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Dunn County Marriages/Groom List

This is a partial list of marriages recorded in Dunn County, Wisconsin before 1920. These were transcribed from the marriage records on file in  Dunn County. In addition, many records have been contributed by family members.  Official records are available from the Dunn County Register of Deeds.

Please note that name spellings could vary quite a bit from what is "expected." Be sure to look for alternative spellings - spelled as they might have sounded to the person who recorded the information.

The list below is alphabetized by the groom's surname.

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Groom Bride Date Vol/Pg
Tackerberg, Robert Downing, Winnifred (Parents: Geo K Dowing, Sarah Geroy) 21 Mar 1895 3-430
Tangen, Erick Repseth, Ingeborg Apr 6, 1901 4 - 50
Tellesen, Amo Tellesen, Betsy Dec 31, 1870 2 - 15
Thaylor, Thomas Supry, Rosa Jan 15, 1872 2 - 21
Thompson, James Hurley, Grace May 28, 1872 2 - 22
Thomson, Christopher Fishburne, Sarah J Nov 28, 1872 2 - 26
Thorgesen, Thorlejf T. Johannessen, Oline Sep 26, 1880  
Thorn, George Bolle, Charlotte Oct 16, 1872 2 - 25
Thornby, Otto Rud, Marthea M. O. Nov 14, 1884  
Thorsen, Thorvald Hansen, Hanna Nov 29, 1882  
Tiller, John Johanneson Gulvag, Anna Erikson Oct 20, 1888  
Tiller, Peter Peterson Solberg, Berit Johnson Nov 21, 1874 2 - 36
Tingvold, Otto T. Olesen, Jenny Nov 13, 1873 2 - 31
Tobin, Stephen Ziehl, Clara Sept 18,1917 9 - 143
Torgerson, Ole Eigbertsen (Sandvig), Lisabet Apr 23, 1870 2 - 12
Tornas, Erik Larsen Hegvold, Marit Sivertsen Dec 30, 1876 2 - 48
Tripp, Milan Williams, Olin A Jan 9, 1870 2 - 11
Turner, James Shafer, Fortunate Apr 9, 1871 2 - 16
Tuthill, Roy Lee Schwartz, Barbara Anna Oct 4, 1904 4 - 258
Tuttle, Edward S Tripp, Alice E Oct 2, 1870 2 - 14
Tuttle, Nelson E Irvine, Pheba A May 29, 1872 2 - 25


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