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Pleasant Hill Church

Pleasant Hill
Est. 1863

Scott Township, Columbia County Wisconsin

Pleasant Hill Church

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Last Name, First Name(spouse)Birth dateDeath dateNotes: son of, wife of--s/o, w/o
Arch, Helena07-10-186311-12-1874died and buried at sea, On stone with William C. & Susana C. Arch
Arch, Susana C.(William C.)05-09-181904-11-1874Nee Schanderlein, Mother
Arch, William C.(Susana C.)01-28-180301-23-1892Father
Bagrowski, Alois Paul02-09-192410-13-1991WW II, S1 US Navy
Beahm, Annie M. 08-12-1880d/o C.& H. Beahm, 5yr 2mo old
Beahm, Barbara(John)12-16-181311-30-189076yr 11mo 14da old
Beahm, John(Barbara)05-20-181010-04-187161yr 5mo 16da old, Father
Beier Family Stone  Esther, Anna M., Gottfred C., Rose Margaret
Beier, Anna M.(Gottfred C.)18911930 
Beier, Caroline(Martin)10-31-183811-03-1926 
Beier, Clarence19111993 
Beier, Emilie W.(Julius H.)18691946Mother
Beier, Esther01-07-190811-26-1921d/o G.& E.Beier, maybe should be G.& A.Beier
Beier, Gottfred C.(Anna M.)18671934 
Beier, Julius H.(Emilie W.)18621936Father
Beier, Martin(Caroline)10-21-182906-05-1921 
Beier, Rose Margaret19172005d/o Anna M.& Gottfred C. Beier
Bender, Andrew(Henrietta)18351894Father
Bender, Elizabeth06-24-180511-15-1878Nee Kuhl
Bender, Henrietta18831965maybe d/o Andrew & Henrietta Bender
Bender, Henrietta(Andrew)18421930Mother
Bender, Johannes06-18-187106-22-1871baby of Andrew & Henrietta Bender
Bender, Karl A.09-19-186110-17-1889s/o Andrew & Henrietta Bender, 16yr old, dates?
Bender, Martin08-05-181012-06-187666yr 4mo 1da old
Bickelhaupt, Margaretha(F.)10-02-183810-07-1875 
Bickelhaupt, Unknown 07-16-1870old stone can't read
Blochwitz, Peter(Sophia)18691938 
Blochwitz, Sophia(Peter)18721944 
Brumley, Barbara J.(LeRoy Jessie)10-19-1944 Nee Scharf, (m)07-08-1972
Brumley, Joshua Allen10-14-199011-06-1990infant s/o Terry& Becky Brumley
Brumley, LeRoy Jessie(Barbara J.)05-29-191709-27-1999WW II, AMM3 US Navy, (m)07-08-1972
Burbach, Ludwig 08-25-186971yr 10m 10da old
Chapman, Baby--6mo old 11-01-1918old stone, not sure about last name
Chapman, Cornelia E.11-06-183307-07-1906 
Correll, Bertha E.(John F.)06-15-194812-23-2004(m)10-19-1991
Correll, John F.(Bertha E.)11-24-194105-11-2001(m)10-19-1991
Craig, Charlotte11-06-185802-17-1934 
Detter, Paulina Mae 08-25-1898d/o F.& P.Detter, 11yr 8mo 13da old
Dettmann Family Plot  Emma, Fred, John F, John, Minnie
Dettmann, Emma10-17-185710-31-1940 
Dettmann, Fred02-16-186306-24-1942 
Dettmann, John 12-31-182806-18-1913 
Dettmann, John F.02-11-186803-23-1939 
Dettmann, Minnie02-12-182906-12-1917 
Durr, Jacob 03-27-1864s/o John & Philipina Durr, 1y 5m 3d old, old stone
Durr, John 09-22-1865s/o ?, 2yr 3mo 5da old
Durr, Philipina  old small stone hard to read, initials only P.D.
