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Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Est. 1856

City of Lodi, Lodi Township, Columbia County, Wisconsin

Take Lodi St. in the City of Lodi to Sauk street. Cemetery is on Sauk St. about 6-7 blocks from Lodi Street. Ground consecrated for Protestant cemetery 08-23-1856. Transcription 1984 by Norma Benisch & Monna Aldrich. Updated 2006 by Tesha Ferstl-Hoffman. Thanks to Patti Schuknecht for record updates. Typed by Anna Mae Axness

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Name, last, first(spouse)etcBirthDeath or Burial dateNotes: son of, daughter of, wife of, husband of, child of, marriage, Social security death index--s/o, d/o, w/o, h/o, c/o, (m), SSDI
Schaffer, Jack NMN05-01-192704-17-1997Korea
Schereck, Barbara Edison 07-31-2000Cremation
Schereck, William John Sr. 11-07-2000WW II, 86yr old
Schiffman, Henry J.18851967 
Schiffman, Mary A.19121982 
Schlosser, Fredericka(Henry)18341869Mother
Schlosser, Henry10-16-186105-16-1862Infant s/o Henry & Fredericka Schlosser
Schlosser, Henry  Infant
Schlosser, Henry(Fredericka)18301905/1907Father, GAR, Co E 50th Wis.
Schlosser, Jessie(Louis)18671915 
Schlosser, Louis(Jessie)18601893 
Schmidt, Blanche(Frank)18811960 
Schmidt, Carl J.(Helen M.)18751966Father
Schmidt, Frank(Blanche)18851965 
Schmidt, Helen M.(Carl J.)18761962Mother
Schmidt, John M.18921960 
Schmidt, Josephine Ziwiskey 05-16-1986 
Schmidt, Margaret J.19121914d/o Carl J. & Helen M. Schmidt
Schmidt, Robert D.19201982s/o Carl J. & Helen M. Schmidt
Schmiedlin, Christ S.(Emma)18601943 
Schmiedlin, Elsbeth J.(James L.)1921 (m)02-01-1940, Nee Wells
Schmiedlin, Emma(Christ S.)18621913 
Schmiedlin, Emma(Roy C.)189307-00-1978 
Schmiedlin, James L.(Elsbeth J.)1920 (m)02-01-1940
Schmiedlin, Katherine(Matthias)18591926 
Schmiedlin, Mary 02-21-1987 
Schmiedlin, Matthias S.(Katherine)18521946 
Schmiedlin, Raymond S.18891919 
Schmiedlin, Roy C.(Emma)188711-00-1969 
Schmitt, John M.(Lorena A.)18921960 
Schmitt, Lorena A.(John M.)1916  
Schneekloth, Blanche(Dr.Thomas A.Sr.)18891970 
Schneekloth, Thomas A.Sr.-Dr.(Blanche)18781956 
Schoss, Ethel C.(Rev. Harvey W.)19041960 
Schoss, Harvey W.-Rev(Ethel C.)19051980 
Schroeder, Cheryl L.(Herman W.)1912  
Schroeder, Herman W.(Cheryl L.)19111975 
Schultz, William F.R.19511951 
Schumann, Robert 07-13-198754yr old
Schuster, Anna S.(Anton S.)18701931Mother
Schuster, Anton   
Schuster, Anton S.(Anna S.)18681947Father
Schuster, Emma R.(Raymond Lee)10-17-189203-19-1985Wife
Schuster, James S.18561927Father
Schuster, Joseph   
Schuster, Joseph  Infant of Joseph and Mary Schuster
Schuster, Mary  Infant of Joseph and Mary Schuster
Schuster, Mary Kozel   
Schuster, Mary(James)   
Schuster, Raymond Lee(Emma R.)18941965Husband
Schuster, Sylvia 05-00-1983 
Schuster, Thomas189207-04-18986yr 1mo 13d old, s/o Jas. & Mary Schuster
Scott, Cora A.(John M.)18771958 
Scott, Eliza A. Labell(Jonathan S.)18471930Mother
Scott, Elmina   
Scott, George A.18721942 
Scott, Johathan S.(Eliza A. Labell)18441914Father
Scott, John M.(Cora A.)18721948 
Searles, Irvin G.(Mayme K.)18941963 
Searles, Mayme K.(Irvin G.)18901966 
Sekora, Antonia(John)18681962Mother
Sekora, Elizabeth(Frank)18871983 
Sekora, Frank S.(Elizabeth)18891976 
Sekora, Grace E. 10-??-1927d/o Frank & Elizabeth Sekora
Sekora, John(Antonia)18591932/1933Father
Serres, Paul P.18851933 
Serstad, Rachel(Martin)18611913 
Seville, Addie B.(Frederic)18711909 
Seville, Algernon S.07-03-186301-11-1925 
Seville, Edward E.18591907 
Seville, Franklin04-22-187309-22-1938 
Seville, Frederic(Addie B.)18671927 
Seville, James(Martha A.)06-20-182011-28-1913 
Seville, Martha A.(James)04-10-182810-18-1901 
Seville, Rose M.18571944 
Shafer, Calvin G.19171930 
Shaffer, Adolph18821934Father
Shaffer, Frances(John)18901967 
Shaffer, John(Frances)18851968 
Shaffer, Joseph F.(Louise A.18751947 
Shaffer, Joseph(Kate)12-09-185109-15-1906Father
Shaffer, Kate(Joseph)02-08-185401-31-1920Mother
Shaffer, Louise A.(Joseph F.)18781960 
Shaw, Henry A.(Sarah Northup)12-05-183110-22-1909GAR, Co C 42 Reg
Shaw, Mary A.12-29-186110-19-1878d/o Sarah N. & Henry A. Shaw???
