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Silver Lake Cemetery

Lewiston Township Columbia County Wisconsin

Take Highway 16 to the west side of Portage. Turn west on to Cty Rd O. Cemetery is on the south side of Cty O. Transcription by Anna Mae Axness and many volunteers (volunteers are listed with Portage Library file)

Kabele - Lytle

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Kabele, Edward(Viola)1904197448,--
Kabele, Geroge 07-01-193217,--WW I, Wis. Co 161 Depot Brig.
Kabele, Viola(Edward)1909199948,--
Kaempf, Erna E.(Waldemar C.)1915200047,--
Kaempf, James W.1937 47,--On stone with Jessie M. & Wallace L.
Kaempf, Jessie M.(Wallace L.)1905199947,--
Kaempf, Waldemar C.(Erna E.)1909199547,--
Kaempf, Wallace L.(Jessie M.)1904198447,--
Kaiser Family Stone  46,--Ellen D, Phillip C.
Kaiser, Catherine189119449,--Next to Frank H. & Mattie Kaiser
Kaiser, Ellen D.(Phillip C.)01-24-190705-28-199946,--
Kaiser, Frank H.(Mattie)186619369,--Father
Kaiser, Mattie(Frank H.)186819269,--Mother
Kaiser, Phillip C.(Ellen D.)10-01-190709-20-199046,--
Kaiser, Robert A.(JaneElizabeth Johnson)09-30-194502-14-2006,--(m)11-04-1967
Kallies, Friedrich10-26-180903-25-18731,--63 yr. old, same stone as Wilhelm
Kallies, Wilhelm11-19-183008-25-19021,--German Inscription, see Friedrich
Kanzenbach, Alvina1863195425,--
Kanzenbach, Edna(Herbert)189619887,--
Kanzenbach, Herbert(Edna)189119887,--
Kappenman, Eugene F.11-29-193602-26-198446,--Vietman, Cpt US Army
Karch, Andrew J.11-17-186610-14-19001,--On stone with Peter Karch
Karch, Emma E.186419201,--
Karch, Ernest L.18591860?1,--Next to Martha A. Karch
Karch, Martha A.186019141,--Next to Ernest L. Karch
Karch, Mary E.183119241,--
Karch, Peter11-08-183203-23-18701,--On stone with Andrew J. Karch
Karf, Andrew18791961sg,--Father
Kasper, Leo L. 200459,--Metal marker
Kastner, Alice R.(John G.)06-25-191108-26-200646,--d/o John G. & Anna Marie Grotzke Pate, (m)06-08-1941
Kastner, Francis G.(Thelma J.)07-29-190203-04-197525,--(m)06-21-1941
Kastner, John G.(Alice R.)06-30-190802-14-198246,--
Kastner, Thelma J.(Francis G.)06-06-191007-25-200025,--(m)06-21-1941
Kasuboske, Kent T.1964199421,--Artist
Kaufman, John A.(Lucinda)08-08-188707-09-19376,--
Kaufman, Lucinda(John A.)188519526,--Nee Forbes
Kayartz, Emma A.188119701,--Buried next to Herman Kayartz
Kayartz, Herman187319541,--Buried next to Emma A. Kayartz
Keeney, Anna C.1874194925,--Next to William T. Keeney
Keeney, William T.1881192825,--next to Anna C. Keeney
Keifer or Cole?, E. Louise187319561,--
Keifer or Cole?, Louise186119031,--
Kellogg family stone--Hall also  24,--charles/harriet/harriet/a.c/alonzoF/ kathryn/alonzoC
Kellogg, A.C.Dr.1845191524,--In the Kellogg plot
Kellogg, Alonzo C.1910196924,--In the Kellogg plot
Kellogg, Alonzo F.1872193924,--In the Kellogg plot
Kellogg, Harriet R.1842191724,--In the Kellogg plot
Kellogg, James Rossiter187519451,--M.D.
Kellogg, Kathryn M.1884196724,--In the Kellogg plot
Kelly, William A.1911196521,--
Kempshall, Bertha G.187819563,--Next to George H. Kempshall
Kempshall, George H.186519463,--Next to Bertha G. Kempshall
Kennan, Chester(Kate)  5,--Father
Kennan, Kate(Chester)  5,--Mother
Kennan, Ralph  5,--Son of Chester & Kate Kennan
Kenyon Family Stone  5,--wm g jr/wm r/esther/wm g/ethel/geo w/maria/geo a/emma/rose/natalie squire
Kenyon, Esther A.185319245,--On Kenyon family stone
Kenyon, Ethel C.189719465,--On Kenyon family stone
Kenyon, Rose188418895,--On Kenyon family stone
Kenyon, Wm. G. 189019365,--On Kenyon family stone
Kenyon, Wm. G. Jr.192619465,--On Kenyon family stone
Kenyon, Wm. R.185119355,--On Kenyon family stone
Kerel, Nona Forbes08-29-188312-29-19376,--
Kerr, A.W.(Annie E.)04-05-184602-09-18983,--GAR, father
Kerr, Annie E.(A.W.)07-17-185103-21-19243,--WRC, mother
Kerr, Baby  3,--Next to Annie & A.W. Kerr
Kerr, Bernice I.189919013,--Dtr of Ella S. & Robert B. Kerr maybe
Kerr, Bertha W.187819677,--WRC, buried next to Ernest L.
Kerr, Ella S.(Robert B.)187519533,--
Kerr, Emma K.(Robert)***11-06-187211-28-189621,--
Kerr, Ernest L.187419417,--Mason, buried next to Bertha W.
Kerr, Harry C.08-27-187704-05-19013,--Son of A.W. & Annie E. Kopplin?
Kerr, Harry V. or Y.12-02-190001-25-19023,--Son of A.W. & Annie E. Kopplin?
Kerr, June187219033,--Nee Bremner, WRC
Kerr, Robert B.(Ella S.)186919063,--
Kerr, Robert Walter01-04-191905-14-199646,--WW II, Tec 5 US Army, Purple Heart
Kershaw, Maria L.185419213,--Mother
Kerwin or Pfaff, Evelyn  2,--No dates, next to Ludwig & Mary Pfaff
Kerwin, Evelyn B.190919222,--Beautiful statue of woman on stone
Ketchum Family Stone  25,--william/georgia/lalah/ora/rhea
Ketchum, Georgia L.(William R.)1857193025,--
Ketchum, Lalah B.1882194625,--
Ketchum, Ora B.1884197625,--
Ketchum, R.D.  16,--Broken can not read dates
Ketchum, Rhea1889198025,--
Ketchum, William R.(Georgia L.)1850193925,--
Kettleson, Benjamin B.18891957sg,--
Kettleson, Ruth L.09-13-1923 23,--b date or d date?
