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Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Est. 1856

City of Lodi, Lodi Township, Columbia County, Wisconsin

Take Lodi St. in the City of Lodi to Sauk street. Cemetery is on Sauk St. about 6-7 blocks from Lodi Street. Ground consecrated for Protestant cemetery 08-23-1856. Transcription 1984 by Norma Benisch & Monna Aldrich. Updated 2006 by Tesha Ferstl-Hoffman. Thanks to Patti Schuknecht for record updates. Typed by Anna Mae Axness

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Name, last, first(spouse)etcBirthDeath or Burial dateNotes: son of, daughter of, wife of, husband of, child of, marriage, Social security death index--s/o, d/o, w/o, h/o, c/o, (m), SSDI
Mulcahy, Jay Steven 02-21-1998Infant
Mulcahy, Mark19641968s/o James and Jean Mulcahy
Murphy, Albert18781947 
Murphy, Andrew(Emma)06-01-184704-02-1928GAR
Murphy, Edna  d/o Fred Murphy
Murphy, Edwin05-28-188504-01-1897s/o Andrew & Emma Murphy
Murphy, Emma(Andrew)06-09-184604-29-1903 
Murphy, Fred(Mary)187611-00-1955 
Murphy, Frederick E.Jr.19041975WW II, Sgt US Army
Murphy, Harry M.18741930 
Murphy, Mary(Fred)18801960 
Mussen, Debbie J.18541920 
Mussen, Frank   
Mussen, Frank-Mrs.   
Mussen, Ida(James)18521918 
Mussen, Infant  Infant of Frank M. Mussen
Mussen, James H.18531938 
Mussen, James H.or W.?18301907GAR
Mussen, Leslie Frank  Army
Muzatko, Emil(Mary T.)188807-00-1958 
Muzatko, Judith Ann195906-00-1964Little Judith Muzatko
Muzatko, Mary T.(Emil)08-15-188903-26-1988 
Naragong, David-Mrs.   
Naragong, Jonas   
Naragong, Libby   
Narracong, David N.-Sen. 05-31-187177yr 1mo 8da old, date hard to read
Narracong, Dwight N.(Libby G.)18521924 
Narracong, Libby G.(Dwight N.)18531929 
Narracong, Sally Ann(Jonas) 07-20-187050yr 9mo old
Neill, Harvey   
Neill, John Harvey19061948s/o Wm. K. & Hellie M. Neill
Neill, John(Martha)18371922 
Neill, Martha(John)18441918 
Neill, Nellie M.Folsom(William K.)18821946 
Neill, William folsom19041982s/o Wm. K. & Hellie M. Neill
Neill, William K.(Nellie M.Folsom)18791943 
Neilson, Paul   
Neis, Albert R.(Mildred M.)18851955 
Neis, Charles S.(Harriette Janette)07-26-190703-01-1979 
Neis, H.DeVere(Mabel L.)19051973 
Neis, Harriette Janette(Charles S.)04-14-191003-09-2001 
Neis, Mabel L.(H.DeVere)1908  
Neis, Mildred M.(Albert R.)18841968 
Neis, Robert D.11-20-195712-07-1958s/o Kenneth & Ruth Neis
Neis, Virgil D.05-01-192806-23-1959Wis Sfc Hq 6 Ord. Bn
Nelson, Amelia Ann(Henry Robert)08-16-1928 Nee Thompson
Nelson, Anna M.(Arthur J.)18971979 
Nelson, Arthur J.(Anna M.)18921964 
Nelson, Bob   
Nelson, Carine(Henry A.)04-20-188908-00-1986 
Nelson, Deborah Jean06-16-1951 d/o Henry R. & Amelia A. Nelson
Nelson, Henry A.(Carine)18831960 
Nelson, Henry Robert(Amelia Ann)09-18-1928  
Nelson, Ivan Ronald 08-00-1993WW II, 73yr old
Nelson, Joni Marie10-02-1960 d/o Henry R. & Amelia A. Nelson
Nelson, Julia Ann03-26-1956 d/o Henry R. & Amelia A. Nelson
Nelson, Letta   
Nelson, Margaret  d/o Henry Erling
Nelson, Margaret 12-23-1993 
Nelson, Ole J.   