Shaw, Phyllis19101948daughter
Shaw, Sarah Northup(Henry A.)04-01-183612-18-1907 
Shultz, Fred K.  GAR, Co C 42nd Wis Inf
Shumway, Alta  d/o Mary Shumway
Shumway, Mary   
Shuster, Anton E.18911980s/o Joseph & Mary Shuster
Shuster, Joseph1886 s/o Joseph & Mary Shuster??, one date
Shuster, Joseph(Mary Kozel)18581942Father
Shuster, Mary 1886 d/o Joseph & Mary Shuster??, one date
Shuster, Mary Kozel(Joseph)18681955 
Shuster, Sylvia L.19041983d/o Joseph & Mary Shuster
Silingo, Agnes M.(Michael Angelo)08-09-191005-22-1981 
Silingo, Michael Angelo(Agnes M.) from ssdi
Simon, Ellen M.01-23-185202-02-1852d/o Ira & Hariett E.Simon
Simon, Josie Sarah 11-30-187018yr 5mo old, d/o W.G. & C.L. Simons
Simon, William H.  Child of Ira and Harriet Simon
Simons, Blanche B.(Harry R.)1891  
Simons, Caroline L.(William G.) 11-19-188560yr 12da old
Simons, Clarissa E. 11-09-187012yr 10mo old, d/o W.G. & C.L. Simons
Simons, Emily R. 08-18-18455yr 2mo 3da old, d/o Freedom & E. Simons
Simons, Emma L.(J.Frank)18501924 
Simons, Frances E.03-18-184808-25-1848c/o Ira & Hariett E.Simons
Simons, Freedom 05-02-188874yr 8mo 11da old
Simons, George T.(Malissa)05-07-182910-23-1908 
Simons, Harry R.(Blanche B.)18881948s/o J. Frank and Emma Simons
Simons, J.Frank(Emma L.)18501913 
Simons, Jasper Edgar(Vivian)18851954Father
Simons, Joy Viola no datesd/o Jasper E. & Vivian V. Simons?
Simons, Malissa(George T.)11-22-183401-01-1892 
Simons, Mary A.   
Simons, Richard G.   
Simons, Sadie R.Pashley06-29-186501-16-1954 
Simons, Sarah 06-30-18556mo old, d/o W.G. & C.L. Simons
Simons, Thomas   
Simons, Vivian Verbeck(Jasper E.)188503-00-1982Mother
Simons, William G.(Caroline) 12-10-189078yr 5mo 15da old,
Simonson, Erick09-22-187611-02-1917 
Skarda, Alice(George)189502-16-1983Mother
Skarda, George(Alice)18931954Father
Skaret, Frances M.(Leslie A.)12-03-191605-26-2006d/o Emmett Moses & Nellie May Wilcox Strangeway, (m)09-24-1941
Skaret, Leslie A.(Frances M.)01-24-191205-01-2000 
Skelton, Martha Ophalia 09-08-18571yr 9mo 9da old, d/o N.C.& M.A. Skelton
Skelton, Mary A.(Nathan C.)18341919Mother
Skelton, Nathan C.(Mary A.)18281899GAR, father
Skinner, Elizabeth(John B.) 08-29-187480yr old
Slark, Elmer  reserved for Elmer
Slark, Elmer E.(Mary Wilson)18611959 
Slark, Elmer J.Jr.19141956Grands/o Elmer Slark
Slark, Glenn W.(Susie E.)19061981Father
Slark, Grandmother   
Slark, Grandmother   
Slark, Grandson  Jame's Grandson
Slark, Hannah(William) 03-03-185351yr 8mo 23da old
Slark, Harvey W.(Iva Bell Mussen)18811935 
Slark, Howard07-31-191504-01-1949WW II, Wis Tec 4 Engineers
Slark, Infant  Buried in Front of Monument
Slark, Iva Bell Mussen(Harvey W.)18841917 
Slark, James 10-20-188223yr 2mo 7da old, grandson of W.& H.