Kiefer Family Stone  1,--
Kiefer Family Stone & Arenbergs  2,--andreas/charlotte/lottie/tillie/andrew/ henriette/george/whilhelmina
Kiefer, Andrew(Henriette)*** 19062,--
Kiefer, Frederick W.(Hettie)187819261,--
Kiefer, George*** 18702,--Son of Andrew Kiefer
Kiefer, Henriette(Andrew)*** 18672,--
Kiefer, Hettie(Frederick W.)188219431,--
Kiefer, Mildred F.190119481,--Buried next to Frederick & Hettie
Kiefer, Wilhelmina*** 19392,--
Kiehn, Sarah Ann19771978sg,--Metal marker
Kilmer Family Stone  17,--Mary, Wilson, Mary E.
Kilmer, A.G.(Anna)186618983,--
Kilmer, Anna(A.G.)187019603,--
Kilmer, Infant  3,--Son of A.G. & Anna Kilmer
Kilmer, Mary E.1852193217,--Next to Mary & Wilson Kilmer
Kilmer, Mary(Wilson)1849190517,--
Kilmer, William H.184119213,--Next to Anna & A.G. Kilmer
Kilmer, Wilson(Mary)1843191317,--Civil War Vet
Kilroth, Emilie(Ludwig) 10-10-18751,--Nee Blankenburg?
Kind, Fredericka S.(Henry L.)09-06-182703-30-18751,--
Kind, H.H.(next to Paulina Kind)*** 05-25-18671,--Civil War, Co C. 23rd Reg Wis Vol, 23 yr. 2 mo. 20 days old
Kind, Henry L.(Fredericka S.)06-23-181408-31-18901,--
Kind, Paulina(next to H.H. Kind)  1,--Dtr of John N. & L. Kind
King, Dwight A.08-28-191301-08-1988sg,--Beloved Brother
Kinney, Lillie E.(Parnell W.)1902199748,--
Kinney, Parnell W.(Lillie E.)1903195548,--
Kirchoffer, Alexandra M. 05-15-198814,--In the Leege/Thuss plot
Kirscht, Margaret B.(Rollin W.)02-08-190001-27-199458,--
Kirscht, Rollin W.(Margaret B.)08-18-190005-14-197258,--
Kirtland, Sally Goodman 02-24-200610,--
Kirwin, Marie E.188819742,--Sister
Klabunde Family Stone  2,--Christlieb, Caroline, Franz
Klabunde, A.182718802,--
Klabunde, Caroline12-10-182008-23-18922,--Next to Christlieb Klabunde
Klabunde, Christlieb12-25-181612-16-18712,--Next to Caroline Klabunde
Klabunde, Franz (hard to read)  2,--Next to Christlieb/Caroline Klabunde
Klag, Daniel A.01-12-190906-25-196623,--WW II, ILL Pvt Inf.
Klappstein, Doris D.(Everett E.)1911198059,--
Klappstein, Everett E.(Doris D.)1912 59,--
Klappstein, Friedrich  4,--Last name could be Grotzke?
Klappstein, Henrietta07-29-182508-12-19174,--92 yr. old
Klappstein, Johann F.R.07-04-184506-25-19024,--57 yr. old
Klappstein, Johann M.09-07-181504-13-19034,--87 yr. old
Klappstin, Hazel***188902-25-191923,--Mother
Klappstin, Otto***188402-25-191923,--Father
Kleist Family Plot  20,--ferdinand/mathilda/delbert/alonzo/idaM
Kleist Family Plot  20,--William E, Emma R, Leona E, Ray F.
Kleist Family Plot  21,--roland/beryl/arthur/william/theresa
Kleist, Alfred(Anne)1903195921,--
Kleist, Alonzo E.(Ida Mae)1903197320,--
Kleist, Alvina(Ferdinand)09-21-186310-29-193121,--
Kleist, Anna188019352,--
Kleist, Anne(Alfred)1908199121,--
Kleist, Arnold H.(Marie)1898196221,--
Kleist, Arthur W.(Beryl C.)1891196821,--
Kleist, August185319202,--
Kleist, August(Wihelmina)02-16-184511-16-19062,--Vater (father)
Kleist, Augusta185219362,--
Kleist, Bertha Gardell(Emil)  21,--
Kleist, Beryl C.(Arthur W.)1902198721,--
Kleist, Carl188419142,--
Kleist, Charlotte Scherbart(Gottlieb)09-27-184105-22-190321,--Mutter
Kleist, Charlotte(Herbert)1885196321,--RNA, American Legion Auxiliary
Kleist, Clara189019142,--
Kleist, Clara(H.)08-20-186804-06-193121,--Mother
Kleist, Delbert A.1895196620,--Next to Ferdinand & Mathilda Kleist
Kleist, Donald(Esther G.)191704-06-197320,--
Kleist, Edna189619142,--(m)04-20-1940
Kleist, Elizabeth187518224,--
Kleist, Emil(Bertha Gardell)1882194121,--
Kleist, Emma1890198021,--
Kleist, Emma R.(William E.)1877195520,--
Kleist, Erwin Howard(Mary Jane)1920197158,--WW II, Korea, Vietam, Wis LTC US Army
Kleist, Esther G.(Donald)12-08-191604-12-200620,--d/o Lester & Edith Kershaw Hiller, (m)04-20-1940, VFW Aux.
