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Pacific Cemetery

Pacific Township, Columbia County Wisconsin.

Near the intersection of US Hwy 51 & State Rd 16 south of Portage. Cemetery is on the west side of 51 & north of the power plant. Cemetery was deeded 03-05-1860. Transcription and 2004 update by Barb & Daniel Ferguson, Betty Cook & Sexton Russ Shaw. Copied here by Anna Mae Axness, 2005 * some information from other sources. son of--s/o, dtr of-- d/o, child of--c/o, wife of--w/o, husband of--h/o, children-- ch, born--Nee

Aellig - Jennings

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Name, Last, first(Spouse etc.)BirthDeathLot# Notes
Aellig, Abraham Godfrey(Myrtle I.)02-16-190912-28-1969L133, s/o Christ & ?
Aellig, Myrtle I.(Abraham Godfrey)03-20-191306-26-2003L133, Nee Abel, first husband Wolgram, d/o Edward & Orpha Abel
Aldridge, Cordie E.(J D "Jim")05-11-191505-14-1998L110, (m)10-12-1940, ch: Jay, Steve, John
Aldridge, J D "Jim"(Cordie E.)03-04-191403-04-1993L110, (m)10-12-1940, ch: Jay, Steve, John
Angell, Christine Marie(James W.)10-17-195601-00-2005L230, d/o John & Carol Flickner, (m)04-22-1978, divorced, 48y old, buried 02-01-2005
Arians, Pernly A.1941 L228
Arians, Robert C.19411992L228
Ashley, Arlyne Marie(James A.)01-09-191910-03-1975L118
Ashley, James A.(Arlyne Marie)07-29-191506-28-1998L118
Atkinson, Opal E.*03-12-191106-04-1983L109, Lewis Keifer Plot
Atkinson, Royden J.*01-04-190811-08-1983L109, Lewis Keifer Plot
Babcock, Edward(Ida Augusta)01-20-187011-10-1933L032, s/o John Edgar & Anna Busch Babcock
Babcock, Florence A.(Ralph L.)190105-17-1969L009, cremated
Babcock Ida Augusta(Edward)03-02-187510-27-1954L032, d/o Julius & Augusta Rohrbeck
Babcock, Irma Violet03-26-190104-08-1901L032, d/o Edward & Ida Babcock, 13da old
Babcock, Lavina M.190803-30-1932L107, Daniel R. Gray plot
Babcock, Lester Daniel--infant 10-31-1927L107, Daniel H. Gray plot, s/o L. Babcock
Babcock, infant son/of L. Babcock19271929from Bob & Lucy Wrights accounts of 1991
Babcock, no name--baby  L033, c/o Richard Babcock, no stone
Babcock, no name--baby  L033, c/o Richard Babcock, no stone
Babcock, Ralph L.(Florence A.)190201-12-1983L009, cremated
Babcock, Rosetta May--infant 08-10-1929L107, d/o L. Babcock
Baker, Clara Wilhelmina(Frank Herman)01-12-189407-07-1975L028, d/o John Krinke & Louise Eber.
Baker, Dolores---infant 04-19-1932L028, d/o Frank H.& Clara W. Baker
Baker, Edward Willard07-30-192308-31-2000L028, WW II, Tec 5 US Army
Baker, Frank Herman(Clara Wilhelmina)03-06-189403-29-1978L028, 84y old
Barber, Anna W.(Fred K.)10-03-189308-17-1968L068, d/o August Frank& Mary Schutte, 74y
Barber, Fred K.(Anna W.)10-11-188401-25-1971L068, s/o Coleman & Nancy J. Mosbarger, 86y
Bartholic, Harry A.Jr.---friend (no relation) of the Porters19302005L141, Korea, AFC US Air Force, cremated 2005, Cleveland Ohio, buried in Porter's lot
Bates, Abraham(Elizabeth)09-05-181805-13-1903L058
Bates, Agnes(2nd w/o William)10-29-183209-18-1910L046, Mother
Bates, Elizabeth(1st w/oWilliam) 11-04-1859L046, 31yr 11da old, d. 11-11 or 11-04-1859?
