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Pardeeville Cemetery

Wyocena Township, Columbia County Wisconsin
Village of Pardeville

Take State Road 22 into village (Main St.), turn west on Morton St. Cemetery is down two blocks. Turn onto Cemetery Street. Copied 08-1981 by Monna Aldrich & Marilyn Hopper, 2005 update by Barb Ferguson. Copied here by Anna Mae Axness. Some information is from other sources--Register of Deeds and SSDI.

This cemetery has a nice bulletin board type of sign at the entrance to the cemetery. On the sign is a map showing where all the burials are located. .

Marbach - Russell

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Name, last,first(spouse, etc.)BirthDeathSect,--Notes: son of--s/o, dtr of--d/o, child of-c/o
Marbach, Bertha A.(Leo)06-26-191302-04-2005South,--d/o William & Henrietta Lueck Zerbian, (m)11-06-1936
Marbach, Leo(Bertha A.)189803-00-1965South,--(m)11-06-1936
Marston, Charlie O. 07-01-1894center,--37yr old, s/o D. & E. Marston
Marston, Daniel(Elizabeth)02-17-183308-16-1903center,--
Marston, Elizabeth(Daniel)09-26-183210-29-1909center,--
Marston, Jeannette18851900center,--d/o A.J.& C.O. Marston
Mason, Bradley E.02-02-194104-24-1978South,--US Army
Mather, Guthrie12-20-184709-22-1870center,--s/o Rev. Chas & C.B. Richards
Mathes, Herman F.05-11-188706-24-1964South,--WW I, Wis Cook Co D 41 MG BN
Mathes, Susie M.07-20-189912-08-1996South,--
Mathewson, Alice18511921North,--
Mathewson, Alice Elizabeth10-26-191003-08-1911North,--
Mathewson, Elizabeth R.(W.H.)18281886North,--
Mathewson, Eugene W.18471864North,--GAR
Mathewson, Frank18491917North,--
Mathewson, Otto H.18611863North,--
Mathewson, Ruby L.(William H.)18861965center,--
Mathewson, W.H.(Elizabeth R.)18211907North,--
Mathewson, William H.(Ruby L.)02-23-187512-01-1947center,--Spanish American War, Wis Sgt Co L, 7th Inf.
May, Eileen M.(Ralph N.)03-08-192001-00-1993North,--
May, Ralph N.(Eileen M.)09-10-191501-02-2002North,--
Maynard, Beulah(Burr S.)  center,--
Maynard, Burr S.(Beulah)19071964center,--
Maynard, Ida L.(Stephen O.)18831972center,--
Maynard, Stephen O.(Ida L.)18831974center,--
McConochie, Bessie J.04-14-190101-11-1979South,--wife of Christopher J.
McConochie, Christopher J.09-18-189111-26-1959South,--WW I, Wis Pvt F 37 Inf, husband of Bessie J.
McConochie, Marvin L.19381967South,--s/o Bessie & Christopher McConochie
McConochie, Rodney G.19311944South,--s/o Bessie & Christopher McConochie
McDonald, Barney(Vieva P.)18851975North,--
McDonald, Gene L.(Maxine)19171976North,--
McDonald, Maxine(Gene L.)01-20-192401-12-1999North,--
McDonald, Vieva P.(Barney)18911961North,--
McMahon, David19431965South,--
McMains, Marvin L.07-23-192410-18-1957South,--WW II
McNally, Frank E.11-11-189812-23-1955North,--WW I, NY SFC MTC
Mendrala, Marie H.(Wm. C.)04-10-190305-23-1977North,--
Mendrala, Wm. C.(Marie H.)12-18-190112-00-1982North,--
Merrifield, James(Jeanette)19151977North,--US Army
Merrifield, Jeanette(James)1919 North,--
Merrill, Abey B.(W.C.) 09-01-1866center,--86?yr 9mo 7da old
Merrill, Charles A.(Edna E.)18761918South,--
Merrill, Charles W.(Isabelle)18551947center,--
Merrill, Delbert C.(Rose Sumnicht)18961963South,--
Merrill, Edna E.(Charles A.)18761958South,--
Merrill, Evelyn Maynard(Ray O.) 02-17-2003,--(m)06-16-1943
Merrill, Georgetta(Peter H.)04-18-185012-01-1903North,--