Slark, Joan(Howard) 06-24-2000Cremation, buried on top of Howard
Slark, Mary Wilson(Elmer E.)18591932 
Slark, Phebe   
Slark, Susie E.(Glenn W.)08-05-191009-00-1992Mother
Slark, William(Hannah) 04-20-189895yr 1mo 13da old
Slement, Edna G.19141974 
Slezak, Bertha Rotzol   
Slightam, Ann Elizabeth(John J.)12-03-183712-19-1921Nee Palmer, Mother
Slightam, Elmer E. 09-05-1862s/o John & Ann Slightam, hard to read stone
Slightam, John J.(Ann Elizabeth)12-06-183505-31-1929Father
Slightam, Mary18621863Child of William Slightam
Smestad, Lena 02-16-1998 
Smith, Albert  old cracked stone laying down flat-can't read
Smith, Anna L. 1962Infant
Smith, Ben H.18931918WWI, s/o Edwin Smith
Smith, Benjamin H.18881975WW I
Smith, Betty 05-26-1996 
Smith, Clarice L.(William L. Tracy)10-31-191111-07-2004Nee Bartholomew
Smith, Deanna Lenn1962  
Smith, Edgar M.(Phebe Clark)03-21-183812-05-1900 
Smith, Edwin M.(Elvena)18641944Father
Smith, Elvena(Edwin M.)18661943Mother
Smith, Ezra R.(Lillian N.)19051966(m)03-14-1929
Smith, Grace M.(Benjamin H.)18951975 
Smith, Harry A.(Ruth E.)18931973Father
Smith, Howard Milton01-22-193109-01-1972Korea, Wis GMSN US Navy, s/o Harry Smith
Smith, Isabella McIntosh18491868 
Smith, Josephine Siwisky1901 Mother
Smith, Lee J.(Marian)189101-16-1939Wis Cook Army Service Corps
Smith, Lillian N.(Ezra R.)19101967(m)03-14-1929
Smith, Louis O. 10-28-1985 
Smith, Lucius-Rev.06-07-183508-29-189964yr 2mo 22da old, b. Westmoreland N.Y.
Smith, Marian Nelson(Lee J.)18901955 
Smith, Mary E.(A.C.Martin)  see Mary E. Martin
Smith, Phebe Clark(Edgar M.)03-18-183801-18-1867 
Smith, Preston C.18911936 
Smith, Ruth E.Robertson(Harry A.)18971947Mother
Smith, Timothy Thomas 12-00-1955 Infant
Smith, William L. Tracy(Clarice L.)19041981WW II
Snyder, Elchard L.(Maggie F.)18891981 
Snyder, Harold19241974WW II, Pvt US Army, s/o Elchardt Snyder
Snyder, Jessie Simons Hayden02-13-186505-10-1932 
Snyder, Lafayette, Lt05-26-191502-24-1944WW II, Killed in action, buried at Zachary Taylor Nat'l Cemetery, Louisville KT
Snyder, Maggie F.(Elchard L.)18901979 
Sodders, Amelia12-18-183412-19-1919 
Sodders, Bertha Hageman(John)18591930 
Sodders, Goldie Edie  1yr 8mo 26da old, d/o John Sodders
Sodders, Ira A.12-26-183510-02-1904GAR
Sodders, Jane Hales18931932 
Sodders, Myrtie/Myrtle(Sherman)18671947 
Sodders, Sherman(Myrtie/Myrtle)18641948 
Sogn, Marguerite"Mitzie" 10-24-1995 
Sopha, Helen Mae(Raymond U.)19341978(m)02-17-1951
Sopha, Raymond U.(Helen Mae)193004-09-1994(m)02-17-1951
Sorg, Glenn E.19211975WW II
Sorg, Leon Thomas19431967s/o Margaret M. Sorg
Sorg, Margaret M.191602-22-1986Mother
Sparks, Ann(Thomas)01-05-182703-13-1915 
Sparks, Grace Ackerman(William)12-29-187509-06-1930 
Sparks, Thomas(Ann)11-05-183106-17-1919 
Sparks, William Thomas05-23-186607-18-1939 
Spaulding, Child   
Stanley, Augusta F.18481933 
Stanley, Daniel C.18391874GAR
Starck, Leslie 02-15-1999 
Starling, Cora A.  d/o M.D.& D. A. Starling
Starling, D.Augusta(M.D.)   