Kleist, Ferdinand04-12-186909-07-194820,--Next to Mathilda Kleist
Kleist, Ferdinand(Alvina)11-20-185911-28-190921,--
Kleist, Frederica M.(Kenneth R.)1911199623,--
Kleist, Gottlieb(Charlotte Scherbart)03-17-184312-21-191221,--Vater
Kleist, H.(Clara)1863194721,--Father
Kleist, Harold R.02-23-192712-20-197420,--WW II, Pfc US Army, next to Harold & Lora Kleist
Kleist, Harold V.(Lora G.)1899195220,--
Kleist, Herbert(Charlotte)1894 21,--
Kleist, Ida Mae(Alonzo E.)1905196720,--
Kleist, Kenneth R.(Frederica M.)1910197123,--
Kleist, Leona E.1905195120,--
Kleist, Lora G.(Harold V.)1900197320,--
Kleist, Louis A.1891195420,--
Kleist, Marie(Arnold H.)1901198221,--
Kleist, Mary Jane(Erwin Howard)1922197958,--
Kleist, Mathilda02-17-187203-25-194520,--Next to Ferdinand Kleist
Kleist, Paul189319732,--RNA
Kleist, Ray F.1896196320,--
Kleist, Roland05-14-191607-23-198421,--
Kleist, Theodore187819102,--
Kleist, Theresa C.(William F.)1868194221,--Mother
Kleist, Wihelmina(August)11-03-184912-06-19292,--Mutter (mother)
Kleist, William188319122,--
Kleist, William E.(Emma R.)1873195720,--
Kleist, William F.(Theresa C.)1962193921,--Father
Klemp Family Stone  4,--friederick/charlotte/anna/ida/august/ norman
Klemp, Alvin1911194116,--Next to Herman & Theresa Klemp
Klemp, Anna188019114,--
Klemp, August F.187619424,--
Klemp, Charlotte(Friederick)183819114,--Mother
Klemp, Edward P.1893193616,--WW I, Next to Herman & Theresa
Klemp, Friederick(Charlotte)182719064,--Father
Klemp, Herman(Theresa)1864195216,--Father
Klemp, Ida A.188419514,--
Klemp, Norman E.05-03-192102-22-19824,--WW II, US Army
Klemp, Theresa(Herman)1873195116,--Mother
Klenert Family Stone  6,--anton/katharine/otto/louisa/anna/lena
Klenert, Anna186219296,--Next to Katharine & Anton Klenert
Klenert, Anton(Katharine)08-07-182405-11-18976,--
Klenert, Charlotte M.(Oscar A.)187919526,--Mother
Klenert, Ethel N.(William W.)06-12-190110-13-198647,--
Klenert, Katharine(Anton)10-15-183707-16-19006,--
Klenert, Louisa***09-28-186507-29-18796,--Dtr of Katharine & Anton Klenert
Klenert, Oscar A.(Charlotte M.)187319426,--Father
Klenert, Otto***11-09-186702-06-18936,--Son of Katharine & Anton Klenert
Klenert, William W.(Ethel N.)12-19-189703-09-197647,--WW I, Pvt US Army
Klocko, Arlene J.(Walter W.)1921199823,--
Klocko, Phyllis L.(Thomas W.)05-17-1946 23,--
Klocko, Thomas W.(Phyllis L.)09-03-194210-02-197123,--Vet, Pfc US Army Wisc.
Klocko, Walter W.(Arlene J.)1921 23,--
Klodt, Betty J.(Elmer)193019964,--
Klodt, Elmer(Betty J.)192320014,--
Klodt, Frank(Mary)188019764,--
Klodt, Mary(Frank)189219734,--
Klug, Charles(Sarah)1864194921,--
Klug, Edward J.(Jeanette)186919487,--
Klug, Jeanette(Edward J.)187619187,--
Klug, Sarah(Charles)1871194821,--
Kluge, Albert(Grace)1886198923,--
Kluge, Grace(Albert)1893196223,--
Kluge, Kenneth1920 23,--Next to Grace & Albert
Kluth, Agatha R.(Gordon H.)1921199446,--(m)08-17-1946
Kluth, Carl A.(Delores L.)1913196947,--
Kluth, Clarence O.(Lucille J.)1927 46,--(m)08-07-1948
Kluth, Delores L.(Carl A.)1919 47,--
Kluth, Gordon H.(Agatha R.)1923 46,--(m)08-17-1946
Kluth, Lucille J.(Clarence O.)1924198946,--(m)08-07-1948
Kluth, Scott 1962sg,--Infant
Knaack, Edna***05-22-190708-29-190718,--Dtr of Emma & William Knaack
Knaack, Emma(William)07-22-1887can't read18,--
Knaack, William(Emma)05-27-188102-06-194818,--
Knappen, Matilda McFarlane184619282,--Hugh McFarlane plot
Knappen, Prosper L.184419022,--Hugh McFarlane plot, Civil War, 1st Lieut. 2 Wis. Cav.
Knight Family Stone  25,--John G.
Knight, Ethel M.(John S.)1891197121,--
Knight, John G.1872193225,--
Knight, John S.(Ethel M.)01-01-189101-07-194921,--WW I, Wisc. Pvt 163 depot Brig
Knoop, Bertha(William)04-13-187006-01-193621,--
Knoop, William(Bertha)02-11-186510-08-193921,--
Knuteson, Marjorie R.1927 14,--Nee Tanke, musical scale on stone
Knutson, Arne E.(Lorene L.)1921199137,--Father of Mark & Kristi
Knutson, Lorene L.(Arne E.)  37,--Mother of Mark & Kristi
Koberstein, George J.1874193314,--
Koch Family plot  21,--johanna/father/caroline/martha/ grandmother/anna
Koch, Anna  21,--No dates
Koch, Anna T.(Henry)187019601,--
Koch, Augustina(William)11-24-184505-16-19326,--
Koch, Caroline(Father)05-12-184405-22-191221,--Mother
Koch, Charles F.1941194321,--
Koch, Erma E.(Frederick J.)1911199459,--
Koch, Father1874195521,--
Koch, Father(Caroline)10-30-184502-26-191421,--Father
Koch, Frederick J.(Erma E.)1911198059,--
Koch, Grandmother  21,--No dates
Koch, Henry(Anna T.)186319431,--
Koch, Johanna Scherbart11-06-181111-02-189421,--
Koch, Martha  21,--No dates
Koch, Mary02-18-186303-15-191421,--
Koch, William(Augustina)11-04-184212-05-19276,--
Koch, Wm. E.1880190821,--Husband
Kock, Mother1878195321,--
Koeberer, John M.04-20-184309-05-18714,--German inscription, Odd Fellows
Koehler, Georg(Magdalena) 02-02-18924,--81 yr. old, German writing
Koehler, Magdalena(Georg) 01-30-19014,--81 yr. old, German writing
Koehn, August(Caroline)183619173,--
Koehn, Caroline(August)183619203,--
Koehn, Clara A.03-04-188810-26-19003,--Next to August & Caroline, inscription
Koepke, Alfred E.(Leone M.)1904199725,--
Koepke, Leone M.(Alfred E.)1907199925,--
Koepke, Lorie Jean09-03-193909-04-193925,--Next to Leone M. & Alfred E. Koepke
Koepp, Alex R.(Nellie M.)1882196020,--
Koepp, Gertrude L.1922193820,--Next to Nellie & Alex Koepp
Koepp, Nellie M.(Alex R.)1888196520,--
Kohls, Ernest F.(Rosa A.)1885194425,--
Kohls, Rosa A.(Ernest F.)1891198825,--
Kolkau, Mary Thomas1909197248,--
Koontz, Elizabeth N.(William F.)08-07-191705-30-2004sg,--d/o August & Katherine Koch, (m)05-17-1947
Koontz, William F.(Elizabeth N.) 08-23-2003sg,--WW II, Sgt Us Army
Koppelmeyer Family Stone  1,--
Koppelmeyer, Mary S.185719501,--Next to William C.
Koppelmeyer, Walter P.189319181,--WW I, Corp. Co. F 128 Inf 32 Div. "Killed in action"
Koppelmeyer, William C.185819121,--Next to Mary S.
