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Unknown Dunn County Photos 2

Do you recognize these people?

All of the photos below were taken by Helsom, Long, Dickinson, Ordemann or other photographers in Menomonie, Wisconsin. They are sepia-toned.  These photos were purchased from an antique dealer in Chicago, Illinois.  

If you know who any of the subjects are in these photos, please contact the County Coordinator.

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helsom1.jpg (43852 bytes)

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helsom3.jpg (28901 bytes)

helsom4.jpg (45896 bytes)


Identified below!


helsom5.jpg (37911 bytes)

helsom6.jpg (47661 bytes)

helsom7.jpg (43709 bytes)

helsom8.jpg (34674 bytes)

helsom9.jpg (30616 bytes)

helsom10.jpg (50933 bytes)

helsom11.jpg (24230 bytes)

helsom12.jpg (43978 bytes)

helsom13.jpg (35604 bytes) helsom14.jpg (47794 bytes) long15.jpg (35975 bytes) long16.jpg (37063 bytes)

long17.jpg (13747 bytes) long18.jpg (8412 bytes) long19.jpg (12688 bytes) ordemann20.jpg (13398 bytes)
ROW 1 #3: Identified by Jim Coughlin as Theodore Govin or one of his three brothers

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