Merrill, Isabelle(Charles W.)18531934center,--
Merrill, Jay A.08-14-188301-18-1904center,--s/o Charles W. & Isabelle A. Merrill
Merrill, John(Rhoda) 09-20-1892North,--90yr 5mo 10da old
Merrill, Lela Mae(Louie)02-01-192206-25-2001South,--Mother
Merrill, Louie P.(Mildred R.)04-25-190410-26-1995South,--
Merrill, Mildred R.(Louie P.)03-01-191407-04-1949South,--
Merrill, Peter H.(Georgetta)18411918North,--
Merrill, Ray O.(Evelyn Maynard)10-31-190607-31-2005South,--(m)06-16-1943, s/o Charlie A.& Edna Howard Merrill
Merrill, Raymond J. Webster01-03-193912-28-1955South,--s/o Lela Mae Merrill
Merrill, Rhoda(John) 01-10-1885North,--82yr 5mo 28da old
Merrill, Rose I. Sumnicht(Delbert C.)03-21-191005-00-1994South,--
Michael, John05-29-183706-16-1928North,--GAR, Wis Pvt Co C 5 Regt Wis Inf
Michalis, Fred(Ida)18741951South,--
Michalis, Ida(Fred)18771946South,--
Miller, Alfred W."Al"(Eleanor Smith)06-13-192410-31-2006,--WW II, US Navy, submariner, American Legion, VFW, s/o William Dewey & Mae Gustrowsky Miller, (m)1945, Mason
Miller, Charles F.11-19-186601-22-1942South,--
Miller, Earl C.(Marion L.)1908 South,--
Miller, John19161936North,--
Miller, Margaret A.(Thomas)18721959North,--
Miller, Marian19351942North,--
Miller, Marion L.(Earl)19071981South,--
Miller, Otilie01-04-186507-17-1928South,--
Miller, Robert19341942North,--
Miller, Thomas(Margaret A.)18611900North,--
Miller, William F.18901960South,--
Mills, Hiram  center,--Civil War, Co E 2nd Wis Cav
Milton, Cecil G.(Evelyn L.)19001937South,--
Milton, Evelyn L.(Cecil G.)1906 South,--
Milton, Frank(Grace H.)18731949South,--Father
Milton, Grace H.(Frank)18791932South,--WRC, mother
Mittelstaedt, Charles W.(Lillian H.)09-09-188610-25-1956North,--
Mittelstaedt, Lillian H.(Charles W.)06-05-188902-15-1967North,--
Moll, Adolph H.02-11-187701-12-1956South,--
Moll, Anna L.(Gustave A.)18831913center,--
Moll, Arthur19071974South,--
Moll, Donald J.(Genevieve Smith)01-06-192003-28-2005,--(m)01-29-1943, s/o John & Henrietta Balliet Moll
Moll, Ernstine(William)18561926South,--
Moll, Gustave A.(Anna L.)18771942center,--
Moll, Henrietta(John A.)1884 North,--
Moll, Herman W.(Hilda A.)18921973South,--
Moll, Hilda A.(Herman W.)18961958South,--
Moll, John A.(Henrietta)06-24-188911-00-1980North,--
Moll, Laura D.04-17-188011-27-1932South,--
Moll, Mamie08-30-191112-09-2002South,--not sure of dates
Moll, Son06-15-190108-02-1901center,--s/o Gustave A.& Anna L. Gustav Moll
Moll, William F.02-07-190501-15-1973center,--WW II, Wis Pvt US Army
Moll, William(Ernstine)18541922South,--
Moore, Ella P.(Harry W.)19051952center,--
Moore, Harry W.(Ella P.)18991960center,--
Moore, John04-18-178904-22-1861center,--War of 1812
Moore, Lewis B.(Zella M.)18681955center,--
Moore, Louisa M.18571940North,--
Moore, Rachel G.18461893North,--
Moore, William C.18411926North,--
Moore, Zella M.(Lewis B.)18741950center,--
Moran, Helen M.08-17-190303-30-1998North,--
Moran, John T.(Nora N.)11-15-187301-18-1937North,--
Moran, Kenneth J.09-02-190910-14-1929North,--
Moran, Nora N.(John T.)01-07-187411-19-1962North,--
Morgan, Clara E. 18801941North,--
Morgan, Edward M.18711955North,--
Morgan, May Julia18811942North,--
Morgan, Wm. C.18801970North,--
Morris, Gordon C.09-06-190903-09-1963North,--WW II, ILL Pfc US Army BSM
Mosher, Abbie M.(William C.)18661936South,--Mother
Mosher, Arthur D.18931919South,--WW I, Co D 353 Rd Inf 89th Div A.E.F.