Kopplin, Gustav(Mary)187019353,--
Kopplin, Johanna(William)***184206-14-19133,--Mother
Kopplin, Lucinda189619944,--
Kopplin, Mary(Gustav)187119413,--
Kopplin, William(Johanna)***183907-26-19153,--Father
Korn, Pearl A.1893197514,--Mother
Koroch, Dorothy R.1914197559,--
Koroch, Edward190319431,--Son of Fred & Martha
Koroch, Fred(Martha)187719491,--Father
Koroch, Gustave J.(Marjory)02-19-190810-23-199520,--WW II, Sgt US Army
Koroch, Marjory(Gustave J.)1908197920,--Nee Hoffman
Koroch, Martha(Fred)188319631,--Mother
Koroch, Walter E.190919681,--Next to Fred & Martha Koroch
Kotula, David B.04-03-195009-10-197559,--Vietnam, Pfc US Army
Kranzush, Fern A.(Otto H.)1894196648,--
Kranzush, Otto H.(Fern A.)1888195048,--
Kratz, Harry R.(Lennice Harlajean)***1941200120,--(m)12-03-1960
Kratz, Lennice Harlajean(Harry R.)***03-08-194101-29-200520,--d/o Leonard & Doretta Malisch Goetz, 9m)12-03-1960
Kratz/Goetz Stone  20,--Harry R, Lennice H, James L.
Krause Family Stone  3,--Edward/Charles/Estelle
Krause Family Stone  10,--Alice B, Harriet B.
Krause, Alice B.1859191810,--Eastern Star, RNA
Krause, Charles H.186719503,--
Krause, Ed.(Hannah)  3,--Father
Krause, Edward J.187419563,--
Krause, Estelle187519423,--
Krause, F.W. 07-11-18682,--62 yr. old, German inscription
Krause, Frank A.(Mabel B.)1866194215,--32nd degree Mason?
Krause, Frank G.(Mary J.) "Gail"07-02-192511-30-198459,--WW II
Krause, H. 11-28-18712,--66 yr.old, next to F.W. Krause
Krause, Hannah(Ed.)184319323,--Mother
Krause, Harriet B.1877193210,--Eastern Star
Krause, Helen03-27-187202-12-19063,--
Krause, Jack Martin06-29-196402-12-1985sg,--"Charlie Brown"
Krause, Mabel B.Frank A.)1883196615,--
Krause, Mary J.(Frank G.)10-09-192611-15-198059,--Nee Allen
Krause, Maud(E.J.)1881193221,--Nee Neef
Krebs, Dorothy O.(Edward C.) '08-1907 '06-197720,--
Krebs, Edward C.(Dorothy O.) '02-1900 '12-195520,--
Krebs, George E.1939194020,--Son of Dorothy O. & Edward C. Krebs
Krech Family Stone  18,--Catherine M./Catherine Donnan
Krech, Catherine Donnan(George)08-28-182705-25-190118,--
Krech, Catherine M.01-02-186708-06-189818,--Dtr of Catherine & George Krech
Krech, Christiana05-31-183308-25-19022,--
Kreier, Jeffrey W.04-24-195909-14-1987sg,--Inscription
Kreps, Delilah A.(Frank A.)1880196420,--
Kreps, Fanny M.(Lawrence E.)1904198020,--
Kreps, Frank A.(Delilah A.)1877195220,--
Kreps, Lawrence E.(Fanny M.)1904196620,--
Krisch Family Stone  6,--otto/magdelene/ottojr/alois/alvina/anna/eda/jacob/robert
Krisch, Alois06-15-186007-13-19366,--
Krisch, Alvina07-23-185808-14-18596,--
Krisch, Anna08-01-186407-18-19426,--
Krisch, Magdelene02-04-184010-30-19306,--
Krisch, Otto10-04-183107-04-18976,--
Krisch, Otto Jr.08-30-187012-07-19256,--
Krocker, Clayton 1975sg,--Metal marker
Kroncke, Harold W.(Sarah J.)08-13-190603-06-197458,--WW II, Wisc Pfc US Army
Kroncke, Sarah J.(Harold W.)1910197858,--
Kroncke, Walter B.1893194025,--
Krueger Family Stone  25,--Maria, Fred
Krueger, Amelia(William F.)1870193125,--RNA, Mother
Krueger, Authur C.(Elizabeth)189519591,--
Krueger, Donald R.09-21-192104-22-1973sg,--WW II, SSgt US Army Wisconsin
Krueger, Earl F.1911192825,--Next to William F. & Amelia Krueger
Krueger, Elizabeth(Authur C.)189919711,--
Krueger, Fred(Maria)  25,--Sp.Am.War, Co F, 3 Wis. Infantry
Krueger, Maria(Fred)11-25-184204-09-189825,--Inscription
Krueger, Wilbur C.191119561,--
Krueger, William F.(Amelia)1871192725,--Father
Kuckuck, Laura A.(F.E.)09-14-188006-13-190414,--Nee Zastrow
Kudoll Family Stone  21,--August, Wilhelmina, Frank, Alma
Kudoll, Alma H.(Frank A.)10-16-188610-18-190921,--
Kudoll, August F.(Wilhelmina)10-05-184904-10-191321,--
Kudoll, Frank A.(Alma H.)02-25-188207-07-190921,--
Kudoll, Wilhelmina(August F.)12-25-184408-20-191421,--
Kuhn Family Stone  20,--Emelia, Albert, Charles
Kuhn, Albert1883196420,--
Kuhn, Charles1881196520,--
Kuhn, Emelia1880195020,--
Kuney, Charlotte1830191814,--
Kuphal, Mabel E.(William E.)189919953,--
Kuphal, William E.(Mabel E.)189619763,--
Kurtz, Elsie Ella(Walter Carl)1900197123,--
Kurtz, Frances(Joseph C.) 03-03-194023,--Mother, nee Schlee
Kurtz, Joseph C.(Frances) 01-26-194123,--Father
Kurtz, Walter Carl(Elsie Ella)1890198223,--
Kutz, Auguste W.(Wilhelm)181018771,--
Kutz, Joe184219031,--Next to Auguste W. & Wilhelm Kutz
Kutz, Wilhelm(Auguste W.)181118951,--
Kutzke Family Stone  15,--kenneth/daisy/anna/charles/lina
Kutzke Kenneth1906190815,--Next to Daisy Kutzke
Kutzke or Rhyme?, Frank  7,--Next to Kutzke & Rhyme
Kutzke, Alpha G.(Karl F.)189719676,--
Kutzke, Anna Knowles1870191615,--
Kutzke, Anna M.(Herman P.)1876195315,--
Kutzke, Ben F.(Elsie E.)189919657,--
Kutzke, Charles J.1880194315,--
Kutzke, Daisy 191015,--Next to Kenneth Kutzke
Kutzke, Elsie E.(Ben F.)190219807,--
Kutzke, Fred W. 19367,--GAR, Co. F 3rd WI Vol. Inf.
