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Green County, Wisconsin


"William Ellwood Ziegenfuss"

William Ellwood ZIEGENFUSS, M. D., of Albany, Wisconsin, was born August 8th, 1854, in
Pleasant Valley, Monroe County, Pennsylvania, of German descent. He is the youngest of seven children of a good family, well to do, long-lived, intelligent and religious. His great great grandfather Andrew ZIEGENFUSS and wife left Strasbourg, France for America in 1740. They settled near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from whence the family has scattered through Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Virginia. The parents of William Ellwood ZIEGENFUSS, George and Catharine, are still living in Pennsylvania, aged seventy-eight and sixty-six years, respectively. George ZIEGENFUSS is a retired miller.
The educational advantages in the Doctor's time and home were limited. All his education, so far
as received from schools, was obtained in Monroe County, at the district school, four months a year, under teachers of but limited qualification. At the age of seventeen, having privately studied of late, he began teaching school at $30 per month. He taught and attended the normal schools alternately for the next five years, thus taking an elective course of study, embracing a very liberal English education.
Having a natural inclination towards scientific studies, William Ellwood ZIEGENFUSS entered the
office of Dr. M. G. LESH and began the study of medicine. In the autumn of 1876 he entered the Department of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Michigan and graduated in the first advanced course of studies in June 1878. After graduating he spent a year in the East studying, traveling and corresponding for various papers, which, in addition to contributing to various medical journals, he still keeps up. In 1879 Dr. ZIEGENFUSS came to Dexter and began the practice of his profession. He is eminently successful as a physician.
On 23 December 1879 he was married to Hattie Lorain SILL of Dexter, who was born at Port
Huron, Michigan on October 19, 1857, to George S. and Sarah P. SILL, who still reside in Dexter, Michigan. Mrs. ZIEGENFUSS is of English-French descent. Her grandparents on both sides were early residents here. She is the oldest of three children, having a sister and a brother younger than she. Dr. ZIEGENFUSS is a man of extensive reading, both in his profession and in the collateral sciences, possessing native talent for metaphysics and the natural sciences. He is the author of various medical articles and is a fine writer.
Taken from "History of Green County, Wisconsin," (c)1884 Union Publishing; p. 431.
Courtesy of Cathy Kubly.

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