Mosher, Gladys D.(Lorren A.)18901970South,--WRC
Mosher, Lorren A.(Gladys D.)18891949South,--
Mosher, William C.(Abbie M.)18661942South,--Father
Muchow, Meta18871977North,--
Muchow, Robert18961972North,--
Nagel, Meloy19581959center,--
Narragong, Harriet 09-30-1871North,--65yr old
Neesam, Jessie H.(Robert M.)19081963center,--
Neesam, Robert M.(Jessie H.)09-10-190610-05-1990center,--not sure of dates
Nehring, Augusta18551927South,--
Nehring, Corine18981916South,--Nee Janisch
Nehring, Julius18591940South,--
Nelson, John(Mary)18601938center,--
Nelson, Mary(John)18741937center,--WRC
Nichols, Blanche(Charles E.)18971963North,--WRC
Nichols, Charles E.(Blanche)12-09-188808-29-1964North,--Wis Pfc Cavalry
No Name, broken stone 11-02-1869North,--66yr old, between Haskin & Heath
No Name, broken stone 03-16-1854North,--53yr old, between Haskin & Heath
No Name, Helena--13m old  North,-- broken stone between Roberts&Knapp
No Name, Illegible 06-29-1858North,--13mo old, between Dettmann & Baldwin
O'Bleness, Ethan(Jane)18641949South,--
O'Bleness, Jane(Ethan)18731955South,--
O'Bleness, Lucina11-14-185702-21-1928South,--
Oliver, Cleveland18881954North,--
Oliver, James18721959North,--
Olrick, Phillip12-18-188211-22-1954South,--
Olson, Louis O."Pete"(Valda J.)12-21-190006-00-1981center,--not sure of dates
Olson, Oscar B.(Thelma V.)18981974North,--
Olson, Thelma V.(Oscar B.)10-02-190805-06-2003North,--
Olson, Valda J.(Louis O."Pete")1901 center,--
Pardee, Antoinette Stevens(G.J.)11-07-182905-23-1911North,--
Pardee, Eunice(John)02-02-180006-30-1869North,--
Pardee, G.J.(Antoinette Stevens)18291891North,--
Pardee, John(Eunice)02-15-179606-06-1873North,--
Parish, Irvin D.(Mary E.)18791915South,--
Parish, Mary E.(Irvin D.)18801952South,--
Parish, Norma19081970South,--d/o Irvin D. & Mary E. Parish
Parker, Minnie M.(Wm. T.)18691936North,--Nee Boynton
Parker, Wm. T.(Minnie M.)18591937North,--
Parks, Grace Cole(Ray)08-07-188604-12-1910center,--
Parmelee, Arthur(Minnie)04-22-186108-19-1946South,--
Parmelee, Hezekiah04-19-183004-09-1929South,--
Parmelee, Milton19001969South,--
Parmelee, Minnie(Arthur)04-26-187104-17-1935South,--
Paul, Lillie Born(Otto)18871932South,--
Paul, Otto(Lillie Born)06-03-188108-13-1972South,--
Pearson, Edwin C.(Irma E.)18941973South,--
Pearson, Irma E.(Edwin C.)18961970South,--
Penfield, Vivian F.(Wilette J.)19021965center,--
Penfield, Wilette J.(Vivian F.)19011969center,--
Peoples, Wayne D.08-24-194703-12-1948center,--
Perry, Amanda(Frank W.)18631921North,--Mother
Perry, Dolly R.03-22-184903-14-1910North,--next to Ephraim R. & Mary Ann Perry
Perry, Ephraim R.(Mary Ann)03-09-180812-18-1874North,--
Perry, Mary Ann(Ephraim R.)07-31-181408-29-1879North,--
Peterson, Edward(Gertrude)08-24-189804-00-1987North,--
Peterson, Gertrude(Edward)08-12-190011-00-1984North,--
Peterson, Helen 1923South,--d/o Mildred M. Peterson
Peterson, Mildred M.19031945South,--Mother
Peterson, Mildred W.(Orrie A.)1907 center,--
Peterson, Orrie A.(Mildred W.)18941970center,--
Philps, Harry W.(Reta M.)18851956center,--
Philps, Reta M.(Harry W.)18901967center,--
Pierce, Amanda(George W.)18511932North,--WRC
Pierce, George W.(Amanda)18461920North,--GAR
Pixley, Charles E. 06-27-1862center,--11yr old, s/o Robert & Jane Pixley
Plenske, Amelia(Albert)18741943South,--
Poch, Frank E.(Helen S.)09-13-191309-03-2004North,--Capt.