Durr, Philizzine(John)10-31-183611-22-187539yr 22da old
Evans, Orpha M.(Joseph B.) 01-26-187055yr 11mo 13da old
Forcy, George 08-11-187526yr 7mo 15da old
Froehlich, Emilie18431881Next to Frank Froehlich, Mother
Froehlich, Frank18251877Next to Emilie Froehlich, Father
Froehlich, Mary18741882daughter next to Emilie & Frank Froehlich
Geisler, Henry C.11-13-187002-19-1892on stone whith Henry & Susane Geisler
Geisler, Henry(Susane)03-06-183312-30-1915Father
Geisler, Susane(Henry)01-13-183602-09-1914Mother
Genke, Louise 10-08-188898yr old
Hardwick, Clarence W.(Esther R.)19041970 
Hardwick, Esther R.(Clarence W.)19151988Nee Kohrt
Harhen, John J.08-27-194010-26-2000on stone with Wayne C. Nagel
Hedrig, Louie no datesold stone can't read
Hein, Henrietta(William)06-16-184410-??-1907Mother
Hein, Otto H.18881971on stone with William H. Hein
Hein, William H.18851968on stone with Otto H. Hein
Hein, William(Henrietta)06-08-183911-08-1932Father
Heinz, Christian(Louisa)05-23-182602-26-1904Father
Heinz, Dora 07-08-18929mo old d/o William & Lena Heinz
Heinz, Henry--old hard to read stone 07-31-1892s/o William & Lena Heinz, maybe 2yr 4mo 28da old, stone hard to read
Heinz, Lena(William)18531937 
Heinz, Louisa(Christian)11-20-182306-01-1909Mother
Heinz, William(Lena)18521933 
Hensel, Franciska04-10-186307-30-1863d/o Henry & Philipine Hensel, older stone
Hensel, Henry L.(Philipine)06-26-182411-04-1910GAR, emigrated 1848
Hensel, Philipine(Henry L.)06-12-182604-07-1907Nee Hedrig
Hoffmann, August12-21-185309-20-1876s/o George & Catharine Hoffmann
Hoffmann, George(Katharina)  old stone can't read
Hoffmann, Katharina(George)11-26-183303-03-1895broken stone
Hoth, Daughter-infant 07-20-1911d/o Ernst & Erna Sauer
Hoth, Erna Sauer(Ernst)11-12-188012-18-1971 
Hoth, Ernst(Erna Sauer)09-07-188309-26-1955 
Inglehart Family stone  Deborah, John, Elmina, Mary, James, Rosina, William, Elliott
Inglehart, Almon S.(Mary Elizabeth)18481910s/o James Rosina Inglehart, Memorial Stone, buried in Pardeeville
Inglehart, Deborah(Henry)** 06-17-185580yr old, broken stone can't read dates in 2006
Inglehart, Elliot** 04-14-1857s/o J.& R. Inglehart, 1yr 1mo 3da old
Inglehart, Elmina 01-01-1935d/o J.& R. Inglehart, 83yr 6mo 15da old
Inglehart, Gerald Almon(Helen) 03-15-1988"To the Memory of", Memorial stone, 79yr 6mo 12da old
Inglehart, Gordon W.--Memorial stone19041912Gr.s/o Almon & Mary E. Inglehart, s/o William & Theresa, buried in Pardeeville
Inglehart, Helen(Gerald Almon) 01-31-2002Nee Krippene, Memorial stone, 90yr 6mo 30da old
Inglehart, Henryabt. 1767bef 1834"In Memory of", Memorial stone, His burial place in unknown
Inglehart, James(Rosina) 01-13-189680yr 2mo 27da old
Inglehart, John 11-16-186349yr 9mo old, small stone, s/o H.& D. Inglehart
Inglehart, Mary18461938on stone with Mina Inglehart
Inglehart, Mary  12-10-1938d/o J.& R. Inglehart, 92yr 5mo 12da old
Inglehart, Mary Elizabeth(Almon S.)18531927Nee Lovell, Memorial Stone, buried in Pardeeville
Inglehart, Mina18511935on stone with Mary Inglehart
Inglehart, Rosina(James) 03-01-190182yr 1mo 18da old
Inglehart, Tressa Jane(William Almon)18831969Nee Hartley, buried at Lakeview Cemetery in Oshkosh WI
Inglehart, William  08-26-1852s/o J.& R. Inglehart, 15yr 4mo 22da old
Inglehart, William Almon(Tressa Jane)18811950s/o Almon S.& Mary E. Inglehart, buried at Lakeview Cemetery in Oshkosh WI.
