unknown 13 Jan 18698-S,--c/o L& A Sowards, 2y 8mo old
Sowards, Amelia Sept. 18619-S,--Stone difficult to read
Sowards, Bennie S.191919299-S,--
Sowards, Daniel5 Jan 181912-03-20021-N,--
Sowards, Daniel D. 1 Jan 18571-N,--1 mo 21 dys
Sowards, Diantha 10 Apr 18491-N,--2 Mos 20 dys
Sowards, Eli(Louisa) 30 Dec 18918-S,--76 yrs
Sowards, Elliot 19 Oct 18438-S,--s/o E.& L Sowards, 5y 1m 21da
Sowards, Ely 28 Feb 18688-S,--s/o L & A Sowards
Sowards, Jessie S.189319549-S,--
Sowards, Levi W.185219189-S,--Father
Sowards, Louis S.190419929-S,--
Sowards, Louisa(Eli) 29 Dec 18958-S,-- 79yr old
Sowards, Malessa 2 Dec 18688-S,--d/o L & A Sowards, 6yr 2mo old
Sowards, Mary185919369-S,--Mother
Sowards, Mary J. 22 Sept 18591-N,--3 Mos 10 dys
Sowards, Sarah 9 Oct 18688-S,--d/o L.& A. Sowards, 11y6m15d
Sowards, Sophia(Daniel) 29 Apr 18621-N,--36 yr 25 dys
Sowards, Tom J.190019319-S,--
Sowards, Warren S.190719799-S,--
Stapes, Darlene M.  16-W,--See: Parpart, Darlene M.
Steinbach Family Stone  8-S,--Jacob, Catherine F, Elizabeth
Steinbach, Catherine F.(Jacob)9 Feb 183511 Nov 18678-S,--NOTE: See second stone
Steinbach, Cathrina P.(Jacob) 14 Nov 18678-S,-- 32 yrs, 9 mos, 5 dys
Steinbach, Elizabeth(Jacob)15 July 182801-21-19008-S,--
Steinbach, Henry J.5 May 186909-13-19008-S,--
Steinbach, Jacob(Catherine F.)16 Mar 182604-20-19038-S,--2nd wife Elizabeth
Stroud, Isaac(Sylvia)1824189910-S,--
Stroud, Sylvia(Isaac)1831187310-S,--
Stubbins, Geo.19 Oct 182214 Oct 18649-S,--Born in Summerset Shire, England
Sutcliffe, Lois I.(Robert C.)192419986-S,--
Sutcliffe, Robert C.(Lois I.)191819916-S,--
Sutton Family Stone  1-S,--Daniel J, Fletcher W, Frederick H, George A, James H, Jane Bentley
Sutton, Chas. H.30 Nov 185605-13-19231-S,--
Sutton, Daniel J.28 Sept 184023 Sept 18651-S,--
Sutton, Charles Ruggles(Ella)190319811-S,--(m)08-19-1932, Ch: Marion, Jean, Inez, Barbara, Judith, Edith, Susan, Cheri
Sutton, Ella(Charles Ruggles)191020041-S,--Nee Kehl, (m)08-19-1932
Sutton, Fletcher W.3 June 184321 Feb 18571-S,--
Sutton, Franklin P.9 Dec 185207-11-19431-N,--
Sutton, Frederick H.3 June 184326 Feb 18571-S,--
Sutton, George A.16 Feb 183613 Mar 18531-S,--
Sutton, James H.(Jane Bentley)29 Dec 18128 Jan 18861-S,--
Sutton, Jane Bentley(James H.)19 Sept 181217 May 18981-S,--
Sutton, Marian W.5 Apr 187611-29-19671-S,--
Sutton, Mary 18531-N,--d/o D. and M.J. Sutton, 2y 3mo
Sydow, Wilmer A.10-17-190005-10-190412-N,--s/o H.B. & H.A. Sydow
Theel, Herman J.06-14-195103-31-198817-W,--Son
Theel, Mary12-25-1918 16-W,--Mother
Theel, Otto H.07-06-190610-22-198416-W,--Father
Theel, Thomas O.07-29-194903-31-198817-W,--Son
Thiese, Ada R.1865195110-N,--
Tillotson, C.C.(Eleanor) 10-12-19037-N,--87yr old
Tillotson, Carrie M.(James R.)186319365-S,--
Tillotson, Eleanor(C.C.) 8 Sept 18887-N,--58yr old
Tillotson, George 30 Mar 18827-N,--s/o C.C.& E. Tillotson, 6y 6m old
Tillotson, George S. 04-17-19054-S,--77 yrs, 2 mos, 27 dys
Tillotson, James R.(Carrie M.)185719355-S,--
Tillotson, Jessie May--15y 1m 5d old 8 Mar 18826-N,--d/o W.W. & M. J. Tillotson
Tillotson, Mary J.(W.W.)18893 Sept 18876-N,--Born at Moriah Essex Co. N.Y.
Tillotson, Prudence(George) 25 Apr 18884-S,--56 yrs 29 dys
Tillotson, W.W.(Mary J.) 20 May 18916-N,--56 yrs, 5 mos, 18 dys
Tompkins, Charles(Della)187719--4-N,--
Tompkins, Della(Charles)187419424-N,--
Toumley, George E, 22 Mar 18?26-N,--s/o E.& M. Toumley, 1yr 10mo
Tuschen, David W.(Ellyn R.)12-29-1957 16-W,--(m)08-01-1998
Tuschen, Ellyn R.(David W.)02-01-195512-28-200116-W,--(m)08-01-1998
Ueffing, Bernard C.(Ella L.)1856192910-S,--
Ueffing, Ella L.(Bernard C.)1853193410-S,--
VanDusen, Aulik  8-S,--Broken Stone
VanDusen, Isie1859193212-S,--s/o Lemuel & Mary VanDusen
VanDusen, Lemuel(Mary E.)19 Apr 18242 Mar 188412-S,--Civil War
VanDusen, Mary E.(Lemuel)5 July 182508-26-190612-S,--
Vick, Lillie A.(Wilhelm F.)21 Dec 188308-07-196414-N,--
Vick, Wilhelm F.(Lillie A.)21 Nov 187910-28-197014-N,--
Wallace, Charles E.(Mary)1862192810-S,--
Wallace, Mary(Charles E.)1850193710-S,--
Warmuth, Doloris M.(Eugene E.)11-13-1929 16-W,--Nee: Parpart
Warmuth, Eugene E.(Doloris M.)06-05-1925 16-W,--Children (Doloris M.): John, Carol, Gene, Sandra, Joan
Wegner, Emil(Ida)1877195311-S,--
Wegner, Ida(Emil)1879194411-S,--
Wegner, Unknown19 Dec 184510-23-193111-S,--
Wegner, William F.12 Sept 183203-11-190811-S,--
Wegner, William R.1886195311-S,--Father
Weidemann, Floyd L.(Hildegarde M.)1912198415-S,--
Weidemann, Hildegarde M.(Floyd L.)1914200315-S,--Nee: Heinreich
Wilkins, Elizabeth(Charles) 23 Jan 18639-S,--Stone on ground, 21yr 11mo 9da
Williams, John187319382-S,--
Wilson, Agnes  3-N,--See: McBurnie, Agnes Wilson
Winge, Gladys A.(Gordon Bruce)04-03-191908-24-200416-W,--Nee: Lienke
Winge, Gordon Bruce(Gladys A.)04-04-192009-05-198616-W,--Pvt U.S. Army Air Corps, WW II


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