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Extracts from The Menomonie Times

F. J. McLean, Publisher
Menomonie, Wisconsin

Friday, February 17, 1882


Local Time Table

Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha Railway

Trains leave Menomonie city:
     Going east 3: 20 p.m.            Going west 11:00 a.m.
     Going east 10:20 p.m.          Going west  2:15 a.m.       
A. Baland, Agent              


Home News


New spring Prints at Cassidy's.

The roads are getting dry and dusty.

Hon. E. L. Everts was in town last Saturday.

Next Sunday is Quinquagesima, or Shrove Sunday.

Miss Angie Wilson spent last Sabbath in Chicago.

How does the "City of Menomonie" sound to your ears?

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wilson were in town last Wednesday.

Mr. A. O. Strand is building an addition to his residence.

Col. and Mrs. Geo. Tonnar are rejoicing over the birth of a son.

Mrs. S. W. Hunt is visiting friends in the eastern part of  the state.

John R. Mathews was appointed justice of the peace on last Friday.

Lent begins on Wednesday, February 22, and will end Sunday, April 9.

Dr. Pease came down from Cumberland, Monday and returned Tuesday.

Mr. E. Pixley is building an addition to his dwelling and bakery on the flat.

Boys are playing marbles. Stilts, ball and kites will follow in due season.

Mrs. A. Tainter returned from her southern trip the fore part of the week.

The blocks of ice cut in the pond are now about twenty-four inches square.

On last Sunday full grown house flies were crawling and flitting around on the sidewalks.

Mr. W. C. Peck has been suffering severely with neuralgia of the head for the past month.

Hon. S. W. Hunt came home from Madison last Friday, but returned on Wednesday of this week.

Snow has almost entirely disappeared from the woods and in many camps no hauling is being done.

On next Tuesday evening occurs the grand Bal Masq at Grob's Hall. Everybody is expected to attend.

Has not the time come when Menomonie should build an Opera Block, and a nice one, in a central location?

G. T. Newcomb is agent for the sale of wagons manufactured by the Bailey Manufacturing company of Knapp.

The First Baptist Church still remains without a pastor, but the Sunday School is in a most flourishing condition.

Mr. Meyer, recently clerk for Dr. Tonnar, has accepted the position just vacated by Walton McNeel with the Knapp, Stout & Co. Company.

The Ludington Guard have under consideration a grand full dress military ball to take place about the last of March. Watch for further developments

County Clerk W. H. Landon has decided that his present comfortable dwelling is too limited, and as a consequence he has two carpenters at work enlarging its capacity.

Capt. Tainter's green house is beginning to approach the point where the finishing touches will be given it. When completed it will be the nicest thing we have in Menomonie.

The extended time for the payment of taxes in the town of Menomonie expires on the 25th of this month. Taxpayers should take notice and govern themselves accordingly.

A bill has been introduced in congress by Senator Sawyer authorizing the Menomonie Indians to hold a council, for the purpose of selling the pine timber on their reservation.

Wheat has fallen fifteen cents in Milwaukee and Chicago within the last 15 days; selling now at $1.22. Other grains have tumbled less. The K. S. & Co. Company are paying $1.00 per bushel for No. 2

The K. S. & Co. Company has newly furnished a fine suite of rooms for offices - including a large reception room with grate -- two large fire-proof vaults, lighted with gas, and in short nothing is lacking in the way of convenience and modern improvements.

Mrs. Mitchell Brown, of Sherman, desires publicly to return thanks to her neighbors, friends and all who have contributed to her relief since the death of her husband. Mrs. Brown was left in very destitute circumstances, with a heavy incumbrance on the homestead and helpless children to provide for.

On Thursday evening, Feb. 9, Capt. Wilson's 75th birthday was duly celebrated at the residence of his son, Thomas B. Wilson. Quite a large company of relatives graced the occasion with their presence. The Capt.. is still hale and hearty and looks much younger than his record shows. We bespeak for him yet ten years of usefulness.

Mr. S. B. French started the last of last week on an extended southern tour. He went by way of Chicago, leaving that city last Saturday, and expecting to reach New Orleans on Monday. Here he will remain to enjoy the festivities of the Mardi Gras, which opens Feb. 21. He expects to visit Florida and other southern states ere his return. He will be absent three or four weeks.

Mr. W. F. Pitcher, of Cedar Falls, is fast disposing of his lumber at that place. He is not only shipping large quantities by rail to the far West - many car loads daily - but he is also selling large quantities to his home customers at reduced prices. This opportunity of purchasing well seasoned lumber at such prices will soon be gone, as we understand all will be closed out in a  few weeks.

A few weeks ago a barn was burned at Long Lake, Chippewa County, and in the barn Mr. Mitchell Brown of the town of Sherman of this county, was burned, and also his horses, wagon and harness. A neighbor of Mrs. Brown informs the TIMES that she has not received from any source any account of the burning of the barn, her husband and his property, and she only knows what rumor has told every one, that he perished in the flames. If this paragraph should meet the eye of any one who knows anything authentic in regard to the death of Mr. Brown, and the loss of his property, such person would confer a great favor on Mrs. Brown by communicating with her.

