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Index to Dunn County Obituaries O

Current obituaries are reprinted with permission of the Publisher of The Dunn County News, Menomonie, Wisconsin. Some older obituaries indexed here have been provided by readers.

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Oakland, Doris L. (Vander Waal)

Oas, Clifford J.

Oas, David L.

Oas, Rollin Dale

Obermueller, Bernard

O'Bryan, Doc F.

O'Bryan, Lloyd W.

O'Bryan, Todd W.

O'Bryan, Wesley L.

Ockler, Goldie H. (Rice)

O'Connell, Barbara Ann (Ferber)

O'Connell, Marjorie J. "Marge" (Morrison)

Odland, Owen T.

Odom, Laura L. (Morrissette)

O'Donahoe,  JoAnne W. (Carr)

Oebser, Rev. Bernard Frank

Oetting, Erich R.

O'Flanagan, Sidney E.

O'Reilly, Richard H. “Terry”

Ogren, Dorothy F. (Forsander)

O'Flanagan, Stuart H.  2nd obit

Oium, Audrey V. (Berg) (Thompson)

Olbert, Curtis

Olechno, Leonard J.

Olsen, Arnette R. ( also, Sweet)

Olsen, Charlotte M.

Olsen, Gladys S. (Eide)

Olsen, Mildred K. (Keil)

Olson, Rev. Arnold E.

Olson, Bernice (Davies)

Olson, Betty Ann Heitkamp

Olson, Byron M.

Olson, Caroline V. (Eriksen)

Olson, Clarence H.

Olson, Cynthia K. (Donnelly)

Olson, Darrel R.

Olson, Delia L. (Danielson)

Olson, Denver A.  2nd obit

Olson, Duane E. 'Dewey'

Olson, Duane H.

Olson, Einer

Olson, Eva M. (Neubauer, Sneen)

Olson, Florence M. (Cockeram)

Olson, Florence V. (Denning)

Olson, G. Evelyn (Christison)

Olson, Harold

Olson, Helen (Klefstad)

Olson, Howard T.

Olson, Lawrence R.

Olson, Norman G.

Olson, Rozella E. (Schill)

Olson, Ruth G.

Olson, Jeanne L. (Shafer)

Olson, John "Jack"

Olson, John E.

Olson, Linda A.

Olson, Lorraine M.

Olson, Rev. Lyle O.

Olson, Mabel A. (Hage)

Olson, Marjorie A. (Burgess)

Olson, Merlin A.

Olson, Myra A.

Olson, Ona A. (Johns)

Olson, Orville L.

Olson, Palmer

Olson, Pauline (Wurdinger)

Olson, Phyllis M.

Olson, Raymond O.

Olson, Ruth G. (Johnson)

Olson, Selena O. (Odegard)

Olson, Selmer "Sam" R.

Olson, Sigurd Trygve

Olson, Wilfred F.

Omtvedt, Grace I.

Ooley, William H.

O'Meara, Timothy P.

O'Mera, John "Jack" C.

O'Mera, Lola B.

Onstad, Mary E. (Trombley)

Opsal, Murceil E. (Cleasby)

Orn, Norman R.

O'Rourke, Arlene F.

Otterholt, Lucille H. (Brown)

Ottman, Faye A. (Turner)

Otto, Dale L.

Otto, Elaine L. (Drinkwine)

Otto, Elmer W.

Overby, George

Overby, Gwendolyn B. Laatch (Anderson)

Overby, Marlin D. Jr.

Ovren, Richard L.

Ovren, Roald G.

Owen, Clare T.

Owen, Richard A.

Owen, Shirlee A. (Schrantz)

Owens, Inger H. (Brensdal)

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