Kahl, Ludwig08-12-182707-21-1848old stone, hard to read, not sure of last name
Kahl, Margaretha02-18-186206-18-1862can't read rest of stone
Kath, Henriette03-22-186310-14-1864last name could be Mohr, hard to read
Keel, Fredrick18801881s/o Theodore & Matilda Keel
Keel, Matilda(Theodore)18531916Mother
Keel, Theodore(Matilda)18561893Father
Koepke, Carrie12-29-186412-29-1943 
Kopf, Martin18021887 
Kopf, Mary no datesmaybe last name Reuhl
Kopf, Susanna18061879 
Krastetter, Louise 03-27-1908d/o P.& Pauline Krastetter, 21yr 7mo old
Krastetter, P.(Paulina) 04-04-191559yr old
Krastetter, Paulina(P.) 05-08-190141yr 2mo old
Kuhl, Margaretha08-23-180905-15-187868yr 8mo 21/29da old
Langsdorf, Katharina04-15-1833??-18-1870 
LaShell, Harry J.(Sophia E.)18851975 
LaShell, Sophia E.(Harry J.)18891969 
L--frei, Heinrich L. 03-??-187611mo 28da old, hard to read stone
Luhde, Catherine(William) 09-17-187022yr 4mo 4da old
Mass, Therese06-07-184208-08-1875old broken stone
McLean, Robert C.06-13-195509-08-1990 
Merchant, Henry(Margaret)18621939 
Merchant, Margaret(Henry)18641947 
Messerschim, unknown05-10-179709-20-1878 
Messerschim, unknown  old stone can't read
Mohr, Aaron18901977on stone with Catherine & Margaret Mohr
Mohr, C.W.(Mary)18641939Father
Mohr, Carl E.(Martha K.)04-22-183302-13-1911 
Mohr, Carl M.  on stone with Henriette, can't read
Mohr, Catherine19061999on stone with Aaron & Margaret Mohr
Mohr, Christiana(William)10-02-182903-17-1908Nee Dell, Mutter
Mohr, Edwin G.18911940American Legion
Mohr, Fred02-21-189303-11-1977WW I, US Army
Mohr, Hazel(Herbert)18961991 
Mohr, Henry & Ida  In Memory of our Parents 1949
Mohr, Herbert(Hazel)18891951 
Mohr, Margaret18971934on stone with Aaron & Catherine Mohr
Mohr, Maria E.01-11-183004-24-1891not sure of last name, on stone with Carl Mohr
Mohr, Marie07-19-189803-21-1979 
Mohr, Martha K.(Carl E.)01-06-184106-15-1917 
Mohr, Mary(C.W.)18681932Mother
Mohr, Merton19202002Metal funeral home marker
Mohr, Norbert H.19191991s/o Herbert & Hazel Mohr
Mohr, Shirley V.02-02-192310-21-1997 
Mohr, Sue(William)18681932Mother
Mohr, W.H.02-29-186012-10-1935 
Mohr, William H.08-16-189009-16-1953 
Mohr, William(Christiana)03-09-183005-30-1878Vater
Mohr, William(Sue)18651949 
Nagel, Wayne C.02-24-1947 one date--b.or d. date? ON stone with John J. Harhen
Ohly, Eliza Marie(Hartman H.)18561946Eastern Star, Mother
Ohly, Hartman H.(Eliza Marie)18551944Mason, Father
Oliver, Henry(Jessie)09-07-1918  
Oliver, Jessie(Henry)10-02-192209-05-1992Nee Boomsma
Orth, Conrad 01-10-186482yr old