Kutzke, Henrietta(William)05-16-183711-09-19017,--USWV Aux
Kutzke, Herman P.(Anna M.)1868193515,--
Kutzke, Inez Olson(William A.)1907200320,--
Kutzke, Jack H.(Jean E.)192219956,--Sons:johathan/joel/james/jerold/jason
Kutzke, Jean E.(Jack H.)1926 6,--Sons:johathan/joel/james/jerold/jason
Kutzke, Karl F.(Alpha G.)189219756,--WW I
Kutzke, Lina Weimar1890194115,--
Kutzke, William A.(Inez Olson)1907195620,--WW I, Maj. USA Eng. Corps
Kutzke, William(Henrietta)09-06-183906-20-19037,--
La Fleur, Clara(Edward)1876194421,--USWV Auxiliary
La Fleur, Edward(Clara)  21,--Sp.Am.War, Sgt Co F, 3 Wis. Inf.
La Fleur, Harold "Hooper"1911198421,--Next to clara & Edward Lafleur
Laabs, Ahren Allen 08-06-1979sg,--
Labender, Anna Sophie Dolata05-10-189110-29-198459,--Next to Edward Labender
Labender, Edward12-15-191402-28-198359,--WW II, Korea, Vietnam, Msgt US Army
Labender, Lucy E.04-12-1913 59,--Next to Edward Labender
LaClair Family Stone  2,--Gustav, John & Johanna
LaClair, Gustav12-26-184108-28-18622,--GAR, Corp Co G 2nd Regt wis vol inf, Killed at Gainsville, inscription
LaClair, Johanna(John)09-15-181211-14-18932,--
LaClair, John(Johanna)01-24-180908-25-18622,--
Lafler Family Stone  25,--Nathaniel, Nettie
Lafler, Nathaniel(Nettie)1871192325,--
Lafler, Nettie(Nathaniel)1875195125,--
LaFollette, Ruth1897198023,--Mother
Lake, Clayton G.10-07-193702-15-198860,--Korea, Vietnam, US Army
Lambeck, Caroline H.  1,--Cannot read dates, stone underground
Lambert, Geneve(Peter)1901199346,--
Lambert, Peter(Geneva)1898197446,--
Landerman, Bernard A.(Ruth A.)1904 25,--
Landerman, Merle E.09-13-192001-13-200159,--Twin of Marie E. Warren
Landerman, Ruth A.(Bernard A.)1907196025,--
Landis, Reuben04-26-182416-18-18493,--Born in PA
Lane, Eleanor188419481,--Next to Harry B. Lane
Lane, Eugene K.08-22-191507-23-1978sg,--
Lane, Harry B.188519481,--Next to Eleanor Lane
Langbecker, Barbara Marie*** 08-21-195223,--Infant dtr of M/Mrs.Elmer langbecker
Langbecker, Mathilda L.(William H.)1882197823,--
Langbecker, Milton E.1915198823,--Next to Mathilda L. & William H.
Langbecker, William H.(Mathilda L.)1877196323,--
Lange, Caroline(Fredrick)1858193714,--
Lange, Fredrick(Caroline)1856194414,--
Lange, Harold F.(Lenora W.)1908198347,--
Lange, Lenora W.(Harold F.)1915 47,--
Langeteig, Ersel I.(John O.)1904198758,--
Langeteig, John O.(Ersel I.)1891197758,--
Langford, Charles A.(Julia S.)186819431,--
Langford, Helen190119901,--Daughter of Charles & Julia Langford
Langford, Julia S.(Charles A.)186519411,--
Larkin, Ada S.07-24-187209-06-194814,--
Larowe, Hamilton(Mary)08-02-183109-24-18684,--
Larowe, Mary(Hamilton)01-05-183302-15-19224,--
Larson, Alfred(Caroline)1879195716,--
Larson, Caroline(Alfred)1885195416,--
Larson, Erma "Babe"190519652,--Nee Manley
Larson, Gordon W.(Leona E.)1916198923,--VFW
Larson, Gustave(Phoebe)1883195025,--
Larson, Leona E.(Gordon W.)1917199923,--
Larson, Margaret W.(Robert Leroy)1908200421,--2nd husband David Henderson, nee Windus
Larson, Oscar C.18831965sg,--Metal marker
Larson, Phoebe(Gustave)1884195525,--
Larson, Robert Leroy(Margaret)07-15-189508-22-196421,--WW I, Wis. Pfc 253 Field Hospital
Larson, Roger A.(Ruth B.)10-15-191903-30-198246,--WW II, Sgt US Army
Larson, Ruth B.(Roger A.)1919 46,--
Lasure, Rev. Clifford1916200173,--metal marker
Latimer, Clark W.(Laurie B.)1859193520,--
Latimer, Laurie B.(Clark W.)1858194720,--
Lauf, Otto H.09-14-186604-14-19114,--Vater,Mutter, & GAR stones near Otto
Lauson, Faye C.(Wilfred Jack)1907199020,--
Lauson, Wilfred Jack(Faye C.)1902197420,--
Lauterbach Family Stone  1,--
Lauterbach, Algean(Charles)1904199720,--
Lauterbach, Anna D.(Charles)1874194920,--
Lauterbach, Bertha C.(Frank G.)186719441,--Mother
Lauterbach, Caroline(Michael)03-30-184010-19-19121,--
Lauterbach, Charels(Algean)1903195320,--
Lauterbach, Charles(Anna D.)1874194920,--Sp.Am.War
Lauterbach, Clarence190219311,--"Husband"
Lauterbach, Clarence F.190219311,--Son of Frank G. & Bertha C.
Lauterbach, Donald D.(Doris L.)1929 7,--"Tat"
Lauterbach, Doris L.(Donald D.)192819887,--Y.B.F.