Bates, Elizabeth(Abraham)01-09-182410-25-1903L058
Bates, Hannah C.(William H.)187205-09-1951L026
Bates, Michael W.185505-18-1921L098, Joseph C. Topham plot
Bates, Willard H. 02-28-1939L026, WW I, WI Corp US Army
Bates, William(Agnes) 03-26-1891L046, Father, 70yr 8mo 1da old
Bates, William H.(Hannah C.)04-13-187311-01-1932L026, s/o Wm.&Agnes Duff Bates, 59y6m18d
Beaver, Anna E.(2nd w/o Michael?)  L124, Nee Hartman?
Beaver, Michael(RubyDawn&Anna E.)03-08-189807-16-1960L124, s/o John & Sarah Ashca..Beaver
Beaver, Ruby Dawn(1st w/oMichael)07-29-189809-25-1955L124, d/o Jas Murray & Ava Graves
Becraft, Howard D.(Uva I.)1928 L238, (m)02-25-1954
Becraft, Uva I.(Howard D.)05-26-193704-09-2002(m)02-25-1954, d/o Carl & Ada Anderson, 64y
Bentley, Amos Daniel10-15-183404-21-1908L094, no stone, s/o Wm&Marie Mollette, 74y
Bentley, Mary E.(Wm.)09-01-184406-28-1917L094, no stone, nee Thompson, 72y9m7d old
Bentley, Maria/Mira(William) 01-12-1879L094, 88yr old
Bentley, Martha E.--not married04-23-187502-07-1897L094, 21y 9m 14d old, d/o A.D. & M.E.
Bentley, William(Maria) 08-23-1874L094, 84yr old
Bilkey, John Joe--not married, 69y old08-16-191603-01-1986L042, WW II, TSgt US Army, s/oWm.&Rose
Bilkey, Rose Marie Reeder(William A.)03-04-188209-06-1949L042, 67y6m1d old
Bilkey, William A.(Rose Marie Reeder)04-16-187408-10-1944L042, s/o Ferd.Bilkey & Bertha Gumz
Blackburn, Alvin J.1935 L233
Blackburn, Alvin J.06-30-196006-30-1960L107, s/o Alvin & Kathleen McCarthy
Blackburn, Barbara S.---no stone07-06-196107-06-1961L004, d/o Alvin & Kathleen McCarthy
Blackburn, David Ernest02-14-195902-16-1959L107, s/o Alvin & Kathleen McCarthy
Blackburn, Donald A.1958 L234
Blackburn, Kathleen M.1935 L234
Blackburn, Richie A.-s/o Richard 1960L107, no stone, in Daniel H. Gray Plot
Boggs, Denver C.(Clarella Wheeler)03-16-191908-03-1986L110, 67y old, s/o John & Edith Thompkins Boggs, (m)12--06-1951, WW II, US Army Inf.
Branton, Herbert George(Myrtle Adele)04-27-191105-01-1987L119, s/o Chas&Ada Phelps, cremated
Branton, Myrtle Adele(Herbert George)09-27-191501-29-1991L119, d/o Frank Tomlinson& Maude Fu..
