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Hillside Cemetery

Columbus township, Columbia County, Wisconsin

N. Lewis St. on North side of the city of Columbus. Copied from the cemetery records furnished by Gloria Moldscheck. Edited and typed here by Anna Mae Axness 2005.

See the Columbus Democrat, May 24, 1872. The upper portion of the present cemetery was laid out in 1846. the land was given to the township by Mrs. Lewis Ludington and was surveyed by Mr.James T. Lewis (later govenor of Wisconsin) and Squire Topplif. Many additions followed over the years. Squire Allen was the first burial in 1845. Many of the early burials are unmarked. In 2005 there are over 6600 burials on record.

Braatz - Clauson

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Last name, First name(spouse)BornDiedComments: s/o, dau of, wife of, husband of, child of--s/o, d/o, w/o, h/o, c/o
Braatz, Alma(Arthur G.)189509-20-1986 
Braatz, Arthur G.(Alma)10-08-189210-29-1978 
Brace, Alvin LeRoy(Margaret Obermeyer)10-14-192305-14-1995s/o Lee & Myma Dunning Brace, cremains
Brace, Charles M.19261943s/o Lee & Merna Braatz, buried 11-06-1943
Brace, Lee H.(Merna V.)12-13-189407-06-1974WW I
Brace, Merna V.(Lee H.)11-25-189907-23-1971 
Bradley, Elaine M.(2nd husband Duanine-1984, 1st husband Paul Carpenter 1948)02-21-192801-03-2001d/o Frank & Mabel Halverson Olivia
Bradley, Infant  Infant, buried 12-24-1945
Bradt, Della L.(Oscar H.)02-07-190010-12-1985 
Bradt, Oscar H.(Della L.)18871964buried 11-23-1964
Bradt, Peter  GAR No dates appear at the cemetery
Bradt, Rose--Mrs.18441929Buried 10-01-1929 on Peter Bradt lot
Bradtke, Adelaide Elizabeth(Milton)04-20-192005-23-1998 
Bradtke, Milton(Adelaide Elizabeth)03-08-191403-17-1985 
Braker, Arnold H.(Elsie)18981960buried 04-25-1960
Braker, Eileen M.(Robert W.)193802-09-1985 
Braker, Elsie(Arnold H.)10-23-190106-27-1989 
Braker, Robert W.(Eileen M.)193409-10-2002 
Brandt, Amilia(2nd w/o John?)18601934buried 10-13-1934
Brandt, Dorothea(Johann)03-16-182102-18-1887b. Armshagend Deutschland, d.Columbus
Brandt, Elsie H.(John F.)11-24-189612-17-1995 
Brandt, John(Dorothea)08-25-182602-04-1900aka Johann Brand
Brandt, John F.(Elsie H.)18901964buried 08-22-1964
Brandt, Lloyd04-18-192402-25-2005 
Brandt, Maria J.03-28-188810-26-1976Sis-in-law/o Grant Lien, Sis/o Amelia Lien
Branting, Isabelle M.10-11-191403-28-2002Army Nurse, d/o Sankey & Christina Brill Thomas
Brauchle, Agnes Louise(Peter Alexander)18641935buried 10-21-1935
Brauchle, Carl18921892s/o Peter Brauchle
Brauchle, Leo-Dr.(Zelda C.)04-27-189901-20-1964C.D. D. S.