Poch, Helen S.(Frank E.)19121978North,--
Polenske, Albert(Amelia)18751944South,--
Polkinghorn, Neva W.(George)18721912center,--
Port, Cora(Philip)18701963center,--
Port, Philip(Cora)18661935center,--
Price, Alice M.12-23-187108-06-1901center,--d/o G.S. & A.M. Price
Price, Amanda M.(George S.)10-07-184005-23-1905center,--
Price, Anna(J.E.)07-06-186510-11-1906center,--
Price, Bernice 01-17-1890center,--2mo 24da old, d/o J.E. & Maude Price
Price, Durward B. 1923South,--s/o Rowland H. & Hazel V. Price
Price, Elizabeth(Mark R.)05-10-185009-15-1906North,--
Price, George S.(Amanda M.) 12-27-1878center,--41yr 4mo 8da old
Price, Gerald19301937center,--
Price, Hazel V.(Rowland H.)01-16-189606-00-1981South,--Nee Edwards
Price, Inez E.(William M. Sr.)19001973center,--
Price, Lettie D.09-18-186902-28-1905center,--d/o G.S. & A.M. Price
Price, Lily E.* 02-22-1895center,--31yr old, d/o George S. & Amanda M. Price
Price, Lora L. 05-11-1891center,--12?yr old, d/o George S. & Amanda M. Price
Price, Maude(J.E.)12-07-186812-20-1895center,--
Price, Rowland H.(Hazel V.)10-23-189407-00-1986South,--
Price, William M. Sr.(Inez E.)07-31-189702-16-1975center,--WW I, Pvt US Army
Priestley, Irma M.(James P.)19051975North,--
Priestley, James P.(Irma M.)19031976North,--
Pugh, Hiel Henry(Orlean E.)05-18-191104-05-1958South,--WW II, Wis Tec 5 4288 QM RHD Co
Pugh, John L.10-11-186807-23-1933North,--
Pugh, Orlean E.(Hiel Henry)1920 South,--
Pugh, Robert A.(Rose E.)18641939North,--
Pugh, Rose11-29-191212-27-1912North,--d/o Robert A. & Rose E. Pugh
Pugh, Rose E.(Robert A.)1877 North,--
Pulver, Ralph S.19011960center,--
Quinn, Clinton18571930South,--
Quinn, Emma Jane18591933South,--
Raddatz, Carl F.02-03-189310-14-1928center,--WW I
Raddatz, Hulda(John)09-26-186801-16-1960center,--
Raddatz, John(Hulda)09-10-186205-18-1913center,--
Radel, Hulda P.18771938center,--next to Irma M. Radel
Radel, Irma M.06-13-190310-15-1987center,--next to Hulda P. Radel
Randall, Elizabeth J.(Finelle K.)18731948center,--
Randall, Finelle K.(Elizabeth J.)11-07-187202-00-1968center,--
Randall, Hiram 02-01-1874center,--39yr 8mo 23da old, GAR
Reardon, Ellagene1918 North,--
Reardon, Emery W.(Josephine A.)06-03-191802-01-1990North,--
Reardon, Emma M.18871971North,--
Reardon, Frank J.18831970North,--
Reardon, Josephine A.(Emery W.)08-23-191807-13-2006North,--d/o Joseph & Jenny Glover Kusick
Reardon, Orris F.07-08-191509-15-2001North,--
Reardon, Phebe E.18901965North,--
Reardon, Rev. Robert W.04-12-193910-20-1995North,--Ordained 05-28-1966
Reardon, Wm.18871968North,--
Relford, Emmitt L.(Mary A.)03-02-189011-26-1970center,--
Relford, Mary A.(Emmitt L.)01-04-189112-30-1960center,--
Renz, Margaret E.(Urban"Tiny")10-17-192009-25-2004,--d/o Walter & Mabel Licht Close, (m)08-21-1943
Reuhl, Gertrude E.18811974South,--
Reuhl, Henry C.18771946South,--
Reuhl, Katherine L.(William J.)18921965center,--
Reuhl, Katheryn J.18991962South,--
Reuhl, William J.(Katherine L.)18851958center,--
Reynolds, Alice Ione18981975South,--
Reynolds, Christina(Clair W.)12-31-189501-23-1976center,--