Broesch, Jacob Jake06-24-189005-15-1973L023, in T.H.& Gertrude Cutsforth plot, 82y old
Brown, Michael S.--4y3m old06-04-194709-19-1951L116, s/oAlbert Brown&Bernice Elaine Severson
Bryington, Adam E.---baby09-22-199404-23-1995L244
Bull, A.A.(Martha J.) 07-29-1893L088, Father, 89y 5m 21d old
Bull, Benjamin Franklin(Sarah Porter)18361913L092, Civil War, WI Co E 42 Reg
Bull, Frankie12-15-188204-29-1883L091, s/o Benjamin Franklin & Sarah L. Porter Bull, 4m 4d old
Bull, Guy A.---buried Rocky Run18711969s/o Benjamin Franklin & Sarah L. Porter Bull
Bull, Hettie LoVina06-23-185902-11-1871L091, d/o Benjamin Franklin & Sarah L. Porter Bull, 11y 2m old
Bull, John S.(Mary B.)* 01-13-1902L088?, see obit index
Bull, lorenzo B.  s/o Benjamin Franklin & Sarah L. Porter Bull
Bull, Martha J.(A.A.) 05-29-1889L088, Mother, 79y 4m 8d old
Bull, Mary B.(John S.)* 04-30-1854L088, 20y 11m 21d old
Bull, Milton John07-07-187310-07-1955L092, s/o Benjamine F.& Sarah L. Bull
Bull, Mina/Nina? Winifred03-24-186602-28-1867L091, d/o Benjamin & Sarah Bull, 11m 4d
Bull, Minnie M. 06-26-1890L091, d/o Benjamin & Sarah Bull, 22y 9m
Bull, Sarah L(Benjamin Franklin)18371913L092, Nee Porter, ch: zella/guy/milton/lorenc/frk
Bull, Zella E.--Miss186211-26-1941L092, d/o Benjamin F.& Sarah Bull, 78y old
Bump, Charles W. 07-21-1856L049, s/o Phoebe & Moses Bump, 2yr old
Bump, Cyrus C.184202-22-1865L049, s/o Phoebe & Moses Bump, 18y 6m; Civil War, Co I, 36 Reg WI
Bump, Moses(Phoebe Daggett)01-24-181103-09-1887L049, 76y 1m 13d; b. Rutland Vt, s/o Edward
Bump, Myrtle I.188706-30-1921L123
Bump, Phoebe Daggett(Moses)02-04-181304-15-1906L049, 97 2m11d old,(m)01-01-1834,d/o Langdon
Bump, Simon L.06-24-181309-23-1889L036, 76y old
Bushee, Mary H.19141983L135
Calkins, Anna Mae(1st w/o George)10-06-188704-23-1926L073, d/o herb Sewell& Anna Bates
Calkins, Beatrice Viola(2nd w/o George)10-26-188604-14-1978L073 , d/o Chas J.Chapel & Calista Si...
Calkins, Clarissa(Cyrus C.)05-27-183307-06-1906L076, Nee Barton or Jennings?, Mother
Calkins, Cyrus C.(Clarissa)05-28-182509-30-1872L076, Father
Calkins, Eddie07-00-188503-31-1885L066, s/o Jefferson&Katie M.Bump, stone?
Calkins, Eddie07-22-188104-07-1883L076, Cyrus Calkins plot
Calkins, Ernest Ray(Sarah E.)187610-05-1937L066
Calkins, Fred J.(Mary Davis & Ida F.) 07-27-191354y 1m 1d old
Calkins, Fred J.(Grace H.Luther)01-12-188011-10-1941L138, s/o jeffers J.&Margaret Bump, 61y old
Calkins, George Robert(Anna May)04-17-188212-31-1976L073, also h/o Beatrice Chapel Stark
Calkins, Grace H.Luther(Fred J.)188506-23-1951L138
Calkins, Ida F.(1st w/o Fred J) 09-04-189222y 5m old
Calkins, Jefferson J.(Marrietta Elizabeth)03-13-189209-20-1956L065, s/o Jefferson&Katie Bump, 64y6m old
Calkins, Jefferson Joshua(Katie M.Bump)12-11-185408-22-1941L066, s/o Cyrus&Clarissa Calkins
Calkins, Jerusha(w/o Joshua) 03-15-1878L065, 75y 5m 12d old
Calkins, Joshua(h/o Jerusha) 05-03-1857L065, 57y old
Calkins, Katie May(Jefferson Joshua)05-05-185403-12-1923L066, d/o Simon Bump