Petermann, Elizabeth(John) 07-21-188159yr 6mo 19da old, also spelled Peterman
Petermann, Henry A. 01-23-1864s/o John & Elizabeth Peterman, 8yr 7mo 14da old
Petermann, John(Elizabeth) 08-19-187959yr 3mo 23da old, also spelled Peterman
Preston, E.B.04-23-186405-05-1932 
Purdy, Alford P.** 10-05-1852s/o J. & E. Purdy, 3yr old,
Radka Family Stone  Frank A, William, Albert, Ferdinand Jr, Wilhelmine, Ferdindand, Emilie
Radka, Albert05-21-186902-27-1942last name assumed
Radka, Emilie08-04-186406-15-1882 
Radka, Ferdinand 01-16-183602-23-1892 
Radka, Ferdinand Jr.12-21-187104-06-1892last name assumed
Radka, Frank A.06-06-186610-12-1951last name assumed
Radka, Wilhelmine09-08-184012-14-1930last name assumed
Radka, William05-22-187501-29-1945last name assumed
Rahn, Lydia M.(Robert H.)08-09-192309-07-1986 
Rahn, Robert H.(Lydia M.)05-05-192012-15-1985 
Raschig, Ronald Eugene(Sandra K.)09-21-194108-10-2001Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam, EM2 US Navy
Raschig, Sandra K.(Ronald Eugene)1946  
Rausch, Elizabeth(Nicholas)03-15-182112-09-1895Mother
Rausch, Nicholas(Elizabeth)06-24-181008-23-1892Father
Rausch, Son05-06-190105-10-1901old stone
Reuhl, Casper(Susanna) 08-28-190180yr 7mo old, Father
Reuhl, Conrad18661936 
Reuhl, John P.18951913next to Lucy Reuhl
Reuhl, John Sr.18471917next to Mary M. Reuhl
Reuhl, Lizzie(Conrad)18661915 
Reuhl, Lucy18801891not sure of last name?next to John P.
Reuhl, Lydia C.18761956 
Reuhl, Margaret M.18871960 
Reuhl, Mary  no datesmaybe last name Kopf
Reuhl, Mary M.18531929next to John Reuhl Sr.
Reuhl, Susanna(Casper) 02-06-189769yr 1mo 19da old, Mother
Rhode, Sophia(William)18241922Mother
Rhode, Victor18601944s/o Sophia & William Rhode
Rhode, William(Sophia)18131889Civil War, Father
Rode, Elden(Marjorie M.)08-11-1925  
Rode, Hubert Eldon19232004Metal funeral home marker
Rode, Marjorie M.(Elden)08-15-192804-28-1993Nee Welk
Rode, Roy I.(Selma M.)18921975 
Rode, Selma M.(Roy I.)18951963 
Rohde, Eddie06-20-189503-19-1897next to William & Hannah Rohde
Rohde, Emery D.09-23-193209-24-1932s/o William F. & Augusta Rohde
Rohde, Hannah(William)18571933Mother
Rohde, William(Hannah)18561929Father
Root, Albert E.** 10-12-1852s/o E.& F. Root. 3yr 11mo old
Root, Anson(Sally) 12-25-186167yr old
Root, Edward(Emily M.) 10-24-187959yr 12da old
Root, Emily M.(Edward) 1899dates hard to read
Root, Fidelia18191904 
Root, Russell18031887 
Root, Sally(Anson) 08-19-186581yr old
Sauer Family Plot  Irvin, Rose, Clara A, Harry E, Mildred E, Almer P.