Brauchle, Mabel Meredith09-12-189412-28-1979d/o Peter Brauchle
Brauchle, Mark12-15-195208-21-2001Cremains
Brauchle, Peter Alexander(Agnes Louise)18581924buried 04-15-1924
Brauchle, Walter18971897s/o Peter Brauchle
Brauchle, Zelde L.(Dr. Leo C.)02-19-190112-24-1968 
Braun, Dana Diane06-22-197106-22-1971Infant d/o Louis H. Braun
Braun, Jean J.12-21-193611-18-1997 
Braun, Louis H.05-29-191912-09-1973 
Braunschweig, Renay B.--buried 08-03-194419441944Infant grandd/o Carl Schliewe
Brayton, Lurinda S.18211894 
Breckline, Emelia/Amalia(Fred)18421927buried 07-03-1927
Breckline, Fred/Ferdinand(Emelia)18441909buried 05-21-1909
Breckline, Lena M.18761950d/o Fred Breckline, buried 04-11-1950
Brede, Fred/Frederick W.(Louisa A.)11-16-185603-18-1929 
Brede, Louisa A.(Fred/Frederick W.)04-30-186008-01-1942 
Breese, Harriet L.08-01-187611-20-1904d/o Sarah Breese
Breese, Sarah09-03-184811-29-1916d/o C. M. & Cordelia Shadduck
Breitling, Emma01-30-188703-14-1977Siste-in-law of John Kuenzi
Bresee, Charles Guy18721932Buried 12-02-1932 on George Bresee lot
Bresee, Jennie(George)About 1841187130ys old, Buried on George Bresee lot
Bresee, Mary R.(George)11-06-185003-03-1938Buried on George Bresee lot
Bresee, W.George(Jennie & Mary R.)05-25-184410-11-1901GAR 1st Leut.
Breuning, Carl07-23-187311-17-1898s/o Gustav Breuning
Breuning, Cora L.11-06-186803-25-1869d/o Gustav Breuning
Breuning, Dora C.18791965buried 10-22-1965
Breuning, George D.18721931 **GAR, s/o Gustav Breuning. **Death date on marker is 1931, buried 10-21-1934
Breuning, Gustav11-03-184303-04-1931 
Breuning, Henrietta(Gottlieb)02-04-181102-06-1874Age 63 years, 2 days
Breuning, Louisa(Gustav)06-24-184808-21-1917 
Breuning, William H.(Dora)18801923buried 12-14-1923
Brewer, A.D. 06-02-1881Age 53 years
Brewer, Alfred 07-02-1868s/o A. D. Brewer, 2mos 5das old
Brewer, Alice 02-11-1863d/o A. D. Brewer
Brewer, Amanda M.(Bert A.)18711956buried 09-28-1956
Brewer, Bert A.(Amanda M.)18711941buried 02-21-1941
Brewer, Lottie12-27-189005-02-1984Mother-in-law of Harold Bleich
Brewer, Lottie 11-21-1865d/o A. D. Brewer, Age 5 years
Brewer, Maretta 1925buried 05-05-1925
Brewer, Ralph "Bert"18921960s/o Bert Brewer, buried 08-30-1960
Bridwell, Twins---buried 06-18-1945  Daughters of C. A. Briese
Briese, Alberta06-01-190708-17-1941d/o Oscar H. Briese
Briese, Albertina(August C.)01-02-184010-08-1929Wife of August C. Briese
Briese, Alfred W.(Laura Collingsworth)06-02-189408-28-1936s/o William L. Briese
Briese, August C.01-01-183807-29-1922 
Briese, Augusta10-06-187603-10-1904 
Briese, Augusta/Auguste08-25-185906-05-1882d/o Fred Briese, Sr.
Briese, Blanche04-05-189604-06-1896Buried on William Briese lot
Briese, Clara A.06-16-188603-31-1977Nee Berndt, Mother of Beulah Nieter
Briese, Daughter1875d/o C. A. Briese
Briese, Eda18821969d/o Ludwig Briese, buried 08-11-1969
Briese, Emil----buried 10-07-191918801919s/o Ludwig Briese. Killed in Cal.