Nelson, Richard Lee08-09-1952 s/o Henry R. & Amelia A. Nelson
Nelson, Ruth 02-00-2000 
Ness, Bardie R.(Emma)01-10-189706-08-1959WW I, Wis Pvt 237 Provisional Bn
Ness, Bennie J.188910-00-1955 
Ness, Donald Norman 01-29-1992 
Ness, Emma(Bardie R.)18901972 
Ness, Florence M.189104-00-1956 
Ness, Thomas I.(Verna V.)19031980 
Ness, Verna V.(Thomas I.)19051972 
Neumann, Cynthia 06-00-2001Cremation
Nichols, Charles E.(Pauline)03-18-186602-22-1942s/o Edward Nichols
Nichols, Edward(Mary A .Dunning)01-07-182002-18-1908s/o Elihu Nichols
Nichols, Mary A. Dunning(Edward)05-03-183512-16-1913d/o Samuel S. Dunning
Nichols, Pauline(Charles E.)09-24-186204-20-1914Nee Saveland
Niemann, Emma J.(J.C.)18641920Nee Brownrigg
Niemann, Infant  Infant of J.C. Niemann
Niemann, Infant  Child of Aug Nitz
Niemann, J.C.(Emma J.)18601923 
No Name  66yr. 8mo 5da old, top of stone gone
No name, George no datesBetween Wilson & McFarlane
No name, -dellia ???  b. Canandaigua, N.Y. d.?next to Edna C.
No name, Edna C.18031877b. Canandaigua, N.Y. d.? Broken stone
No Name, Frances H.  between Burnell & Davis stones
No Name, illegible stone  between Thomas & Flanders
No Name, Theresa Ruth19581959between Hartzell & Carney
No name, top of stone missing 05-13-187028yr old, between Cady & Faul
Noble, Florence E.Clements18851954 
Noble, Otis E.18691942 
Nondahl, A.Lena(Peter)18871974 
Nondahl, Baby son03-16-191503-16-1915s/o Peter & A.Lena Nondahl
Nondahl, Jennette K.02-06-191201-25-1914d/o Peter & A.Lena Nondahl
Nondahl, Peter(A.Lena)18811963 
Nondahl, Robert A.19251974s/o P.Nondahl
Northcutt, Benjamin F.(Louisa A.)18121899Father
Northcutt, Louisa A.(Benjamin F.)18301909Mother
Nott, Josephine P.(Welcome S.)18471937 
Nott, Welcome S.(Josephine P.)18451931 
Noyce, Nancy C.(Reuel) 10-28-185527yr old, or spelled Noyes?
Noyes, Julia A.(Curtis C.)18351899also husband Wm. R. Chalfant
Obrecht, Christian H.(E.Frances)04-19-185306-04-1884 
Obrecht, E.Frances(Christian H.)12-19-185206-30-1903 
Obrecht, Grace B.10-17-188003-19-1903d/o Christian H. & E. Frances Obrecht
Obrecht, J.Ralph(Sylvia)188205-00-1957 
Obrecht, James R.19081970s/o Ralph Obrecht
Obrecht, Sylvia(J.Ralph)18871982 
O'Brien, Robert Leslie 05-18-199373yr old
Odegaard, Anna(Christoffer)1853  
Odegaard, Christoffer O.(Anna)18521912 
O'Dell, Bert18801918Child of Emerson and Mary O'Dell
O'Dell, Child  d/o Fred and Loretta O'Dell
O'Dell, Child  Grandchild of Fred and Loretta O'Dell
O'Dell, Edwin/Edward(Viola Evalyn)186912-00-1956 
O'Dell, Emerson H.18941897Child of Emerson and Mary O'Dell
O'Dell, Emerson(Mary A.)18601927 
O'Dell, Harriet(William Sr.)01-02-179409-03-1847b. Manchester VT
O'Dell, Hattie(Fred)18781905 
O'Dell, Juan 02-25-187316yr 11mo old, d/o Wm. & Mary O'Dell
O'Dell, Loretta C.(Fred)19051972Mother
O'Dell, Mary A.(Emerson)18551926 
O'Dell, Mary Clark(2nd w/o William Sr.) 05-31-191782yr old
O'Dell, Mary M.19311934 
O'Dell, Myrton C.01-13-189305-03-1957WW I, Wis Pfc Ord Dept.
O'Dell, Viola EvalynThomas(Edwin)18671950 
O'Dell, William Sr. 08-12-187986yr 5mo old, War of 1812
Ogilvie, Agnes18971937Cremation, d/oJacob Isabel Ogilvie
Ogilvie, Isabel(Jacob)18611938 
Ogilvie, Jacob(Isabel)18561935 
Oien, Anna (Bert)18771959Mother
Oien, Bert(Anna)19651932Father
Oien, Leonard A.12-03-190907-31-1977s/o Bert and Anna Oien
Oleson, Elmer03-23-189511-12-1943WW I, Wis Pvt 354 Inf. 89 Div.
Olson, Andrew   
Olson, Andrew-Mrs.   