Starring, Child  Child of J.D. Starring
Statz, Irene Glimme(Philip W.) 09-16-2003(m)05-16-1956, is she buried here?
Statz, Philip W.(Irene Glimme)02-28-193201-16-2007s/o John & Margaret Karls Statz, (m)05-16-1956
Stead, Luella Loper 06-00-1956Cremation
Stearns, Ann Elizabeth(Rev. O.D.)04-22-181210-16-1901b. Schenectady N.Y.
Stearns, Nancy G.(Rev. O.D.)11-20-181303-28-1849b. Northboro Mass, d.Milford N.H.
Stearns, O.D.-Rev.(Ann Elizabeth)02-27-181010-20-1885b. Monkton VT, also wife Nancy C.
Steckel, Edward A. 06-17-1998 
Steckelberg, Albert L.(Lerna Groves)18911970Mason
Steckelberg, Donald Lovering191312-02-1985h/o Elva Steckelberg
Steckelberg, Elva Elfrieda Bergman191401-23-1995w/o Don Steckelberg
Steckelberg, Ettie Lovering(William)18631940 
Steckelberg, Harold18971969 
Steckelberg, Infant son 02-06-1889s/o William & Ettie Steckelberg
Steckelberg, Lerna Groves(Albert L.)18901972Eastern Star
Steckelberg, Lerna/Lorna G.18901972 
Steckelberg, William18931963 
Steckelberg, William(Ettie L.)18571935Mason
Steele, Abbie E.Loper18741954 
Steele, Albion(Ida)18651944 
Steele, Clarence B.(Mary Mussen)11-05-189105-29-1953 
Steele, Eddie 07-23-1993 
Steele, Edward S.18561919 
Steele, Eliza 1856 
Steele, Eliza, Miss06-11-181203-16-188269y 9m 5d old, b.Bovina Delaware Co. N.Y, d. Prattsville, Green Co. N.Y.
Steele, Elizabeth Jane(Robert B.)  d/o James H. & Margaret A. Reed
Steele, Estella A.(Samuel D.)05-07-185408-28-1932 
Steele, Frederick B.(Lorraine P.)01-27-191507-26-1974s/o Frederick Steele
Steele, Harriet 04-23-1988 
Steele, Hattie B.(Rev. John)03-07-183201-18-1922 
Steele, Hattie M.18651941 
Steele, Hazel K.09-28-191501-28-2007d/o Leonard & Harriet Meek Steele, daughter is Ruth Ann Clark
Steele, Ida(Albion)18641944 
Steele, J.Eddy18731950 
Steele, J.M.   
Steele, J.M.-Mrs.   
Steele, J.Wesley(Kate A.)18571929 
Steele, James W.(Mary T. Morson)18421932 
Steele, James(Jane) 02-04-188782yr 1mo old
Steele, Jane(James) 05-16-188982yr old.
Steele, John, Rev.04-20-183210-06-1905GAR, United Methodist Chaplin
Steele, John-Rev.(Hattie B.)03-20-183210-06-1905GAR, United Methodist Minister
Steele, Josephine Bitney08-28-185902-05-1884d/o Robert Steele
Steele, Josephine(H.N.) 12-21-186725yr 2mo old, d/o James Holdridge
Steele, Kate A.(J.Wesley)18631944 
Steele, L.M.18851931 
Steele, Leland 01-19-189011mo old, s/o W.W.& L.M. Steele
Steele, Leonard   
Steele, Lorraine P.(Frederick B.)04-19-191909-23-1979 
Steele, Louise M.(William W.)18661933 
Steele, Margaret(William)18591931Mother
Steele, Mary A. Hanley(2nd w/o Robert)03-19-184302-18-1905 
Steele, Mary Eleanor 1942d/o Robert B. & Ellizabeth Steele
Steele, Mary Mussen(Clarence B.)07-12-189211-13-1979 
Steele, Mary T. Morson(James W.)18421931 
Steele, Minnie18721874d/o James W.& Mary T. Steele?