Calkins, Lester Ray191409-19-1957L073
Calkins, Marrietta Elizabeth(Jefferson J.)06-17-189703-28-1985L065, d/o Wm. Bates & Hanna
Calkins, Mary(2nd w/o Fred J.)18751952Nee Davis
Calkins, Sarah E.(Ernest Ray)18791962L066
Calverley, Ann/Annie(Stephen) 02-23-1889L067, d/o ??Slinger, 64yr old
Calverley, Lizzie 10-18-1881L067, d/o Stephen & Ann Alverley, 16yr old
Caverley, Stephen(Ann/Annie)03-05-182004-11-1903L067, b. Yorkshire England, 83y1m6d old
Chapel, Adelia 08-15-1966L012, no stone, no death record
Chapel, George W. 09-06-1937L012, no stone, no death record
Chapel, Iola A.(William D.)02-09-185701-31-1933L012, d/o Wm. Chandler & ??Wescott, 75y11m
Chapel, William D.(Iola A.)185702-28-1939L012, s/o George& Mary Watkins Chapel, 82y
Christopherson, Edna B.(Warner)*05-10-190209-03-1939L113, Mother,(m)06-26-1929
Christopherson, Edna M.19051993L113
Christopherson, Warner S.19062003L113
Coapman, Alice F.(Rev. Verne E.)*02-23-189812-07-1992L045, Nee Lyon
Coapman, Anson(Marinda Calkins) 01-10-1896L055, 63y 2d old, Father, s/o John
Coapman, Eda F.(1st w/o Fred J.) 09-04-1892L054, 22yr 5m old
Coapman, Fred J.(Eda F. & Mary Davis)06-26-185907-27-1913L054, 54y1m1d old, s/o Anson& Marin
Coapman, Marinda Calkins(Anson)10-27-183809-02-1903L055, Mother, d/o Joshua & Jerusha Calkins
Coapman, Mary Davis(2nd w/o Fred J.)02-06-187504-24-1952L054, RNA, d/o Newt&Amanda Luther Davis,
Coapman, Rev.Verne E.(Alice F. Lyon)189109-25-1965L045, in Henry Jennings plot
Colt, Dennis Allen01-26-195802-13-1992L234, Vietnam US Navy, in Henry F. Colt plot
Coulter, Bessie A.(Harry S.)01-11-188301-21-1954L121, d/o Jas Webster & Darah Davis, 70yr old
Coulter, Harry S.(Bessie A.)189102-06-1979L121
Coutant, Reginald J.10-16-192304-03-1951L104, WWII & Korea, Cpl 7th Dav InPl buried 10-05-1951
Crawford, Alice Marie(John H.)12-12-190908-15-1947L116, d/o Chas & Maude Coon, 38y old
Crawford, John H.(Alice Marie)19051964L116, ch:mary/marcia/margot/john/jas.
Cross, Leonora/Lenora(Liberty)185611-23-1944L149, Nee Lum, 83y old, Mother
Cross, Liberty(Leonora/Lenora)184601-20-1928L149, Father
Cross, Lori1945 L145
Cross, Lyle M.(Violet L.)191807-24-1968L145
Cross, Violet L.(Lyle M.)1918 L145
Cross, Virginia Elaine04-18-192109-23-1921L145
Cutsforth  L021, Joseph Cutsforth plot, no stone
Cutsforth, Alonza F. 03-30-1880L008, s/o Watson & Mary Cutsforth, 14y6m1d
Cutsforth, Ana Edna02-17-186606-25-1910L017, d/o Henry W.& Elizabeth, 44y4m8d old
Cutsforth, Ann E. 07-20-1893L017, d/o Henry W. & Elizabeth D, 19yr7m9d
Cutsforth, Charles J. 08-10-1873L015,s/o Joseph & M. Cutsforth, 2y 3m 21d old
Cutsforth, Diana(Joseph) 09-17-1874L008, 79y 7m 14d old
Cutsforth, Elizabeth D.(Henry W.)08-12-184701-23-1937L017, d/o Joseph, 90yr old, b. 1846 or 1847?
Cutsforth, Henry W.(Elizabeth D.)07-01-183804-11-1906L017, s/o Joseph&Dianna, 67y9m11d old
Cutsforth, Ida M.E.01-31-187007-25-1902L019 Check Ida M. E. Youngs for duplicate
Cutsforth, Joseph(Dianna)  L008, is this correct?