Lauterbach, Frank G.(Bertha C.)186719441,--Father
Lauterbach, John Glen191919901,--
Lauterbach, John(Luella A.)188019491,--Father
Lauterbach, Kieth W.(Margaret E.)190919787,--
Lauterbach, Larry Duane06-08-195007-21-20007,--
Lauterbach, Luella A.(John)189719681,--Mother
Lauterbach, Mabel(William)1879193820,--
Lauterbach, Margaret E.(Kieth W.)190719707,--
Lauterbach, Mary01-01-188012-18801,--On stone with Michael & Caroline
Lauterbach, Michael(Caroline)04-21-183110-07-19151,--
Lauterbach, William01-14-187001-18-18751,--On stone with Michael & Caroline
Lauterbach, William(Mabel)1877193920,--
Lavold, Maynard R.09-19-191102-09-197546,--WW II, Lt Col US Army
Lawrenz Family Plot  15,--elsa/erwin/lyndall/royal/emma/herman
Lawrenz, Elsa M.1904192715,--
Lawrenz, Elviem(Julius H.)1878196521,--Eastern Star
Lawrenz, Emma A.(Herman E.)1875195515,--
Lawrenz, Erwin C.(Mason logo)09-14-189705-07-197015,--WW I, Wis Cpl Quarter Master Corps
Lawrenz, Herman E.(Emma A.)1865194215,--
Lawrenz, Julius H.(Elviem)1872195221,--Mason
Lawrenz, Lyndall1895197315,--
Lawrenz, Royal Herman12-18-189401-31-199015,--WW I, M Engr US Army
Lawrenze, Albert H.(Augusta A.)1939192421,--
Lawrenze, Augusta A.(Albert H.)1839192321,--
Lawson, Floy R.188319263,--Lawson Plot
Lawson, Frederick S.188419653,--Lawson Plot, Metal marker
Lawson, James M.184919383,--Lawson Plot
Lawson, Sarah S.184919353,--Lawson Plot
Leach, David F.(Maxine M.)08-01-192307-04-198547,--WW II, US Army
Leach, David(Dorothy K.)03-11-189203-29-19582,--WW I, Capt. Wis Co F 128 Infantry
Leach, Dorothy K.(David)03-28-190206-21-19972,--American Legion Auxiliary
Leach, James(Mary)186019101,--
Leach, Mary(James)186019421,--
Leach, Maxine M.(David F.)03-14-192912-02-199847,--
Learmonth Family Stone  14,--helen/mary/james/anne/robert
Learmonth, Anne M.12-04-185708-27-193914,--
Learmonth, Helen I.01-07-188812-26-197214,--
Learmonth, James D.07-12-188205-30-195414,--
Learmonth, Mary E.10-02-188501-06-196014,--
Learmonth, Robert H.12-25-185605-01-193514,--
Lee Family Stone  48,--r.t./clara/myrtle/ethelhale/frank/kathleen/ j.tracyhale
Lee, Ann M.(Donald H.)1926 47,--
Lee, Augusta P.(Alfred) 02-08-18802,--Nee Bothin, inscription
Lee, Clara A.1875195248,--
Lee, Donald H.(Ann M.)10-01-192404-15-200447,--WW II, US Navy
Lee, Eltza185818903,--Next to Lydia Ann Lee
Lee, Ernest186218643,--Next to Lydia Ann Lee
Lee, Frank186718683,--Next to Lydia Ann Lee
Lee, Frank T.(Kathleen R.)1925 48,--
Lee, Fred186418833,--Next to Lydia Ann Lee
Lee, Gerald J.09-05-191505-07-19652,--WW II, Sgt Illinois 650 Bomb SQ AAF
Lee, Harry187718943,--Next to Lydia Ann Lee
Lee, Helen J.(Rollie W.)191019997,--
Lee, Kathleen R.(Frank T.)1926198448,--Nee Eulberg
Lee, Lydia Ann09-15-184108-15-19163,--
Lee, Major F.T.1869192048,--Sp.Am.War, WW I.
Lee, Mary186918703,--Next to Lydia Ann Lee
Lee, Murrel F.(Roy L.)189419712,--
Lee, Myrtle A.1894191748,--
Lee, Rollie W.(Helen J.)190919617,--
Lee, Roy L.(Murrel F.)189419612,--
Leeg, Alvin H.(Emily)05-28-190108-28-198558,--WW I, US Navy, Portage Fire Dept.
Leeg, Emily(Alvin H.)09-20-189811-24-199058,--American Legion Auxiliary
Leeg, Sandra K.1936200058,--Metal marker
Leege, Bernhardt H.1866193614,--
Leege, Elizabeth M.1907199814,--
Leege, Louise Ida1874195314,--
Leege, Rudolph M.(Thelma L.)191003-31-196823,--(m)09-16-1936
Leege, Thelma L.(#1Rudolph M.)09-17-191506-13-200623,--Thelma Loretta Leege Graham, d/o Jens &Laura Rihn Nelson, (m)Rudolph 09-16-1936, (m)Harold Graham 11-23-1979
Leege/Thuss Family Stone  14,--harold/agnes/alexandra/elizabeth/ bernhardt/louise
Leeland, Rev. Robert1944197859,--
Lehmann, Carolina(Robert) 04-30-18983,--73 yr. old, mother
Lehmann, George L.185919263,--Next to Robert & Carolina Lehmann
Lehmann, Reinhold 03-16-18993,--48 yr. old, next to Robert & Carolina
Lehmann, Robert(Carolina) 12-13-18993,--84 yr. old, father
Leisch, Eda K.(Jacob C.)11-13-186811-03-18446,--In Krisch family plot
Leisch, Jacob C.(Eda K.)186719446,--In Krisch family plot
Leisch, Robert J.04-11-190901-26-19106,--In Krisch family plot
Lejko, Bernice A.(Martin Joseph)190119813,--
Lejko, Martin Joseph(Bernice A.)02-12-191804-01-19853,--WW II, Pfc US Army Air Corp
Lekan, Helen M.(Joseph L.)1908199758,--
Lekan, Joseph L.(Helen M.)1910197358,--
Lekan, Paul Michael1942198059,--Vietnam, SP5 US Army
Leland, Charles H.(Harriet Elizabeth)1883196423,--
Leland, Harriet Elizabeth(Charles H.)1876196223,--
Leland, Laura Virginia(Walter J.)09-30-185809-19-190023,--
Leland, Walter J.(Laura Virginia)11-23-185310-28-189023,--
Lenz Family Stone  3,--mother/father/emma/louise
Lenz, Anna A.(Frank H.)1891196225,--
Lenz, Father(Mother)07-29-184302-08-19083,--
Lenz, Frank H.(Anna A.)1880195525,--
Lenz, Louise09-05-187810-16-18653,--
Lenz, Mother(Father)01-08-184411-02-19303,--
Lenz, Robert W.1930 25,--Son, next to Frank & Anna Lenz
Lenz, William L.1914192925,--Son, next to Frank & Anna Lenz
Lenze, Emma10-01-188308-29-19723,--
Lester Family Plot  20,--L.L.Arneson/w.lloyd/celia/richard/elma
Lester, Beverly F.(William L.)1928199460,--"Bev"
Lester, Celia E.1906197720,--
Lester, Elma S.1903196320,--
Lester, Richard L.1894198420,--
Lester, W.Lloyd1895196520,--
Lester, William L.(Beverly F.)03-27-192705-11-199160,--WW II, S1 Us Navy
Levien, Ella(Fritz)1895196623,--Wife
Levien, Fritz(Ella)1901195423,--Husband
Lewis Family Plot  21,--Lewis H, Susie J, Elizabeth J, H.O.