Sauer, Almer P.19041967 
Sauer, Charles(Klara)18411923GAR, Father
Sauer, Christian(Margaret)18711934Father
Sauer, Christian(Margaretha)  Can't read dates
Sauer, Clara A.19121968 
Sauer, Edmund P.(Ruth B.)18991993 
Sauer, Ernestine E.09-17-185802-03-1941next to Henry C. Sauer
Sauer, Harry E.19091979 
Sauer, Henrietta(William)09-24-183705-16-1922 
Sauer, Henry C.11-18-185810-03-1944next to Ernestine E.Sauer
Sauer, Irvin(Rose)19011967 
Sauer, Jakob  old stone next to Charles & Klara Sauer
Sauer, Klara(Charles)18491902Mother
Sauer, Margaret12-06-190312-20-1903d/o Christian & Margaret Sauer
Sauer, Margaret(Christian)18701933Mother
Sauer, Margaretha(Christian)  Can't read dates
Sauer, Mildred E.19121989Pollesch
Sauer, Norma M.19081976on stone with Phebe & William F. Sauer
Sauer, Phebe(William F.)18681945 
Sauer, Rose(Irvin)19011991 
Sauer, Ruth B.(Edmund P.)19071997Nee Fischer
Sauer, Tillie(William J.)18701926 
Sauer, William F.(Phebe)18701947 
Sauer, William J.(Tillie)18691943Father
Sauer, William(Henrietta)08-07-183104-10-1912 
Schaefer, Emma(H.)07-15-188002-01-1905 
Scharf, Dolores A.(Gordon W.)19231989 
Scharf, Earl E.(Esther M.)18971970 
Scharf, Esther 18961908d/o William & Louise Scharf
Scharf, Esther M.(Earl E.)18961967 
Scharf, Eve(Jacob) 01-20-1874Age 36yr 10m 5da, Mutter
Scharf, Gordon W.(Dolores A.)19211977 
Scharf, Jacob(Eve) 02-14-1895Age 70yr 21da, Vater
Scharf, Louise(William)18771952Mother
Scharf, Maria C.11-19-178906-28-1855hard to read
Scharf, Son07-22-189907-22-1899s/o G.& B. Scharf
Scharf, William179309-22-1868b. Beskorgen Prussia Germany
Scharf, William(Louise)18651937Father
Schimel, Marie M.(H.J.)18931919 
Schmidt, Anna Maria  old stone can't read
Schmidt, Henry(Maria)12-22-183412-28-1909Father
Schmidt, John W. 10-03-186557yr 7mo 11da old
Schmidt, Katharina M. 12-03-1865d/o John W.& Anna M. Schmidt, 18y 2m 11d old
Schmidt, Maria(Henry)11-22-183407-25-1915Mother
Schmidt, Wilhelmina(William)18561936 
Schmidt, William J.18831972 
Schmidt, William(Wilhelmina)18371928 
Schreiber Family Plot  Marvin, Edwin, William H, Louisa, John, Bertha
Schreiber, Bertha18801898Next to John Schreiber, Mother
Schreiber, Edwin19031931Son
Schreiber, Harold G.(Lorraine J.)11-06-191408-12-1998(m)12-03-1944
Schreiber, John18651949Next to Louisa Schreiber, Father
Schreiber, Louisa18811957Next to John Schreiber, Mother
Schreiber, Marvin19081908s/o J.& L.T. Schreiber
Schreiber, William H.02-01-190103-28-1989WW II, Pvt US Army
Schrieber, Lorraine J.(Harold G.)02-26-192012-09-1995Nee Karau, (m)12-03-1944
Schwarz, Erwin J.10-07-191410-13-2001WW II, TEC 3 US Army
Schwarze, Alfred F.(Gertrude B.)19052000 
Schwarze, Gertrude B.(Alfred F.)19151967Nee Skeen
Schwoch, Alfred H.(Viola M.)18931946 
Schwoch, Carl W.19241979 
Schwoch, Darlene McDowall19052002 
Schwoch, Gilbert C.(Vera M.)18981989 
Schwoch, Infant son 1921next to Alfred H.& Viola M. Schwoch
Schwoch, Vera M.(Gilbert C.)19001979 
Schwoch, Viola M.(Alfred H.)18961975 
Slinger, Robert Riley, Baereuth Emma, & Robert Carl  Cambria Wisconsin
Smith, Georgh H.(Martha M.)18861973 
Smith, Martha M.(George H.)18961986 
Sommer Family Plot  Charles, William R, Anna, Henry, August, Bertha
Sommer, Amelia M.18841938maybe Sommers?