Briese, Fred A.(Martha)18661958buried 10-04-1958
Briese, Fred Sr.05-16-184001-28-1909 
Briese, G.(G.)10-06-187603-10-1904 
Briese, Hattie Hasey(William L.)18721949buried 02-22-1949
Briese, Henriette(Fred Sr.)09-16-183408-16-1923 
Briese, Herman01-06-186504-03-1886s/o C. A. Briese
Briese, Herman18881888s/o Ludwig Briese
Briese, Hubert07-30-190908-02-1909Infant s/o Oscar H. Briese
Briese, Laura Collingsworth(Alfred W.)09-03-189403-26-1943Dtr-in-law of William L. Briese
Briese, Ludwig18441927buried 10-15-1927
Briese, Martha L(Fred)18731961buried 12-22-1961
Briese, Mathilda J.(Ludwig)18521940buried 12-20-1940
Briese, Minnie(Oscar H.)18761944buried 08-14-1944
Briese, Oscar H.(Minnie)18751948buried 04-24-1948
Briese, Peter01-27-181207-01-1896 
Briese, Wilhelmine(Peter)01-29-181703-01-1893 
Briese, William L.18641950buried 05-10-1950
Briese, Willie-1957s/o A. C. Briese, buried 02-22-1957
Briggs, Betsey(David A.)02-16-182809-26-1911 
Briggs, David A.(Betsey)11-24-182412-20-1908 
Brill, Carl02-04-188009-16-1971Brother of Attorney Herman Brill
Brill, Christina(John C.)05-10-184908-27-1939 
Brill, George18741946s/o John C. Brill, buried 04-22-1946
Brill, Henry18771942s/o John C. Brill, buried 01-17-1942
Brill, Herman(Ruth N.)18891967WW I, buried 01-26-1967
Brill, John C.01-28-184004-04-1902 
Brill, Mary18761948d/o John C. Brill, buried 04-27-1948
Brining, John(Marie Williams)18841935buried 12-03-1935
Brining, Marie Williams(John)05-21-188203-22-1979 
Brink, Evelyn H.(Howard B.) 05-06-2006d/o Erick & Hannah Bruflat
Brink, Howard B.(Evelyn H.)11-16-191011-09-1972 
Brinker, EdwardAbt 4-187509-05-1875Infant, buried on Louis Brinker lot
Brinker, Louis 10-28-1886Killed in Rio RR Wreck, 41yr old
Broderdorf, Edgar A.(Marie)07-16-189806-07-1982 
Broderdorf, Ellen/Ella R.(Ernest)18681938buried 11-03-1938
Broderdorf, Ernest(Ellen)08-24-186206-24-1928 
Broderdorf, Marie(Edgar A.)09-02-190702-01-1993 
Broderdorf, Martha(Otto R.)09-03-190710-12-1986 
Broderdorf, Otto 1932Infant of Ernest, buried 04-30-1932
Broderdorf, Otto R.(Martha)03-24-190007-05-1972 
Brokopp, Alma F.(John E.Jr.)18861961buried 11-21-1961
Brokopp, Arthur02-19-192510-17-1997 
Brokopp, Bertha M. Albrecht(Emil)18821939 
Brokopp, Dorothea11-03-188811-13-1888Buried on John Brokopp, Sr. lot
Brokopp, Emil J.18741922buried 01-19-1922
Brokopp, Ernest10-24-187604-01-1901 
Brokopp, Fredrick W."Fred"189009-20-1950WW I
Brokopp, Hulda06-05-187303-13-1879Buried on John Brokopp, Sr. lot
Brokopp, John E.Jr.(Alma F.)18831961buried 01-28-1961
Brokopp, John Sr.(Julia)03-26-184403-11-1926 
Brokopp, Julia(John Sr.)06-10-184901-28-1927 
Brokopp, Meta(Frederick"Fred")01-16-189209-23-1979Nee Bohlmann
Brom, Mary/Marie(Simon)18301910buried 11-15-1910
Brom, Simon(Mary/Marie)18291905 
Brom, William18831884s/o John Brom
Brom, Willie 1881s/oJohn Brom
Brooker, Mable(Rollin)190107-02-1987d/o Henry W. Niemeyer
Brooker, Rollin(Mable)--buried 01-24-196818941968Son-in-law of Henry W. Niemeyer
Brooks, Pickett Adella  buried 06-13-1944
Brossard, Ernest(Mary)18811953buried 04-28-1953
Brossard, Mary(Ernest)18841951buried 03-21-1951
Brown, Alvina E.(Charles)02-04-189107-20-1967Aunt of Alvin Ibisch
Brown, Florence M.(Henry W.)18801959Sister-in-law of Nelson H. Webster
Brown, George?  Soldier. No marker
Brown, Girty O.08-28-188010-05-1880d/o John Brown; Buried on John Brown lot
Brown, Harry W.--buried 01-21-195918861959Brother-in-law of Nelson H. Webster
Brown, Harvey M.(Helen M.)18351893Soldier GAR Col.