Steele, Nancy Dunshee(Robert) 10-21-185878yr old
Steele, Rhoda A. Bower(1st w/o Robert)03-23-183502-02-1864 
Steele, Rhoda Ann19301949 
Steele, Robert09-02-191408-10-1916 
Steele, Robert Benson  s/o Robert & Rhoda Ann Steele, A memorial
Steele, Robert(Mary A .& Rhoda A.)11-18-183211-19-1904GAR
Steele, Samuel D.(Estella A.)06-23-184512-06-1896 
Steele, Walter18521924 
Steele, Walter-Mrs.   
Steele, William A. 09-27-18519mo 2da old, s/o J.M. & C. Steele
Steele, William R.18961937 
Steele, William W.(Louise M.)18621934 
Steele, William(Margaret)18551930Father
Steele, Winnie E. 11-10-18861yr 6mo 12da old, d/o W.W.& L.M. Steele
Stephenson, Matilda   
Stephenson, Thomas   
Stevenson, Agnes Isabel 10-31-2001 
Stevenson, Janet   
Stevenson, Janette18881974 
Stevenson, Janette(Thomas S.)18521948Mother
Stevenson, Kenneth   
Stevenson, Margaret Kenneth(J.) 01-21-188885 yr old
Stevenson, Mary Ann Holborn   
Stevenson, Thomas S.(Janette)06-15-183109-30-1908Father
Stewart, Nellie 09-00-1955 
Stewart, Son  s/o of G. I. Stewart
Sthal, Lonesa   
Stone, Edward P.11-24-192411-11-1944WW II, Wis Pfc 377 Inf 95 Inf Div, s/o Rev. Edward Stone
Stone, Edward P.-Rev.(Kathryn A.)04-16-189209--01-1961WW I, Wis Pfc Co B 311 Ammunition TN, United Methodist Minister
Stone, Emery L.(Eva Mae)19021972 
Stone, Eva Mae(Emery L.)09-25-190707-21-1994 
Stone, Harlan D.19221974 
Stone, Kathryn A.(Rev. Edward P.)18991963 
Stone, Norman Lynn 01-17-199964yr old
Stone, Robert Lee 1920Son
Storie, Agnes G.18771958 
Storie, Agnes M.03-26-186107-23-1930 
Storie, Bernice E.(H.Robert)18991958 
Storie, Dora18611926 
Storie, Elizabeth R.18721948 
Storie, Elizabeth(Robert Sr.) 06-14-187168yr 2mo 16da old
Storie, H.Robert(Bernice E.)18941970 
Storie, Jennie E. 06-29-191950yr 2mo 27da old
Storie, Marena18621924 
Storie, Margaret(Thomas) 03-31-190266yr 9mo 21da old
Storie, Mary Jennette18741965 
Storie, Robert   
Storie, Robert J.18571932 
Storie, Robert Jr.(Sarah Groves) 04-18-189762yr old
Storie, Robert Sr.(Elizabeth) 03-11-189593yr 10mo 18da old
Storie, Sarah Groves(Robert) 03-12-188335 yr old
Storie, Thomas(Margaret) 12-25-190172yr 7mo 27da old
Storndt, Homer 07-05-2002 
Strangeway, Eliza(Thomas M.)18441928Mother
Strangeway, Emmett N.(Nellie)18831969 
Strangeway, J.B.(Sarah Jane)18531932 
Strangeway, James B.18531932 
Strangeway, James H.(Sarah A.)18151898Grandfather, Father
Strangeway, Louis W.(Susie I.)18681957 
Strangeway, Nellie M.(Emmett N.)18861941 
Strangeway, Robert18461916GAR, Pvt Co A 153 Regt ILL. Inf
Strangeway, Sara J.(2nd w/o J.B.)18611947 
Strangeway, Sarah A.(James H.)18131877Grandmother, Mother
Strangeway, Sarah Jane Bitney(J.B.)18571906 
Strangeway, Susie I.(Louis W.)18671936 
Strangeway, Susie S.(Louis)18671957 
Strangeway, Thomas M.(Eliza)18431894GAR, Co A 7th Reg WI Vol Inf, father
Strittmatter, Everett Peter 02-13-1987WW II, 71yr old cremation on top of Jerold
Strittmatter, Jerrold/Jerold L.09-14-194410-01-1966 
Stroebel, Etta Mills(A.)05-25-187504-04-1902 


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