Lewis, Betsy L.B.(E.F.)03-29-181902-25-190117,--
Lewis, E.F.(Betsy L.B.) 06-28-188517,--63 yr. old
Lewis, Edward B.12-27-185306-04-187217,--Next to E.F. & Betsy L.B. Lewis
Lewis, Elizabeth Jones(H.O.)05-13-182702-09-190421,--Mother
Lewis, Franklin Hedding  18,--In Lewis/Fox plot, next to Virginia
Lewis, H.O.(Elizabeth Jones)07-30-183011-07-191421,--Father
Lewis, Hattie J.05-26-188609-24-188621,--Dtr of Hugh G. & Sarah Lewis
Lewis, Hugh G.(Sarah Owen)02-20-185804-02-195121,--Father
Lewis, Jane D.*** 05-14-198221,--Next to Hugh G. & Sarah O.Lewis
Lewis, Judson A.(son of E.F. & B.L.B. Lewis)*** 05-02-186317,--GAR, Sgt Co G(C?), 23rd Regt Wis Vol. Killed in Battle at Vicksburg
Lewis, Lewis H.03-07-186308-28-186421,--
Lewis, Mattie E.05-26-188609-21-188621,--Dtr of Hugh G. & Sarah Lewis
Lewis, Sarah Owen(Hugh G.)08-26-186006-04-192221,--Mother
Lewis, Susannah05-10-189604-26-190021,--Dtr of Hugh G. & Sarah Lewis
Lewis, Susie J.09-20-186711-19-189721,--
Lewis, Virginia Bacon  18,--In Lewis/Fox plot, next to Franklin H.
Lewis/Fox Family Stone--and Bacon  18,--dr.l.w./franklin/virginia/julia/willie/abbie
Lichter, Katherine Hartmann08-05-191202-27-198560,--Mother
Lieder, Emil E.(Louisa M.)1877196548,--
Lieder, Evelyn M.1901196248,--Next to Emil E. & Louisa M. Lieder
Lieder, Louisa M.(Emil E.)1877195748,--
Lieske, Clara19061955sg,--
Lindsey, Della Drew1873194611,--
Lindsey/Murrills/Duff Family Stone  11,--arthur/minnie/lelia/william/della
Linscott Family Plot  15,--frank/marian/archa/martha
Linscott, Ada188318995,--
Linscott, Alvin(Magdelena Carmon)183819265,--
Linscott, Archa(Martha)06-13-183601-09-190515,--GAR, Pvt Co G, 2nd Regt Wis Inf
Linscott, Frank1876196315,--Father
Linscott, Grace188118845,--
Linscott, Magdelena Carmon(Alvin)184618855,--
Linscott, Marian1906195515,--Daughter
Linscott, Martha(Archa)11-08-185207-31-189715,--
Linscott, Rhoda(Samuel B.)08-08-181610-30-19005,--Mother
Linscott, Samuel B.(Rhoda)09-16-181211-17-18905,--Father
Lippert, Bernice(Richard)1915197220,--
Lippert, Richard(Bernice)1906199120,--
Little Emma(John J.)1874191323,--
Little Family Stone  3,--Thomas/Elizabeth/Sara jane/thomas J.
Little Family Stone  23,--harlan/alice/john/emma/claire/alvina/ john
Little John J.(Alvina, Emma, Claire)1871195723,--
Little, Alice E.(Harlan J.)1904199623,--
Little, Alvina L.(John J.)1874189923,--
Little, Baby 1948sg,--
Little, can't read  3,--Small stone near John/Penelope Little
Little, Claire M.(John J.)1875195823,--
Little, Donna M.(James H.)1932199323,--(m)12-21-1948
Little, Elizabeth  3,--Small stone near John/Penelope Little
Little, Elizabeth183619273,--Next to Thomas Little
Little, Freddie W.(son of Henry)*** 08-20-18775,--10 mo. 5 days old
Little, Gideon M.185919253,--
Little, Gordon A.(Marie E.)1925 6,--"gaug"
Little, Harlan J.(Alice E.)1901197423,--
Little, Hattie C.(Ivan Eugene)190420026,--VFW Ladies Auxiliary
Little, Henry W.187919401,--Next to Lydia M. Little
Little, Ivan Eugene(Hattie E.)03-18-189610-06-19596,--WW I, Wis. Pfc Co F, 128 Inf, SS-PH
Little, James H.(Donna M.)1927 23,--"Hooper", (m)12-21-1948
Little, John H.1950195023,--Next to John J. & wives, metal marker
Little, John(Penelope M.)01-28-183110-21-19073,--GAR, father
Little, Laura I.185819313,--
Little, Lydia M.188819821,--Next to Henry W. Little
Little, Margaret  3,--Small stone near John/Penelope Little
Little, Marie E.(Gordon A.)192219926,--VFW Ladies Auxiliary
Little, Mary Bolting185619315,--Next to W.H. Little
Little, Matie M.(dtr of Henry)*** 06-22-18845,--2 yr. 5 mo. 26 days old
Little, Penelope M.(John)02-29-184009-22-19013,--GAR, WRC
Little, Russell F. or E.? "Rocky"11-04-192112-07-19576,--WW II, Wis, SSgt Co H, 474 Inf Regt, BSM-PH & OLC
Little, Sara Jane186119523,--"Pepper", not sure of last name
Little, Thomas183519213,--GAR, next to Elizabeth Little
Little, Thomas  sg,--no information
Little, Thomas John 10-17-18633,--10 mo old, son of T.& E. Little
Little, W.H.184819135,--Next to Mary Bolting Little
Little, William  3,--Small stone near John/Penelope Little
Litzmann Family Stone  3,--Mary Beaversdorff
Lloyd, Clara(Wallace E.)1871194921,--
Lloyd, James G.187619155,--Next to William & Jenny Lloyd
Lloyd, Jane I.(Robert J.)10-29-184204-29-191316,--Mother
Lloyd, Jenny C.185119245,--Next to William W. Lloyd
Lloyd, Lawrence R.03-19-187905-13-192516,--Next to Robert & Jane Lloyd
Lloyd, Robert F.10-25-187302-05-189716,--Next to Robert & Jane Lloyd
Lloyd, Robert J.(Jane I.)08-08-183910-23-191916,--Father
Lloyd, Wallace E.(Clara)1870194221,--
Lloyd, William1868194020,--BPOE Baraboo Lodge(Elks)
Lloyd, William W.184619155,--Next to Jenny C. Lloyd
Lobby, Frank(Margaret C.)1897197023,--
Lobby, Leonard H.1924197959,--
Lobby, Margaret C.(Frank)1901196723,--
Lochner, Andrew H.(Lillian)1889196721,--
Lochner, Carol*** 19762,--Stone with Peggy & Russell Lochner
Lochner, Harold J.(Irma Annie)05-11-191103-15-197058,--WW II, Wis Ssgt US Army, (m)09-06-1941, children:diane/cheryl/lois/haroldjr/craig
Lochner, Irma Annie(Harold J.)--d/o Otto & Margaret Hansen Nehls02-03-191611-19-200458,--Nee Nehls, (m)09-06-1941, VFW Aux, children:diane/cheryl/lois/haroldjr/craig
Lochner, Lillian(Andrew H.)1890197421,--
Lochner, Linda L.195019882,--
Lochner, Peggy Marie*** 19582,--On stone with Carol & Russell Lochner
Lochner, Russell 19902,--On stone with Peggy & Carol Lochner
Lockhart, Christina S.(Thomas F.)186819239,--
Lockhart, Thomas F.(Christina S.)186819499,--
Lohr Family Stone  20,--Elaine, Meta, Anton, Robert
Lohr, Anton(Augusta)03-22-186611-19-194717,--
Lohr, Anton(Meta)07-01-188805-28-198320,--WW II, father
Lohr, August1890191817,--Next to Augusta & Anton Lohr
Lohr, Augusta(Anton)09-15-186804-06-196617,--
Lohr, Elaine E."Sis"(Robert A.) 04-04-200520,--d/o Leonard "Fred" & Florence M. Wanderer Townsend
Lohr, Meta(Anton)02-20-188507-20-197320,--Mother
Lohr, Robert A.(Elaine E."Sis")11-24-191910-04-198920,--b. could be 01-24-1919?
