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Dodge County Wisconsin Genealogy

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Veterans of German Wars

From page 5 of the 5 September 1895 Dodge County Pionier

Men attending a festival held at the Endlich Brother's Grove in Beaver Dam, WI.

Dodge County Pionier, Tuesday, 16 May 1899, Watertown section
(translated from German) The following former German soldiers have been awarded medals of remembrance in Watertown through the German Consulate in honor of the 100th birthday of the "Great Kaiser Wilhelm I": F. Kieckbusch, Otto Riebe, Wm. Terwedow, Hermann Schönherr, Wm. Schönherr, Ernst Humboldt, Julius Hilgendorf, Friedrich Dräger, August Prahl, Albert Häfert, Ernst Bünding, Carl Schwenke, Carl Hackbarth, August Erdmann, August Schleußner and F. Schochert.

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