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Farmers Store, Sand Creek, Wis. Sand Creek Farmer's Store
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Meridean Ferry - early 1900s (from collection of negatives of Mary C. Schwartz)
  Stout Institute and Central School (later: Menomonie High School) - early 1900s
Group of German immigrants in Dunn County. [Photo from Jacob Frank family]


Menomonie Blue Caps Baseball team 1921 Menomonie Blue Caps Baseball team - 1921

First row:  Tony Vigerust, first from the left and L. Solem, first from the right.
Back row:  S. Kochendorfer, 2nd from left; Ben Metling, 3rd from left; Bill Metling, 3rd from right; and H. Wagner, 2nd from right.

  • Contributed by Ann Metling Weber <>

Mrs. Will Schwartz and Mrs. John Schwartz, in front of the original John Schwartz cabin, early 1900s.
Dunn County Normal and Dunn County School of Agriculture ("Aggie") - photo about 1920

Normal School was established in 1899 to provide one year of education beyond 8th grade, while Aggie was authorized by legislative act in 1901 -- the first school of its kind in America

  • Contributed by Linda Schwartz

Stout house

Can you name who lived in this house?

Old Menomonie High School which was used until 1961 when a new high school was built on the south side of Menomonie.

joch.couple.1880s.jpg (43413 bytes) August and Henriette Joch shortly after settling in the Hatchville area in the early 1880s.

My great-grandfather and great grandmother, August and Henriette Joch (Name is spelled Yock in Dunn County News obits) emigrated from Germany in abt 1880, and settled on the Dunn-Pierce County line. They are buried in the German Lutheran cemetery at Hatchville/Spring Brook. According to census records, they couple had seven children. All I believe were daughters, and I have been able to account for three of them.

-- Anne Amelia, who married William Moritz. They had six children and I believe some of the Moritz family still lives in the Menomonie area. (girls married into Fuhrman and Podoll families)

-- Augusta, who married into the Bierman family of Milwaukee.

-- Whilhemina (or Mina or Minnie). My grandmother who married Andreas (later Andrew) Hintz and settled with him in Menomonie at the age of 18 (1885). According to the 1900 Census, he was a brickmaker, working in the Menomonie brickyards. They had four children who lived to adulthood. All were born in Menomonie.

Frank (1886-1965) Married Martha Steffen (1881-1971) of Menomonie 1907. Lived there his entire life, last few years on bluff above Sanna dairy. Worked for Milwaukee Road. 

One son, Lloyd (1908-1948) who lived in Milwaukee. 

Andrew (Andy) (1894-1980) who left Menomonie as a teen-ager and moved to Tacoma, Washington.

Arnold (1903-1933) A Downs syndrome child institutionalized in his teens. He died at the northern colony in Chippewa Falls.

Fred (1908-1966) My father.

I believe another Joch daughter married a Henkel and stayed in the Spring Brook area. Dad also referred to aunts with the last names of Pohl, Zeitler and Phillips. The 1900 census lists August and Henriette Joch, but no one else living with them. It also says she had seven children. From what I can determine, the family lived in Menomonie until about 1910 when they (and other Menomonie families) moved to Tacoma. Andrew, Mina and Fred returned in about 1919 to moved to Cornell when August was employed at the new paper mill there.

joch.couple.1900.jpg (32925 bytes) August and Henriette Joch. About 1900.s
Andrew.hintz.fam.jpg (39633 bytes) Andrew and Wilhemina Hintz and son Frank. About 1888 (40130 bytes) Wedding picture of Frank Hintz and Martha Steffen (1907)
hintz.frank.andy.jpg (311589 bytes) Frank Hintz and Andrew Hintz. About 1900
joch.3sisters.jpg (30982 bytes) Three Joch sisters- Anne Ameilai (Moritz), Wilhemnina (Hintz) and Augusta (Bierman). In the 1880s.

sandcreek-school.jpg (463117 bytes) Sand Creek School
  • Contributed by Phil Skamser <> who would like to know about the photo.
colfax1.jpg (503563 bytes) Colfax, Wis.
W. Dougherty's house, Downing, WI.  Gertie took this picture when her father and
Grace went to Aunt Eleanor's after her graduation in 1896

Gertie is Gertrude Granger and Grace is her sister, they are daughter's of Francis Edward and Josephine Granger of Downing, Barker, Tiffany or near there.  Aunt Eleanor is Eleanor (nee Granger) Sutliff of Barker, Dunn County.  Francis and Eleanor are the children of Jedediah Wilder Granger of Dunn  County.

  • Contributed by Sandra Goldstein
Bill & Eliza Owen - 1922
  • Contributed by JC CARLSON <>

Menomonie Post Card with small photos of many sites
  • Contributed by Bob Tobin <>
Noble Laundry & Electric Noble Laundry and Electric Shop
  • Contributed by Bob Tobin <>
Menomonie Railway Station Railway station in Menomonie
  • Contributed by Bob Tobin <>

Left to right: Minnie Gobel, Celia Rundle, Ingval Hanson, Eddie Herman; sitting in chair  -teacher- Bob Teche (hard to read so last name may be wrong). Downsville

I would be interested in knowing what year this was and why the young men have ribbons on them

  • Contributed by Monica Johnson- great granddaughter of Minnie Creaser ( daughter of Christian and Matilda Jane Joyner/Joiner) who married John Creaser (son of Robert Creaser and Sophronia Smith) <>
Velma, Minnie (Gobel), Selena and Gertie in Downsville, WI
  • Contributed by Monica Johnson <>
Here is another picture with some of the same girls listed:
Eula, Velma, Minnie Gobel, Selena and Gertie - not sure where this is taken.
  • Contributed by Monica Johnson <>
The girl  sitting second from the right with a white hankie in her hands is Minnie Gobel - do not who the rest are or where taken. 

Is that Downsville in the background? Is this a school picture?  Can anyone identify the others in this photo?

  • Contributed by Monica Johnson <>
Downsville School.  Myrtle Cotts teacher. Myrtle is the daughter of Frances Creaser and Godfrey J. Cotts.

Can anyone identify the children?

  • Contributed by Monica Johnson <>
Downsville School - names listed on the back are: Lloyd Mc Joar, Grace Moore, Amelia Gobel, Lloyd Smith, Celia Rundle, Minnie Gobel, Mr. Drew Steele (the teacher's name was hard to read).  Minnie Gobel is second from the left in the front row .
  • Contributed by Monica Johnson <>
Downsville School 1905 and we believe Minnie Gobel to be the far right girl in back row standing. That is all we know.
  • Contributed by Monica Johnson <>
Little school house at Downsville, year unknown
  • Contributed by Monica Johnson <>
Downsville School
  • Contributed by Monica Johnson <>
Louisville School 1921 - my Grandmother Lucille Creaser (John and Minnies Creasers daughter) is the little girl on the far right back row with her face partial hidden.
  • Contributed by Monica Johnson <>

This picture probably taken in the spring of 1907 was of the Dunn Co. Normal School Class of 1906-07. Evelyn Murphy later Mrs. Henry P. Schoeder is located in the back (top) row, the second woman from the right hand side of the photo. Anna Schoeder, later Mrs. Harcourt Weaver, was probably also in this picture. Anna was the daughter of Henry Schoeder of Eau Galle and the sister of Henry P. Schoeder.

The picture and information are provided by the grandchildren of Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. Schoeder.

If you have a Dunn County picture you would like to contribute, please contact me.  
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