Cutsforth, Joseph (M.) 11-04-1875L015, 59y 10m 12d old
Cutsforth, Laura09-17-189903-20-1906L017, d/o May & Wm. Wood Cutsforth
Cutsforth, Lillian A.---Miss01-14-188101-26-1937L019, d/o Henry & Elizabeth Cutsvorth
Cutsforth, M.(Joseph)  L015
Cutsforth, May(William Wood)06-22-187501-05-1902L017
Cutsforth, Merle G.02-17-189004-19-1892L023, d/o T.H. & G.A. Cutsforth
Cutsforth, Thomas 04-22-1871s/o J. & E.S. Cutsforth
Cutsforth, Unknown no datesL010, Father, in Henry Cutsforth plot
Cutsforth, Unknown no datesL010, Mother, In Henry Cutsforth plot
Cutsforth, Watson D.(Mary)* 04-22-1878L008, from obit index--51yr old
Cutsforth, William H. 05-00-1920l011, Deeded to Mrs. E.E. Hall, No stone
Davison, Larry Wayn194106-27-1944L083, in Gerbitz plot
Dolajeck, Julius D.(Lois I. Sanborn)07-04-188803-09-1963L137, (M) 1915
Dolajeck, Lois I. Sanborn(Julius D.)11-14-189401-17-1984L137, d/o Ira & Minnie Price Sanborn
Dotson, Roxanne R.---cremated09-02-195612-10-2001L127, d/o Albert & Rosemary Janisch Young
Dow, Benjamin S.(Lydia L. King)*179403-05-1865L050, 70y old, b. Danville VT, War of 1812
Dow, Carry E. no datesL050, d/o Benjamin Jr. & S. Dow
Dow, Lafayette(Louisa C.)*07-24-182406-04-1901L051, 77y old
Dow, Louisa C.(Lafayette)*04-10-182711-10-1908L051
Dow, Lydia L.(Benjamin S.)*179810-04-1868L050, Nee King, b. Rutland Vt, 70y old
Dow, Martha J.*12-20-186302-26-1878L051, d/o Lafayette & Louisa Dow
Dow, William P. 08-26-1865L050, 22yr old, b. Yorkshire NY, Civil War, Co D 10 WI Inf
Drake, Lastella 06-11-1946L064, Nee Porter, stone illegible
Drosen, Frances Elizabeth 11-13-1996L143, d. Wyocena Town, no stone, 83Y old
Drosen, Vernon Melvin 11-18-1998L143, cremated, no stone
Dunham, Chester H.18921911L131
Dunham, Edna 12-28-1941L131, Stones?
Dunham, Ellen Mary 11-27-1941L131, Stones?
Dunham, Henry J. 04-01-1930L131, Stones?
Dunham, Joseph(Marinda M.)  L078, Civil War???
Dunham, Marinda M.(Joseph)08-26-183810-26-1898L078, Mother
Dunham, Simon L.10-09-186910-01-1870L078, s/o Joseph & Marinda M. Dunham
Dunham, William07-24-178901-24-1877L078, War 1812 and maybe Civil War
Dunning, Geneva E.190310-04-1976L104, w/o Coutant/Dunning?OR Nee Coutant?
Ebert, Caroline188110-05-1973L029, In August Wruck plot
Ebert, Harlan Jr.19511996L204
Estabrook, Elizabeth(Harry)18801963L086
Estabrook, Harry(Elizabeth)18801959L086
Estabrook, Manley W.192412-15-1995L086, in Harry Estabrook plot
Estabrook, Sadie18841914L086, Nee Porter, Mother
Falk, Ida189008-14-1971LO83, Nee Gerbitz, in Gerbitz plot
Ferguson, Barbara Lee(Daniel Earl)10-15-1945 L137, Nee Janisch, first husband Jer Erickson
Ferguson, Daniel Earl(Barbara Lee)01-15-1939 L137, Cold War, Sgt E5 US Army
Finkenstein, Oscar187710-14-1946L007
Flower, Adilla A.(James E.)04-07-185610-16-1899L080, Mother
Flower, B.FFranklin(Sarah J.)08-02-181912-21-1889L079, Father
Flower, Calvin 12-23-1891L068, 4m 21d old, S/o Wesley Scott & Ida E.
Flower, Chester 12-20-1891L068, 4m 18d old, s/o Wesley Scott & Ida E.