Reynolds, Clair W.(Christina)08-05-188905-19-1962center,--WW I, Wis Wagr Sup Co 331 FLD ARTY
Reynolds, D. 05-10-1872North,--27yr old
Reynolds, Dallas Q. 12-09-1895North,--50yr 11mo 9da old, GAR
Reynolds, David 11-13-1873North,--74yr 8mo 6da old
Reynolds, Emily T.18481930North,--American Legion Auxiliary, & WRC
Reynolds, Ion Pierce(C.E.)18671924South,--
Rhynesmith, Alida18421909North,--
Richards, Infant son 09-08-1869center,--2da old, s/o R. & E.J. Richards
Riese, Rosetta M.(Herman W.)1897 North,--
Riley, Adelbert S.18661924South,--
Riley, E. Idella18721941South,--
Riley, Maysel L.18961965South,--
Ring, Alma C.(Alva H.)18941968center,--Nee Spielvogel
Ring, Alva H.(Alma C.)18911959center,--
Ring, Betty A.(Lauris L.)1932 center,--Nee Kvidt
Ring, Florian A.(Helen Welch)06-20-192408-22-2006,--s/o Alva & Alma Spielvogel Ring, info from obit
Ring, Lauris L.(Betty A.)19261967center,--
Ringhardt, Infant daughters  center,--d/o Mr. & Mrs. William Ringhardt
Riordan, Cornelius J.(Ellen L.)18811958North,--
Riordan, Ellen L.(Cornelius J.)18851973North,--
Riordan, Gordon C.02-20-191211-25-1992North,--next to Cornelius J. & Ellen L. Riordan
Riordan, June M.07-17-191801-00-1996North,--next to Cornelius J. & Ellen L. Riordan
Rivest, Kenneth P.(CatherineWardle02-27-194303-03-2006,--s/o Paul& Ethel Peterson Rivest, (m)10-05-1963
Robbins, Adeline J.(William H.)12-25-184206-02-1919center,--
Robbins, Edward(Lois L.) 07-22-1996,--(m)11-27-1948
Robbins, Lois L.(Edward)08-23-192705-03-2005,--(m)11-27-1948, d/o Cornelious & Laura Kiessling Easterhouse
Robbins, William H.(Adeline J.)02-04-182501-08-1909center,--
Roberts, Eliza A.(Willard C.) 09-10-1854North,--26yr 11mo old
Roberts, Jane(John W.) 08-11-1898North,--53yr old
Roberts, John W.(Jane) 06-14-1914North,--89yr old, GAR
Robertshaw, Edna  North,--next to 'Wm. & Jennie Robertshaw
Robertshaw, Jennie(Wm.)08-15-185912-14-1905North,--
Robertshaw, Wm.(Jennie)09-07-185404-21-1938North,--
Robicheau, Alice(Joseph)18671933North,--WRC
Robicheau, Joseph(Alice)18631935North,--
Robinson, Gertrude(Telo D.)19031981North,--
Robinson, Hiram18091895North,--
Robinson, Telo D.(Gertrude)11-11-189612-00-1986North,--
Rogers, Clifford(Nellie F.)06-12-189910-13-1988North,--
Rogers, Ella L.(William K.)18571934North,--Mother
Rogers, Ella May18881889North,--d/o William K. & Ella L. Rogers
Rogers, Nellie F.(Clifford)07-21-191307-19-1993North,--Nee Edwards
Rogers, William K.(Ella L.)18541930North,--Father
Rooney, Dorothy Thomson19171956North,--daughter
Rooney, James Francis19081956North,--son-in-law
Root, Mabel18961907center,--maybe d/o Oliver & Olive Root
Root, Olive(Oliver)18741898center,--
Root, Oliver(Olive)18701907center,--
Rowlands, Dorothy H.Edwyn B.)01-10-191806-21-2005North,--2nd husband D.Wilbert Sommers, d/o Anton J. & Theresa Plier Carlson
Rowlands, Edwyn B.(Dorothy H.)190404-25-1978North,--(m)05-23-1942
Russell, Beatrice V.1886 South,--
Russell, Harry J.18681927South,--
Russell, John 03-11-1893North,--1yr 3mo 15da old, s/o R.C.& M.E. Russell


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