Brown, Helen M.(Harvey M.)06-03-184709-26-1930 
Brown, Z.A.18391873d/o Edward M. Bingham
Bruecher, Daniel17881857Buried on C. A. Colonius lot, 69y 9m 23d
Bruecher, Eda S. 1869Infant buried on C. A. Colonius lot.
Bruecher, Elisabeth(Daniel) 10-15-1874Buried on C. A. Colonius lot, 70y 3m 20d
Brumm, Catherine E.(Frederick"Fred" R.)08-01-192210-02-2001 
Brumm, Frederick"Fred" R.(Catherine E.)12-07-191906-25-1982 
Bublitz, Edwin W.(Doris Moldenhauer)12-30-192304-14-2003s/o William & Edna Schwanz Bublitz
Buchholz, Anna(Emil)08-22-186711-30-1943 
Buchholz, August F.01-19-185208-11-1912 
Buchholz, Emil01-19-189210-31-1940 
Buchholz, Wilhelmina(August F.)01-06-185211-07-1944 
Buddenhagen, Adina(Charles)03-08-186711-04-1897 
Buechi, Hans  buried 10-24-1969
Buell, Emily A.(William) 10-08-1876Age 47 years, 10 months, 9 days
Buenger/Binger, Fred(Henrietta)01-15-184103-17-1929 
Buenger/Binger, Henrietta(Fred)05-28-184612-27-1915 
Bull, Caroline(John)   
Bull, Frank185611-09-1872s/o John Bull, Age 16 yr 11 mo 19 days
Bull, John   
Bunsa, George E.(Laura M.)18691962buried 03-16-1962
Bunsa, Laura M.(George E.)18841968buried 01-24-1968
Bunsa, Robert S.03-15-191701-20-1955WW II, s/o George E. Bunsa
Burbank, Mary03-15-189707-14-1993 
Burgenger, Frank(Mary)06-15-183803-5-1909 
Burgenger, Mary(Frank)02-26-184006-07-1918 
Burie, Myrtle(Frank Burie & Eugene Gundel)01-16-190509-04-1983Nee Pahl
Burk/Burke, Celia 04-03-1873d/o J.W. & M. Burk. Age 18 years
Burk/Burke, Louis05-12-179311-18-1873 
Burke, Caleb05-07-177304-26-1854War of 1812, Capt.
Burmeister, Edward Henry01-22-191511-21-2004 
Burnham, Hannah(Morris) 09-03-191185yr old
Burnham, Morris(Hannah)182303-14-1882Age 59 years, 4 months, 14 days
Buroff, Alvin F.(Gertrude)07-07-190308-27-1973 
Buschke, Emma E.(Otto)18801965buried 07-20-1965
Buschke, Otto E.(Emma)18791955buried 09-24-1955
Buschke, Rueben--buried 08-06-196819231968s/o Otto and Emma Buschke
Buschkopf, Emma(Otto F.)11-17-186609-17-1948 
Buschkopf, Otto F.(Emma)01-25-186404-07-1935 
Buschkopf, William05-29-190306-29-1909s/o Otto F. Buschkopf
Bush, George W.(Laura)18861931buried 06-13-1931
Bush, Harleigh189502-26-1983 
Bush, Harvey--buried 09-16-190919081909infant s/o George W. Bush
Bush, John18581947buried 05-24-1947
Bush, Laura(George W.)18891969Nee Townley, buried 06-30-1969
Bush, Louise(Harleigh)08-30-190010-31-1990 
Bush, Marie(John)18681955buried 11-03-1955
Butler, Helen T.(William)18211909buried 08-23-1909
Butler, Jennie 1871d/o Tom & Matie Butler
Butler, William E.18191907 
Butt, Anne--buried 02-21-191818261918Buried on William Pegal lot. Entered as Grandmother. (Sophia the same person?)
