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Index of Dunn County Death Records

This Index is a partial list of deaths recorded in Dunn County, Wisconsin before 1907, transcribed from the Wisconsin Vital Record Index, pre-1907 (Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services).  Some death records up to 1920 have been contributed by individuals.

Please contact the Dunn County Register of Deeds or the State Historical Society of Wisconsin for official records.

Please note that name spellings could vary quite a bit from what is "expected." Be sure to look for alternative spellings - spelled as they might have sounded to the person who wrote them.

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Death Date

Betsey Vaagen

12 Oct 1896

Julius Vaelker

02 Jul 1901

O O P Vaguild

25 Sep 1886

Harry E Valaske

19 Apr 1905

Fred Valley

23 Jul 1898

Russell Edgan VanBrunt

13 Jun 1903

Lora A Vance

04 Oct 1896

A P VanDerhoof

26 Jul 1897

R E VanDerhoof

15 Feb 1884

Willfred VanDerhoof

08 Dec 1905

Mary VanDerkoff

03 Oct 1877

Relph VanDuzee

12 Mar 1906

Edaline VanGilder

16 May 1906

Cora L VanPatten

06 Apr 1905

Edward VanWie

15 Jul 1906


03 Jan 1904

Ole J Vdin

05 Dec 1887

Elmer Vehrs

27 Mar 1901

Lulu Vehrs

21 Jan 1907

Sophia Henriet Vehrs

14 Jan 1899

Aletta M Vennes

30 Mar 1879

Mack Verner

02 Feb 1888

W Veruer

28 Aug 1885

Ereslina Vesper

17 Apr 1891

Haus Vigenist

23 Nov 1903


25 Jul 1899

Alice J Vigerust

07 Mar 1883

Fred J Vining

02 Feb 1898

Daniel S Vinson

07 Apr 1904

Ole Peter Visur

04 May 1881

Eula Voedisch

11 Jan 1892

Frederich Voegtchild

03 Mar 1904

Catherine Vogal

04 Mar 1903

Charlottie Vogal

01 Aug 1899

Carl Christ Voight

14 Sep 1899

Amela Voigtchild

18 Mar 1898

Fred Voigtschild

09 Jan 1897

Tina Volhen

24 Dec 1901


30 May 1899

Henry Volker

07 Nov 1904

Johann Volkman

01 Jun 1906

Wm Volkman

24 May 1888

Matilda Vuigernst

21 Feb 1896


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