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Index to Dunn County Birth Records

This Index is a partial list of births recorded in Dunn County, Wisconsin before 1907, transcribed from the Wisconsin Vital Record Index, pre-1907 (Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services).  Some birth records up to 1920 have been contributed by individuals.

Please contact the Dunn County Register of Deeds or the State Historical Society of Wisconsin for official records.

  • Please note that name spellings could vary quite a bit from what is "expected." Be sure to look for alternative spellings - spelled as they might have sounded to the person who wrote them.

  • If you would like to contribute Dunn County birth information, please contact me.  

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Name Parents Date
Oas   13 Oct 1893
Oas   30 Apr 1905
Julius Oas   05 Jan 1898
Annie M Oass   28 Jul 1907
Arthur C Oass   22 Aug 1906
Albert G Oberle   30 Jul 1901
Carl R Oberle   14 Jan 1900
Emilie W Oebser   04 Oct 1903
Friedrich W Oebser   15 May 1905
Johanna M Oebser   08 Aug 1905
Julia K Oerien   13 Feb 1888
Oestereich   08 Jul 1895
Arthur O Oestreich   06 Sep 1896
Frieda M Oestreich   18 Aug 1889
Esther E Oestrich   04 May 1897
George E Oestriech   03 Feb 1900
Oien   20 Apr 1888
O'Rich, Ruby Del Thomas O'Rich - Effie May Teegarden 5 June 1886
Olson, Alvin Otis Antone Olson - Paulina Holte 18 Apr 1915
Twp Peru
Olson, Antone            10 Mar 1877
Olson, Cornelia Antone Olson - Paulina Holte 23 Nov 1899
Twp Peru
Olson, Ellen Sophia Antone Olson - Paulina Holte 19 Aug 1903
Twp Peru
Olson, Florence Lucille Antone Olson - Paulina Holte 12 Sep 1908
Twp Peru
Olson, Mabel Adalin Antone Olson - Paulina Holte 24 Dec 1901
Twp Peru
Olson, Palmer Andrew Antone Olson - Paulina Holte 21 Aug 1906
Twp Peru
Olson, Theodore Marion Antone Olson - Paulina Holte 21 Apr 1905
Twp Peru
Olson, Theodore McKinley Antone Olson - Paulina Holte 28 Nov 1900
Twp Peru



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