Butterfield, George 1928buried 08-28-1928
Butterfield, George C. no date 
Butterfield, John 12-17-1867Age 69 years
Butterfield, L.W.(George)   
Butterfield, Marie/Marial(George)01-10-184102-28-1907 
Butterfield, Sarah A.(John) 05-10-1889 
Buxton, Franklin E. 06-27-1859s/o J. E. Buxton, 4yr 11mo 17da old
Caldwell, Dr. H.McIntyre(Helen Wilmarth)07-30-190008-23-1959WW I
Caldwell, Helen Wilmarth(Dr. H.M.)11-25-190002-5-1948 
Caldwell, Lois(Robert J.)02-04-189110-04-1987 
Caldwell, Louis Rae(William F.)10-09-193107-24-2005d/o John & Hulda Krauss Foss, (m)7-2-1955
Caldwell, Robert J.18911954buried 12-20-1954
Caldwell, William F.(Louis Rae) 2004(m) 07-02-1955, maybe not buried here?
Callahan, Carroll(Phyllis)06-14-190811-26-1995cremains, Attorney
Callahan, Phyllis(Carroll)10-14-190706-22-1990 
Callahan, Timothy05-15-194508-16-1988s/o Carroll B. Callahan
Callum, Minnie(Harold D.)09-24-190702-05-1981Minnie Clark Callum, nee Gross
Campbell, Arletta Stiles--buried 08-06-195818741958Ashes, d/o Charles Stiles
Campbell, Charles 10-17-1853Age 22 years
Campbell, Edward07-00-183610-00-1880 
Campbell, Frank J.18711948Ashes , buried 05-17-1948
Campbell, George S.01-07-184404-21-1887Soldier
Campbell, James 11-12-1852s/o James Campbell. Age 19 years
Campbell, James 11-22-1853s/o James & Julia Campbell ? 57yr old
Campbell, Julia18551942buried 09-14-1942
Campbell, Julia(James) 09-05-1851Age 47 years
Campbell, Mary Cyel 02-01-1856Age 21 years
Campbell, Willie 10-31-1866s/o G. W. Campbell, 16yrs 3mo 2da old
Carew, Martha McConnell(Samuel)09-23-181802-01-1900w/o Samuel McConnell
Carles, Helene(w/o Kenneth Carles)08-13-191303-31-1992widow of Clemens C. Krueger
Carmichael, Albert E.(Erma C.)189509-22-1979Son-in-law of Frank Skalitzky
Carmichael, Erma C.(Albert E.)189707-14-1981d/o Frank L. Skalitzky
Carmichael, Maree D.(Sherman)10-07-191402-03-2004d/o William & Emma Greutzmacher
Carmichael, Sherman R.(Marie)08-23-190611-20-1978 
Carpenter, Bradford03-29-182401-25-1901 
Carpenter, Celia(B.A.) no dates 
Carpenter, Flora 12-29-1914d/o B. A. & V. Carpenter
Carpenter, Mary 04-16-1862d/o B. A. Carpenter, 1yr 3 mos old
Carpenter, Paul E.(Elaine)03-03-192308-12-1982WW II
Carpenter, Vialia(B.A.)08-20-182107-07-1864 
Carr, Jennie S.10-23-184904-29-1872b. NY, Buried on William Starkweather lot
Casper, Florence06-15-189701-09-1985d/o William Casper
Casper, Katherine(William)18691958buried 09-03-1958
Casper, William(Katherine)18621950buried 06-09-1950
Caughey, Henry(Nora)10-17-185508-13-1933 
Caughey, Nora(Henry)08-06-185912-13-1949d/o John Storer
Chadbourn, Catharine(R.W.)05-20-183709-22-1918 
Chadbourn, Elizabeth Cornwell(F.A.)18741927buried 04-26-1927
Chadbourn, Frank Wesley04-03-187011-27-1939Buried on S. W. Chadbourn lot
Chadbourn, Frederick Atwater12-04-187206-25-1941 
Chadbourn, Gertrude Brann(2nd w/o F.A.)05-17-186903-16-1952 
Chadbourn, Harriet M.(Smith W.)01-18-184202-17-1924 
Chadbourn, John A.11-21-193207-23-1999 