Many readers of the TIMES will remember a Mr. Slingsby, that clerked in the store of Knapp, Stout & Co. Company some years ago, and was for a short time in the store of J. B. McKahan. Mr. Slingsby is now a married man and living in Cassleton, Dakota where he is postmaster,  He was recently arrested on the charge of adultery with a married woman of Cassleton, and his arrest created a profound sensation. On his examination, there was such a complete failure to fasten the guilt of the charge on him that he was discharged, and was lifted on the shoulders of friends and carried home in triumph. Later developments showed that the charge was the work of unscrupulous enemies, who resorted to the charge for the purpose of procuring his removal from the post office.


In a very few months the Chippewa Valley & Superior railway will be completed and  trains will be running regularly between Lake Superior and Wabasha.  The road will be one of the best paying roads in the state, and it will be a favorite with the traveling public.

Heretofore the two parts of Dunn county separated by the Chippewa River have been to all intents and purposes aliens and strangers to each other. The towns of Rock Creek and Peru have, for all commercial purposes, been the same as portions of Eau Claire and Pepin counties.  And why? Not only because they were, perhaps, nearer the centers of trade of those counties, but because the Chippewa cut them off from Menomonie. With the exception of the ferry at Meridean there is no way to cross the river save with skiffs, and at Meridean no proper road to the fe4rry landing was built, and on  this side it was an impossibility to get to the landing with a heavy load of merchandise or produce. Soon  there will be depots at or near Meridean and at Tyrone but of what benefit will they be to the farmers and  tradesmen of a wide scope of country on this side of the river? Without better facilities for crossing we do not see that they will be of any benefit. We do not learn that any steps are being taken to procure better roads to the river at Meridean and Tyrone, and it must be that all that portion of Dunn County is in a regular Rip Van Winkle sleep. Although the road runs on t he east side of the river and will add nothing to the local trade of Menomonie, yet it is in and through a rich portion of the county, and every dollar of the trade and traffic that is built up at the depots on the east side adds so  much to the corporate wealth of the county, and the county at large has an interest in it. Rock Falls, Spring Brook and Peru and Dunn ought to rouse up, shake off the dust of the past, clothe themselves with new garments, take a new lease of life, start out on a long journey of prosperity, and we will all wish them success.


A New Industry

On the 2d day of February a corporation was organized in Menomonie that will add greatly to the volume of business transacted here and in our immediate vicinity. The corporation takes the name of "Dunn County Pressed Brick Co.," and its capital is $50,000, divided into 500 shares of $100 each.

The original creators are Wm. Wilson and John H. Knapp of Menomonie, and J. G. Thorpe and George B. Shaw, of the city of Eau Claire.


Menomonie City

We understand our city charter is in ship shape and will be circulated freely among our citizens soon. We will gladly publish it, that a thorough inspection may be had, unless its provisions, like its territorial dimensions -- only nine square miles -- prove too much for our space. We have not been favored with a copy of the bill, but Senator Flint informed us long ago that it would be submitted to the voters, to be "taken in" for adoption or rejection. March 21st, we learn, is the day now fixed.


Local Correspondence


Spring Brook

Miss Agnes Whitcher returned from La Crosse last week. Friends give her a hearty welcome.

Mr. Elery Massee has just arrived from Illinois with a fine lot of horses, which can be viewed gratis at D. A. Slye's.

John Dickson has sold his team and rented his farm and gone in partnership with J.H. Anderson in the harness business at Menomonie. Success to you, John.

There will be a donation party at the residence of H. E. Squires on Friday, Feb. 24 for the benefit of Rev. Joslin. A good time is anticipated by all. Pork, flour, beans, potatoes and even greenbacks will pass at par.

From Louisville

Roads are quite muddy.

Mr. Robert Vasey of Chicago spent a few days with us last week. His sister, Miss Jenny Vasey, who came with him, will remain during the summer.

Mr. Gus Lewis made us a pleasant call the fore part of the week.

Mr. Fletcher and Elery Massee arrived with another car load of horses last week.

Quite a number of people from this place attended the quarterly meeting at Fall City last Sunday.

Mr. Joseph Holt is preparing to go west, to make it his future home.

Grading on the railroad has begun at Dunnville.

Mr. E. H. Steves is getting anxious to get back to his farm in Dakota, as they have commenced seeding out there.

From Tiffany

W. O. Tabor's team came out of the woods last Sunday, crowned with victory. They were not balked by any load during the winter, and was the only team that hauled every load to which it was hitched. It was driven all winter by Frank Webster.

A Lyceum has been organized at the Pine Grove school house. It is to meet Saturday evenings.

Ed. Ankeny has returned from the woods, having accomplished a successful winter's work.

Charles Drake, who for two years past has been working at Knapp, has returned home.

Nicholas Lord remains in the woods yet, and may for some time, as nothing has been heard from him lately.

J. C. Lewis came down from the pineries recently, healthy, hearty and happy, having had a good time all winter.



FLETCHER-LUTON -- In Knapp, on Wednesday, February 15, 1882, by Rev. G. N. Foster, Mr. Charles Fletcher and Miss Mattie Luton, all of Knapp


TONNAR --In Menomonie, Feb. 15th, a son to Col. and Mrs. Geo Tonnar.




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