Flower, Chester B. 02-16-1863L079, 20y old, Civil War, Pvt 23 Reg WI Vol, Youngs Point LA
Flower, Frank E.(Maud G.)188209-25-1932L079
Flower, Gerald L."Grumpy"09-25-192101-12-1984L079, 62y old, s/o Frank & Maude Calkins Flower, WW II, US Army
Flower, Gordon F.  L079, no stone
Flower, James02-24-188408-21-1884L080, s/o James E. & Adilla A. Flower
Flower, James E.(Adilla A.)02-09-185512-29-1913L080, Father, in James F/E Flower plot
Flower, Maude G.(Frank E.)188608-23-1965L079
Flower, Sarah J.(B.F.)02-02-182108-06-1899L079, Mother, Nee Kanouse
Forbush, Emeline(G.H.)06-11-184108-26-1905L123, Nee Bump
Forbush, G.H.(Emeline)01-11-183903-03-1904L123, Father, is this George? I think so.
Franklin, Joseph  L035, Thom Franklin plot, Co D 19th Mich Inf
Franklin, Thomas 08-25-1884L035, Father 68yr old
Gauden, Patrica A.(James Edward Jr.)01-25-194011-19-1998L227, d/o Robert & Vera Bennett Montgomery (m)11-14-1962
Gay, Hazel(John Briggs)18891985L151, Nee Porter
Gay, John Briggs(Hazel Porter)05-04-188903-05-1967L151, WWI, 1st Lt US Army
Gay, John Jr. no datesL151, s/o John Briggs & Hazel Porter Gay
Gerbitz, Frank E.187108-08-1929L083
Gerbitz, Steven Duane 04-29-1958L083
Gerbitz, Theresa I.19141915L083, d/o Frank E. Gerbitz
Gloyd, Arlene191701-03-1932L024,d/o Claude E. & Louella Pugh Gloyd
Gloyd, Claude E.(Louella Pugh)188209-01-1951L024, Father
Gloyd, Louella Pugh(Claude E.)188502-01-1967L024, Mother, maybe Pugh is 1st husband?
Gloyd, Robert William 01-02-1932L077, in D.B. Tompkins Plot
Graack, Ernest J.(Ruth E. & Betty) s/o John C. & Emilie Heinze Graack05-15-191603-20-2004L120, or L254? cremated, WWII, US Army 2nd (m)10-12-1991 to Betty Jerome Chvojicek
Graack, Ruth E.(1st w/o Ernest J.)191106-08-1987L120
Gray  L022, In Jesse Gray Plot, no stone
Gray, Anna Mae 08-00-1983L105, no stone
Gray, Annie L.(Thaddeus E.Sr.)187407-18-1947L114
Gray, Carrie C.(Thomas M.)18811959L027
Gray, Daniel R.188206-03-1953L107
Gray, David 01-24-1949L105, twin s/o Robert &
Gray, David E.(Marcella M.)12-26-193004-04-1978L122, s/o Togo Gray, Korea, EON 2 US Navy
Gray, Dennis B.05-05-186212-15-1892L097, s/o Ephriam C. & Mary Ann Gray
Gray, Donald 01-24-1949L105, twin s/o Robert &
Gray, Edward19471951L004, in Sidney Gray plot
Gray, Edward A.(2nd h/o Hazel M)08-01-190609-25-1967L107, WWII, Pvt 379 MP Esc Guard
Gray, Ephraim C.(Mary Ann)12-18-182203-12-1915L097,
Gray, Gerald L.(Mary E.)03-14-193405-20-1989L115, Korea & Vietnam, AVCM US Navy
Gray, Hazel M.(??McCarthy & Edward A.)09-25-190410-19-1977L107, Nee Simerson
Gray, Howard M.195802-06-1981L004
Gray, Julia A.189802-02-1921L114
Gray, Laura M.(Togo E.)03-22-190611-22-1990L122
Gray, Lorraine L.(Sterling E.)04-24-1936 L196, Nee Pratt, (m)10-08-1954
Gray, Marcella M.(David E.)193211-19-1980L122
Gray, Mary Ann(Ephraim C.)09-10-182303-20-1905L097
Gray, Mary E.(Gerald L.)19381981L115
Gray, Matilda H.(William H.)18521904L034
Gray, Baby 07-05-1954L107, no stone