Sommer, Anna(William F.)18571922Mother
Sommer, August18971916Son, last name assumed
Sommer, August(Christina)02-16-182705-04-1909Father
Sommer, Bertha18931916Daughter
Sommer, Charles19031928s/o William F. & Anna Sommer
Sommer, Christina(August)12-15-182905-03-1904Mother
Sommer, Henry19001916Son, last name assumed
Sommer, William F.(Anna)18551917Father
Sommers, George Martin05-02-188507-03-1888 
Stelter, Mina Ioa07-06-188609-17-1887d/o J.& W. Stelter
Stenstrup, Gordon(Redona)10-24-1924  
Stenstrup, Redona(Gordon)04-29-1923  
Steul, Grossvaler  small old stone can't read
Steul, John L.18641937 
Steul, Maria  small old stone can't read
Steul, Mutter, next to Maria  small old stone can't read
Steul, Vater, next to Grossvaler  small old stone can't read
Streeter, Almon** 10-04-185427yr 9mo old
Streeter, Nancy 04-24-1870Wife, 76yr 17da old
Tessman, Emma19091909d/o W.& E. Tessman
Tessman, Frank11-24-188412-03-1955 
Tessmann, Louisa(William)07-04-183801-06-1907 
Tessmann, Mary(A.)02-10-187703-30-1900 
Tessmann, William(Louisa)03-17-1838  
Thomas, Donna M.(Tom)09-14-194310-28-1984Nee Scharf
Ulrich, Bertha P.(Gustave A.)02-11-188305-15-1911Nee Wendt, Mother
Ulrich, Gustave A.(Bertha P.)02-19-188110-25-1953 
Unknown, August03-18-186903-10-1883cracked/repaired stone can't read
Unknown, Nancy(George) 08-29-186240yr old
Unknown, Unknown  Old stone can't read
Unknown, Unknown  Old stone can't read
Unknown, Unknown  Old stone can't read
Unknown, Unknown  Old broken stone can't read
Unknown, Unknown  old stone by Anna Maria & Katharina Schmidt
Wagner, Andrew 04-08-186228yr old
Wagner, August05-30-186104-10-1863s/o A.& M. Wagner
Wagner, Henry03-02-185907-26-1896s/o A.& M. Wagner
Weisel, Albert Konrad  old stone can't read last name or dates
Weisel, Anna Margaret18421909next to Conrad Weisel
Weisel, Catharina(John G.)12-21-181802-19-1891Mother
Weisel, Conrad18271903next to Anna Margaret Weisel
Weisel, John G.(Catharina)11-27-180512-16-1898Father
Weisel, Phillipp Karl ?s/o ? & Elizabeth, old stone
Weisel, Wilhelm 11-29-187?s/o Konrad & Anna M. Weisel, 1mo old, old stone
Wendt, Albertena(Fredrick)08-16-182112-14-1899Mother
Wendt, Aug. 188839yr 10mo 11da old, hard to read dates
Wendt, Bertha L.W.(Ludwig)08-23-18291929Mutter, two stones, German inscription
Wendt, Emma(Henry)18701961 
Wendt, Fredrick(Albertena)06-26-182005-07-1903Father
Wendt, Henry(Emma)18621930 
Wendt, Ludwig(Gertha L.W.)12-25-182410-01-1904Vater, two stones, German inscription
Wendt, Pauline(William)03-02-186006-24-1935Mother
Wendt, Victor  hard to read, in the Wendt lot
Wendt, Wilhelmine  Old stone hard to read
Wendt, William(Pauline)11-16-186004-19-1923Father
Wescher Family Stone  George, Elizabeth, Heinrich, Philipine, Maria
Wescher, Elizabeth18661896Nee Parry, on stone with Mary Katheryn Wescher
Wescher, Elizabeth(George)19331892Mother
Wescher, George(Elizabeth)18331916Father
Wescher, Heinrich18651892s/o George & Elizabeth Wescher
Wescher, Maria17921877Grandma
Wescher, Mary Katheryn18621950on stone with Elizabeth Wescher
Wescher, Philipine18731874d/o George & Elizabeth Wescher
Winchel, Aril G. 12-20-1901s/o B.A.& I.L.Winchell, 2yr 13da old, hard to read stone
Winchel, Lawrence H. 12-16-1908s/o B.A.& I.L.Winchel, 12da old, heart shaped stone, first name hard to read
Wolslegel, Heinrich J.01-03-188301-11-1883s/o E.& K. Wolslegel, hard to read
Young, John C. 07-04-1868s/o G.A.& H, 18yr 17da old, broken/repaired stone
Youngs, Harold D.(Myrtle M.)1924  
Youngs, Myrtle M.(Harold D.)1923 Nee Scharf



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