Olson, Caroline18781956 
Olson, Emma(Ole A.)18481936Mother
Olson, Ida C.(James)18781960Mother
Olson, James(Ida C.)18711925Father
Olson, Martin18661936 
Olson, Nellie18921917d/o Ole A. & Emma Olson
Olson, Ole A.(Emma)18461912Father
Olson, Ole G.18751927 
O'Neil, Elma18881918 
O'Neil, Raymond18821963 
O'Neil, Susan18861974 
O'Neil, Vera G.18801959 
Ophime, Edyth Irene11-07-192009-21-1925d/o E.& R. Ophime
Orcutt, Fay08-24-190301-00-1985 
Orcutt, Mamie I.05-08-190501-18-1995 
Oswald, John C.18971944WW I, Cpl Bat F 101 F.A. 32 Div
Oswald, Minnie J.(John C.)18901960WW I, Army Nurse Corps
Otto, Charles J.(Kate)18541940Father
Otto, Fern E.Pierce19011950 
Otto, Kate(Charles J.)18581926Mother
Otto, Stanley C.18941970 
Outhwaite, Annie18361912Wife
Outhwaite, Christopher18171865 
Outhwaite, Mary E.18631882Daughter
Outman, Nettie(William A.)18841971 
Outman, William A.(Nettie)18721924Spanish American War
Overton, Alice  Child of J. & L. Overton
Overton, Edith   
Overton, Flora  Child of J. & L? Overton
Overton, Gyrus  Child of J. & L. Overton
Overton, Henry F.01-02-185412-03-1875s/o John & L.L. Overton
Overton, Jane M.(Robert) 08-31-185682yr old
Overton, Jane N. 03-21-185916? Yr, old, hard to read dates
Overton, Robert(Jane M.) 02-??-185771yr old
Owen, Ann Ellen10-21-191810-23-1918d/o Griff.James & Henrietta Owen
Owen, Griffith James(Henrietta R.)18891959Father
Owen, Henrietta R.(Griffith James)18951973Mother
Owens, Norma M.(William B.)19021982Mom
Owens, William B.(Norma M.)18941967Dad
Oyen, Brenda L.19591981 
Oyen, Frances 01-27-1996 
Oyen, Glen D.19031970 
Oyen, Kathleen C.(Marvin T.)1935  
Oyen, Marvin T.(Kathleen C.)1933  
Oyen, Rexford D. 09-16-1974s/o Dale Oyen, Grands/o Russell, 1 da old
Oyen, Ronald Dean  s/o Russell and Minnie Oyen
Packard, Vivian E.(Wesley)19201980 
Packard, Wesley L.(Vivian E.)02-06-191809-25-1972WW II, Wis Pvt US Army
Packham, Alice(Raymond)18481909 
Packham, Charlotte F.(William A.)187912-00-1956Mother
Packham, Emma(William)18511931 
Packham, Phylis 1948Daughter
Packham, Raymond(Alice)18431919 
Packham, William A.(Charlotte F.)18771949Father
Packham, William Sr.(Emma)18461921 
Padley, Amelia K.(Hamilton) 06-28-188825yr 7mo 6da old
Padley, Arlene Ruth Thayer(Ralph)09-04-192201-11-2007d/o Vernon J. & Emma LaFountain Thayer, (m)11-22-1946
Padley, Clara L.(Job E.)18681961 
Padley, Hamilton S.(Minnie F.)18541932Father
Padley, Hannah L.(George)03-07-182409-10-1897 
Padley, Harland 04-29-1999WW II, 81yr old
Padley, Harry G.(Hilda A.)188410-00-1963Father
Padley, Hilda Amelia(Harry G.)18901950Nee Herschleb, Mother
Padley, Job E.(Clara)18611943 
Padley, Leona E.(Ralph W.)19241944 
Padley, Marilyn 06-00-1992Cremation
Padley, Marvin H.19111935s/o Leona E. & R.W. Padley
Padley, Melvin18581938 
Padley, Minnie F.(Hamilton S.)18611933Mother
Padley, Sadie G.(Wayne S.)1898  
Padley, Wayne S.(Sadie G.)18971960 
Padrutt, Vera Goodard19001956 
Paetz, Carl05-25-181909-11-1902 
Page, Sarah H.10-13-179605-03-187177yr 6mo 20da old
Palis, Glen 09-12-1996Korea, 70yr old
Palis, Virginia(Glen) 02-23-1987or d.02 21 1988, 54 yrs old
Palmer, Alice10-02-189503-21-1984d/o Herb, Sr.