Gray, Baby 12-25-1922L107, no stone
Gray, Infant  L034, c/o William H.& Matilda H. Gray
Gray, Robert E.(Anna Mae)190302-12-1960L105, obit, 56y old,
Gray, Ronald T.190909-16-1939L027, s/o Thomas M. & Carrie C. Gray
Gray, Rosetta05-08-188208-21-1922L107
Gray, Sidney 01-08-1999L004, no stone
Gray, Sterling D.05-25-196709-03-1995L196
Gray, Sterling E.(Lorraine I. Pratt)03-16-1932 L196, (m)10-08-1954
Gray, Thaddeus E.Sr.(Annie L.)18741936L114
Gray, Thaddeus E.Jr.190310-28-1924L114
Gray, Thomas M.(Carrie C.)18791953L027
Gray, Togo E.(Laura M.)06-01-190501-01-1991L122
Gray, Togo G.195309-04-1968L105
Gray, William H.(Matilda H.)186109-11-1932L034
Grey, James N.(Susan C.)03-15-189609-22-1946L114, WW I, WI Sgt QM Corps, grey or gray??
Grey, Lyle James--infant03-13-195003-15-1950L114, s/o L.& P. Grey
Grey, Susan C.(James N.)19021985L114, spelling of last name??grey or gray?
Grimes, John R.(Martha M. 08-06-1955)07-24-191612-03-1982L117, WW II, Sgt, US Army
Grimes, Martha M.(John R. 08-06-1955)02-26-191710-01-2002L117,Nee Swaenepoel,(m)Ulrich Stadler 3-12-30
Grippen, Ann(L.A.Daggett in Plot 1) 10-11-1918L001, 53y 3m 16d old
Hamilton, Celia L.(Vernon E.)190905-27-1934L106
Hamilton, Earl R.10-19-189907-22-1969L128, WW II, Pvt 108 Eng 33rd Inf Div
Hamilton, George Wilbur*05-17-190110-20-1968L128, WW II, ILL Pvt US Army
Hamilton, Laura I.(Vernon)05--07-191104-01-1999L106, also w/o Robert E. Gray, d/o Pelic & Hattie Breneman Cross
Hamilton, Vernon E.(Celia L.)190412-14-1972L106
Hamilton, Vernon Jr.--baby 05-13-1925L106, s/o Vernon & Celia Hamilton
Hansen, Charles 09-08-1979L089, no stone
Hansen, Chris no datesL089, no stone
Hansen, George 12-26-1982L089, no stone
Hansen, Mary 09-20-1969L089, no stone
Hansen, Female(Chris) 12-18-1934L089, no stone
Heinze, Albert R.(Lillian D.)188204-22-1958L129, obit
Heinze, Carrie N.(Leopold F.)185904-03-1930L069, Mother
Heinze, Ella(Walter)189507-27-1948L001, in Dagget plot
Heinze, Florence188702-20-1956L069, d/o Leopold F. & Carrie N. Heinze
Heinze, George E.18891907L069, s/o Leopold F. & Carrie N. Heinze
Heinze, Howard A.04-06-192508-23-1996L129
Heinze, Leopold F.(Carrie N.)18561935L069, Father
Heinze, Lillian Dorette(Albert R.)*189104-16-1958L129, Nee Janisch
Heinze, Lyle J.10-20-191909-03-1992L129
Heinze, Milton C.(Ethyl)05-13-190108-08-1973L129, s/o Leopold, WW II, Sgt Army Air Force
Heinze, Walter(Ella)189702-14-1978L001, in Dagget plot
Hendrix, Henry T.--friend (no relation) to the Porters19261998L141, Cremated 1998, Cleveland Ohio, buried in Porter's lot
Herndon, Chester S.(Madeline R.)192506-08-1976L118, 2nd h/o Madeline R. Janisch Brown
Herndon, Madeline R.(Chester S.)05-14-192212-14-1991L118, Nee Janisch, 1st husband Ben Brown
Hite, Chas F.191402-10-1983L005
Hoffman, Adam B.(Jane A.)185401-19-1933L077, in D.S. Tomkins plot
Hoffman, Jane A.(Adam B.)03-23-183705-02-1922L077, in D.S. Tomkins plot, is b.1838?
