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Whistler Family - Connorsville

In the spring of 1866, Andrew Whisler and his family made the trip to Wisconsin, from Marshall Co Indiana. His wife was Delila Creviston, their children were David born 1841, Jane Elizabeth born 1844, John Wesley born 1846, James Andrew born 1850, Andrew Mike born 1852, Christopher Martin born 1854, William M. born 1857, Lewis bornAndrew and Delila Whisler 1859, and Mary Celeste born 1862. They came in two creaky wagons through the virgin timber lands of northern Wisconsin, bearing all their worldly possessions. In that forgotten yesterday, railroads were few and far between. Family storie has it that in Indiana, they were stopped, and David was took off to join the Civil War. See in Indiana, Andrew's job was in enlist body-abled men for the war. But because of the poverty and a fever epedemic, Andrew wanted to get his family out and away from Indiana. So they left, and now with out David. But this may just be a story. Elizabeth was living in Chillicothe, Missouri at this time, and came later in 1874. Her husband, James Carver had to stay behind to sell properties and such, so her brother John (Jack) Whisler came down to get her. They started there journey back to Wisconsin with John and Jane and her three little girls. As they were nearing the the crossing of the Misssissippi River in Durand, there horse "Old Andy" balked, and they almost went into the river. According to the family story, Jane Elizabeth  lived with John Brewer for the first year and gave birth to Bertha on his farm. He was a shoemaker and had made a pair of velvet shoes for her, which the family still posse.

The Whisler home was made of logs and needed alot of work, but he had a big family to help. When Jane Elizabeth's husband finally came they stayed with them as others moved on. They took over the farm when the parents passed on, and the children all put in hard work to better the place, which turned out to be a beautiful farm.

 David married Sarah Wood and had 4 children, Estella born 1871-married John Foner, Charlie born 1873, Arthur born 1884, David born 1887, and Herbert Ross born 1876-married Estella "Grace" Freeman

Herbert ran the Creamery in Connersville with help from Cousin Claude Edmonds. Herbert was the father of Percy, Kenneth, Ferne, Oakley (Duke) and Victor. Kenneth was a Postmaster in Downing, Victor was in WW2 and was never found.

Jane Elizabeth married James Carver and took over the Whistler farm. They had 8 children. Celesta born 1868, Emma born 1870-who married Daniel Clark, Ida born 1872-married Ernest Roemhild, Mary Bertha born 1875, Lottie born 1878, Dora born 1880-who married David Proffit, James Jr, and Mamie Delila born 1886. All the un-married ones stayed in Connersville and helped with the farm. James Jr was a teacher.

John (Jack) married Jesse Green and they had 9 children;  Charles born 1879-married Tillie Bower,  Maude born 1881-married LeRoy Caryl,  Charlotte born 1883-married George Gallati,  Florence born 1885-married Homer Kellogg,  Josephine born 1887-married Alvin Vesper, Herman born 1889-married Tillie Jackson, Esther born 1891-married Chris McDivitt, Pearl born 1893,  and Joseph born 1898-who married Florence Donicht-they were killed by a train in 1935.

James married Marietta Green and they had two children when he died, she was pregnant with the next one. He died 1878 of Appendicitis. Children are William Sidney born 1873-married Dora Johnston,  Lorenzo born 1875, and Alana born 1878 after he died, married Henry Gallati.

Andrew (Mike) married Barbara Hayes and farmed in Burnett Co-no children

Christopher married Marietta Green after his brother died but not until 1881. They had 2 children; Laura born 1883-married Elwyn Benner, and Mable born 1892-married Arthur Hedlund.

William married Francis Clark and they had 5 children; Alma born 1887 , Elma born 1888-married Charles Pickard, Everett born 1890-married Minnie Stuart and Ann Kleigle,  Mamie born 1893-married Harry Goblin,  Gladys born 1896-married Charles Stuart. (They took over the Whistler farm)

Lewis married Mary Tatro Culbertson and had one child,  Elsie born 1885-married Harry Lockwood

Mary Celesta married David Clark whom I think was the father to all the Clarks that married into this family. The Clarks own and ran the Connersville Store. He was much older then her, so when he couldn't anymore, she ran it. They had one child  Inez born1891-married Ralph Talmage

All but three I think are buried in New Haven Cemetery in Connersville. John has a bio, James Carver has a bio, David Clark may have, and Herbert Whistler is in the Connersville write up. Most family back in these days did not use the "T" in their names. Some did later.

Some of Delila Creviston's family came to Dunn with her, her sister Christina who married John Slagle lived in Eau Galle, Henry and James her brothers went to Vernon Co then to Jackson. Henry to Monroe later, then to Dunn Co and died here in Connersville. It is in the Carver family records and on census I have found. Some of her brother Williams kids came to Jackson and Monroe later also. We uncovered the lost Henry in New Haven Cemetery. He was born Abt. 1815, death aft. 1880.

By Jaimee Hedlund
4th Grt Granddaughter


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