Chadbourn, R.W.10-18-181906-10-1890 
Chadbourn, Reuben Cornwell12-31-189905-30-1969WW I, s/o F. A. Chadbourn
Chadbourn, Smith W.04-16-183407-07-1891 
Chapman, Mary07-25-182305-17-1882d/o A. Chapman
Charles, Elizabeth(Thomas C.)05-20-184409-26-1916 
Charles, Thomas C.(Elizabeth)06-02-184006-18-1912 
Charles, Thomas Cap---buried 04-09-194918841949Grds/o Thomas Charles
Chase, Gilbert O.04-10-182001-20-1896 
Chase, Infant   
Chase, John E. 10-20-1859s/o G. E. Chase. Age 2 days
Chase, Lutie   
Chase, Mary E. 08-03-1861d/o G. E. Chase. Age 5 years, 5 days
Chase, Sarah E.(Gilbert )03-30-184008-28-1920 
Cheseborough, Henry05-13-178409-12-1869War of 1812, Age 85 years, 4 months
Cheseborough, Luke08-27-184710-17-1852s/o H. & S. Cheseborough. Age 36 years
Cheseborough, Sally(Henry)08-18-178712-04-1874Age 87 years, 3 months
Chipman, Adelie(C.C.)181203-04-186553yr old
Christian, Agnes01-15-192111-27-1981Interned on lot i/n/o Wilbert Christian
Christian, Edna(Ruben/Reuben Sr.)04-21-190307-14-1978Nee Wisenberg
Christian, John--buried 05-18-1950194719502 year old s/o Wilbert Christian
Christian, Ruben/Reuben E.Sr.(Edna)02-10-190405-15-1977 
Christian, Wilbert09-27-191004-17-1979WW II
Christians, Alma(Clarence L.)01-02-189812-26-1989 
Christians, Clarence L.(Alma)19011964buried 02-11-1964
Christians, F.B.18771940buried 07-12-1940
Christians, Lester R.(Mildred Priem)10-19-190510-05-1996s/o Frank B. & Louise Grueneberg Christians
Christians, Louise(F.B.)18791944buried 11-28-1944
Christians, Mildred19021917d/o F. B. Christians, buried 02-04-1917
Christians, Myrna M.05-31-192411-14-1924Infant d/o Clarence Christians
Christians, Norene A.03-26-192506-18-1925Infant d/o Clarence Christians
Christians, Phillip C.08-06-192810-26-1979s/o Clarence L. Christians
Christians, Ralph A.07-18-191702-23-1987s/o F.B. Christians
Christians, Roy191707-18-1917Infant s/o F. B. Christians
Christiansen, Garfield(Harriett)18821951buried 09-26-1951, Moved to Lot 17 Blk 1, 04-05-1963
Christiansen, Harriett(Garfield)18871963buried 02-05-1963
Christman, Emma--buried 06-05-196518821965Sister-in-law of George W. Kohn
Churchill, Charles02-21-181812-21-1864s/o O. Churchill, 46yrs 8mos 8das old
Churchill, Child10-21-185011-9-1866c/o O, Churchill,16yrs 4mos,16das old
Churchill, Elbert--Dr.18361924buried 05-31-1924
Churchill, Eliza09-15-180803-03-1903Buried on Charles Anderson lot
Churchill, Harriett L.18411924buried 05-25-1924
Churchill, Joseph 1910Buried 06-01-1910 on Charles Anderson lot
Churchill, Julia(Joseph) 1944Buried 11-18-1944 on Charles Anderson lot
Clark, Clinton Eugene(Hattie Clark)01-20-190903-23-1978WW II
Clark, David J.02-06-195101-16-2001s/o "Harold" Jerry & Delores Swanson Clark
Clark, Harold "Jerry" Jr.03-22-193109-17-1981s/o Harold and Minnie Clark
Clark, Harold(1st h/o Minnie Clark Callum)19051967buried 09-18-1967
Clark, James L.(Dolores)10-27-195804-17-1992 
Clauson, A.W.02-18-182812-27-1889 


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