Holcomb, George W.08-28-187806-04-1957L007
Holden, Henrietta F."Sis"(Mr. Holden)192004-28-1990L003, 1st husband Jas. Wilson, Nee North
Holmes, James H.(Cleha Lawrence)06-08-183903-17-1922L061, s/o Joshua, 82y old, Civil War???maybe
Holmes, Jane A.(Joshua H.)180211-12-1874L061, Mother
Holmes, Joshua 1862L061, is he buried here? Is he Civil War?
Holmes, Joshua H.(Jane A.)18071900L061, Father
Holmes, Sarah L."Cleha"(James H.)06-16-184711-20-1892L052, d/o John W. & Sarah Lawrence
Horton, Adelia I.(Elvin W.)10-11-191810-02-2000L136, d/o Julius & Lois Dolajeck,(m)8/27/1940
Horton, Anna(1st w/o Elmer)18921941L108, check dates 12-06-1939
Horton, Elmer(Anna?& Jessie Wilmer)18901961L108,
Horton, Elvin W.(Adelia I.)12-06-191405-09-1983L136, s/o Elmer & Anna Sloggy Horton
Horton, Martha O.(Morris C.)01-16-191602-18-1976L125, Nee Cummings, also w/o Steele
Horton, Morris C.(Martha O.)02-18-191810-17-1970L125, WW II, SSgt 819 Eng Bn
Hoyt, Enoch 04-03-1865L064, 66y 7m 1d old
Hurst, Donna Mae---infant05-31-193806-11-1938L013, d/o William G. & Mata M. Hurst
Hurst, Mata M.(William G.)*06-11-191207-14-1986L013, Mother, Nee Thompson
Hurst, William G.(Mata M.)190607-17-1967L013, Father, ssdi shows d. 1967
Husbrook, Mahlon 04-29-1863L100, s/o F.S. & E. Husbrook, 1m 3d old, in Frank Hasbrook plot, spelling of last name???
Ingraham, Harry B.(Mary Ann)06-11-189911-12-1980L014, Father, WW I, US Navy
Ingraham, Mary Ann 02-24-1943L014, d/o Harry B. & Mary Ann
Ingraham, Mary Ann(Harry B.)06-11-189811-20-1968L014, Nee Lueshel, Mother
Janisch, Amy L.(Joseph Wm.)190407-03-1965L128, Nee Everson, 60y old
Janisch, Evelyn May(Wm. A.)04-07-1926 L108, Nee Dolajeck, Mother, (m)10-21-1944
Janisch, Evelyn Mae(Melvin J.)03-22-192408-14-1998L119, Nee Tyler
Janisch, Harry James(Ida Mae)08-26-1927 L129, USAF, (m)10-07-1950
Janisch, Ida Mae(Harry James)10-23-193301-10-1997L129, d/o Emil & Mildred Abegglen, 63y old
Janisch, Joseph Wm.(Amy L.)189306-13-1973L128
Janisch, Larry Dean--infant11-28-194711-29-1947L108, s/o Wm. A.& Evelyn Janisch
Janisch, Melvin L.(Evelyn M.Tyler)12-14-192005-13-1972L119, WW II, Korea, Vietnam, SFC Co C 4 bn
Janisch, WilliamArthur(Evelyn 10/21/1944)04-03-192609-11-1998L108, s/o Joseph & Amy Janisch, Father
Jellings, Michelle K.02-28-197601-30-1997L109, cremated, buried above Grandma
Jennings, Henry(Rebecca) 06-21-1892L045, Father, 75y 6m 23d old
Jennings, Ora(Robert)18561949L081
Jennings, Rebecca(Henry)01-22-182709-12-1915L045, Mother
Jennings, Robert(Ora)185502-04-1934L081


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