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From History of Grant County, Wisconsin, 1881, p. 985 - 986.


CHARLES WARREN LONEY, Fennimore. (Autobiography.) I was born Aug. 21, 1808, in the town of Franklin, Ross Co., Ohio; was brought up in a Methodist family, and taught to believe that it is wrong to break the Sabbath, or to attend church festivals; I embraced religion in Indiana in 1834, and joined the Methodist Church. Was married, June 3, 1832, to Mary Switzer; removed with my family to the Territory of Wisconsin in October, 1846, and bought land and settled in the town of Fennimore, Grant Co.; for personal abuse by those who should have been my friends, and for corruptions in the church, I called for and obtained a letter of recommendation from said church in 1871; in 1875, myself and wife presented our letters to the United Brethren in Christ, which church holds the same doctrines as regards the conditions of salvation, and have some church rules that I esteem more highly and vital importance in a religious view of the matter. This church is also more strict in the observance of their church discipline. These are some of the causes which led me to leave the M. E. Church and join the United Brethren. The love for and the tenacity with which the former church clings to Freemasonry and other minor secret organizations, its organs, its church festivals and its church music all tend to deprive it of the power for usefulness which it formerly possessed. There is no man or woman that can be a true follower of the Savior, and at the same time deny Him. With regard to politics, I always voted with the old Whig party while that party existed, and since its disorganization have voted with the Republican party. I was elected a Justice of the Peace in the town of Fennimore in 1847, and re-elected each succeeding two years for sixteen years. I taught the second term of school taught in the town in the winter of 1847-48. Mr. R. Dixon taught the first term the previous winter. I was elected Town Superintendent of Schools in 1849, and again in 1852, and 1853; was elected Town Clerk in 1865, and re-elected annually for sixteen years in succession. I have tried different occupations for a livelihood, but have never made much money at anything, but have always endeavored to deal honestly with all with whom I have done business. We have had four children, all born in Indiana, three of whom are living - Mary Ann (now Mrs. Mumms), Charles W. and Wm. H.


This biography generously submitted by Roxanne Munns.