Lohwater, Charles(Marie)190019771,--
Lohwater, Marie(Charles)189519821,--
Long, Catherine E.(George S.)187419479,--
Long, George S.(Catherine E.)187319659,--
Loomis Family Stone--Schultz too  14,--donald&fred&emily schultz //Gerald/leota/carlton/caroline
Loomis, Carlton Jewett(Caroline K.)1855192814,--
Loomis, Caroline Kuney(Carlton J.)1860192114,--
Loomis, Charlotte H.(DeLos T.)02-03-190506-03-199214,--
Loomis, DeLos T.(Charlotte H.)04-30-190804-24-197414,--WW II, MM 1 US Navy
Loomis, Frank B.1873189812,--Sp. Am. War, Corp Co F 3rd Wis Vol Inf
Loomis, Fred Wood(Jane Goss)1859192325,--
Loomis, George Henry 10-12-186512,--1 yr. old son of R.O. & S.W. Loomis
Loomis, Gerald Paterson(Leota)1899194814,--
Loomis, Isabel C.186912-27-195512,--Maybe d. 1956?
Loomis, Isabella(Rodney O.)1844193512,--Nee Cole
Loomis, Jane Goss(Fred Wood)1859195425,--
Loomis, Leota(Gerald Paterson)1905196414,--Nee Papineau
Loomis, Mary Emily***187204-28-194412,--
Loomis, Rodney O.(Isabella)09-17-183302-15-188312,--GAR, also 2nd wife Susan wood
Loomis, Susan Wood(Rodney O.) 10-05-186512,--29 yr. old, inscription
Love, Barbara C.(John W.)03-01-183010-05-18683,--38 yr. old, born in Scotland
Low, Clara Catherine Gies(Jacob B.)09-04-185701-08-193810,--
Low, Jacob Bertrand(Clara Catherine)08-24-186603-12-193610,--
Low, Sarah Hand1839191410,--Next to Jacob & Clara Low
Lubke, Elaine S.(Ellsworth Wayne)1925 60,--Children:Margaret, Wayne, David, Jean, & James; (m)01-13-1945
Lubke, Ellsworth Wayne(Elaine S.)07-20-192211-08-200260,--WW II, S1 US Navy, five Children (m)01-13-1945
Lucas, Baby03-12-188708-16-18871,--On stone with Lizzie Lucas
Lucas, Brenda June02-26-196702-28-1967sg,--
Lucas, Carl W.(Ruth G.)1914199820,--
Lucas, Clara(Leonard)187119362,--Next to Ralph R. Lucas
Lucas, Harry L.07-01-191810-12-198860,--WW II, S1, US Navy
Lucas, Leonard(Clara)196219442,--Next to Ralph R. Lucas
Lucas, Lizzie(Th.)06-27-186303-27-18871,--
Lucas, Ralph R.02-03-191902-02-19452,--WW II, Wis. Staff Sgt. Infantry
Lucas, Ruth G.(Carl W.)1914 20,--
Lucas, Sadie J.(Vernell E.)1897199020,--
Lucas, Vernell E.(Sadie J.)02-06-189509-18-194920,--WW I, Wis. Pvt 37 Infantry
Lucas, Wm. L.189219192,--
Luce, S.A.  2,--Small old stone
Luck, Friederika(G.)02-20-181801-09-18952,--On Witt Family Stone
Ludtke, Alma(Emil E.)191419537,--
Ludtke, Emil E.(Alma)10-14-189206-25-19627,--WW I, Wisc. Pvt 3 Prov Ry Reinf Regt
Ludtke, Gladys C.1905195525,--Mother
Ludtke, Ronald W.1928194225,--Son of Gladys C. Ludtke
Ludwig, Annie  14,--Can not read dates
Ludwig, Max  14,--Can not read dates
Lueck Family Plot  20,--carolyn/charles/vera/arthur/edna
Lueck Family Stone  25,--Amelia W, William F.
Lueck, Amelia W.(William F.)1856193025,--
Lueck, Arthur C.1913197720,--
Lueck, Carolyn(Charles)1880195620,--
Lueck, Charles(Carolyn)1870193120,--
Lueck, Edna1908197820,--
Lueck, Vera N.1916 20,--
Lueck, William F.(Amelia W.)1857192925,--
Luek, Anna M.09-09-187512-01-190221,--Next to Charles & Theresa Luek
Luek, Charles(Theresa)02-09-185203-23-190121,--
Luek, Elizabeth M.(Harlan W.)11-04-191910-07-200123,--(m)05-03-1941
Luek, Harlan W.(Elizabeth M.)11-21-191812-07-200123,--WW II, (m)05-03-1941
Luek, Theresa(Charles)11-20-185311-10-193921,--
Luethge, Fred188619336,--
Luetke, Frietz(Johanna)12-11-185307-07-190721,--Husband, dates hard to read
Luetke, Johanna(Frietz)03-01-183812-06-192021,--Wife
Luettgerodt, Charles(Rose)1866194525,--
Luettgerodt, Rose(Charles)1869194725,--
Luther, Keith W.(Jeanne)08-13-192210-16-200159,--
Lyding, Philip R.02-21-194709-05-197723,--Next to Virginia M. Lyding
Lyding, Virginia M.11-16-192206-07-198923,--Next to Philip R. Lyding
Lyon, Ruth190219922,--Nee Staudenmeyer
Lyons, Henry03-11-186712-22-19057,--
Lyons, Lucy1847191716,--
Lytle, Harry G.(Mary L.)12-23-189506-28-197946,--WW I, US Army, Mason
Lytle, Henry C.(Nettie O.)06-17-189908-16-196625,--WW I, Wis. TEC 5 Infantry
Lytle, Mary L.(Harry G.)1900198846,--
Lytle, Nettie O.(Henry C.)1898196425,--Nee Krueger


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