Palmer, Ann(Issac H.)04-24-181411-24-1893 
Palmer, Edward03-30-185001-28-1873 
Palmer, Hattie E.05-31-185406-01-1920 
Palmer, Helen09-22-184701-15-1919 
Palmer, Henry11-07-184511-14-1860 
Palmer, Herbert P.(Winifred M.)01-13-189905-13-1991WW I, Son, 92yr old
Palmer, Herbert Sr.(Nellie)12-29-185706-17-1927Father
Palmer, Isaac H.(Ann)09-02-180901-31-1889 
Palmer, Julia  Mother of Addison
Palmer, Mary   
Palmer, Mary A.02-26-184212-11-1932 
Palmer, Nellie(Herbert Sr.)09-19-186401-16-1899Mother
Palmer, Winifred M.(Herbert P.)10-17-189809-00-1985 
Parke, Elizabeth L.18511852on stone with Henry D. Parke
Parke, Henry D.18551863on stone with Elizabeth L. Parke
Parke, Joseph Embly(Marianna K.)18211907Mason
Parke, Marianna Kingsley(Joseph E.)18301912 
Parmelee, Augusta Dunning03-24-183402-19-1920 
Parr, Julius A.(Maria A.)18341914GAR, Lt Co G 25th Wis
Parr, Maria A.(Julius A.)18401899 
Pashley, Elizabeth(Samuel)11-26-181311-12-1873Dtr of Rev. Wm. Johnson, Rector of St. Germains, England
Pashley, Samuel(Elizabeth)10-06-181201-20-1901 
Paskey, Kenneth Peeter 09-03-1996 
Paskey, Robert Leroy"Bob" 10-10-1993d.from ssdi
Paton, Adam(Jean)05-17-179910-19-1863spelled Paton on stone
Paton, Jean(Adam)07-11-180710-24-1896 
Patterson, Bert E.(Della E.)18601922 
Patterson, Della E.(Bert E.)18641954 
Patterson, Frank W.(Mother)18691945Father
Patterson, Grace C.18831973 
Patterson, J.G.(Sarah S.)02-22-183002-06-1904 
Patterson, Jesse Cecil(Lena Rohlke)18821967Cremation
Patterson, Lena Rohlke(Jesse Cecil)188011-17-1965Cremation
Patterson, Lila07-12-190804-02-1910d/o F.& E. Patterson
Patterson, Mother(Frank W.)18741923 
Patterson, Sarah S.(J.G.)12-06-1832  
Pattison, Edwin A.(Mary J.)18391917 
Pattison, Mary J.(Edwin A.)18511920 
Patton, Robert Ransom(Verna M.)18841979Father
Patton, Verna McIntosh(Robert R.)18891961Mother
Pattrud, Vera Goddard 12-00-1956 
Paul, Edna(Virgil C.) 01-16-1995 
Paul, Ellen L.Pashley(John W.)08-25-184705-16-1876on stone with Nellie Paul
Paul, James   
Paul, Nellie03-30-187609-19-1876on stone with Ellen L.Pashley Paul, d/o J.W.& Ellen L. Pashley Paul
Paul, Virgil C.(Edna)12-27-191103-11-1975WW II, Cpl Army Air Forces
Paulson, Alma   
Paulson, Arthur L.08-17-194010-08-1957s/o Elma A. Paulson
Paulson, Elma A.03-09-190907-26-1982Mother of Arthur L. Paulson
Paulson, Jennie Granat18971943 
Perry, Alma P.18431941 
Perry, Belva M.18831981Daughter
Perry, Cawthorne  Child of B.T.
Perry, Eugene E.   
Perry, Fayette W.18821959s/o George
Perry, Frederic(Jane)18221892 
Perry, G.A.(Ida E.)02-28-185503-07-1942 
Perry, George   
Perry, Herbert Elroy  s/o Frederic & Jane, hard to read stone
Perry, Ida E.(G.A.)12-04-185704-07-1914 
Perry, Jane(Frederic)18331895 
Perry, Leroy   
Perry, Lewis18221889 
Perry, Oliver   
Perry, Oscar184201-15-1863GAR, 20yr 10mo 12da old
Perry, Susan   
Perry, Sylvester B.  GAR, Crpl Co H 118 NY Inf
Perry, Tacy Almira   
Perry, Varanes M.18371929 
Peters, Minnie Hoffman   
Peters, Wilhelmina(William F.)18681912 
Peters, William F.(Wilhelmina)18721935 
Petersen, Esther Edith 09-13-2000Mother Julie Thomas
Peterson, David 1959s/o Merlyn Peterson No stone
Peterson, Evelyn C.(Fred T.)18861961 
Peterson, Fred T.(Evelyn C.)18851959 
Peterson, Gladys Roberts07-04-188811-17-1972Cremation
Peterson, Lawrence Donald 11-21-200085yrs old
Peterson, Pete 1957 
Pettibone, Edwin 09-14-18613wks old, s/o Alfred & Lucie Pettibone
Pettit, Anna(George)18701923 
Pettit, George18521916 
Phillips, Mary  Daughter
Phillips, Sawyer Aleson03-08-191404-12-1914Grandson
Phinney, Emily(Horatio) 08-10-187873yr 10mo 8da old
Phinney, Horatio(Emily) 04-29-189288yr 3mo 14da old
Phinney, Susan A. 03-01-185923yr old
Phipps, Jacob 12-23-1982Child


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