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Extracted from the "History of Green County, Wisconsin" published by Union Publishing Company, Springfield, Ill. 1884; page 744:
The town of Cadiz comprises the southwest corner of Green county, embracing congressional township 1 north, range 6 east, of the fourth principal meridian. It is bounded on the north by the town of Jordan, on the east by Clarno, on the west by Lafayette County, and on the south by Stephenson County, IL.
The earliest settlers were George LOT in 1834 on section 36. Next came William BOYLES and Stephen G. HALE, Nicholas HALE and Bennett NOLAN.
Other early settlers were: Jesse W Shull; Mordecai KELLY; William BRIDGES; Martin BURT; Felix O'FLING; John BILLINGS; and Phillip, Michael and Elias DEYO.
The first child born was probably Marietta SHULL born in 1838
The first wedding in Cadiz and the second in Green county was that of James HAWTHORNE and Massy R. BOYLES which occured in August 1836.
The first death was that of Christopher CURDNER in 1837 at the house of Jesse W. Shull. Mr. Curdner buried on the farm of Mr. Shull were several other bodies were interred. This was the first burying ground of the town.
The post office in the town was "Skinner" located on section 3 established in 1853 with Isaac Williams being the first postmaster. This was in service until 1881 when the Browntown post office was created. Another post office called "Wausemon" was kept on section 6, being established in 1871 and was still operating in 1884.
Religions were United Brethren, and Methodist Episcopal .

Partial 1850 Census

    Bankom(?), William - Esther, Stephen, John, Martha A., William, Esther, Elhamon(?),Milo

    Bankom(?), Everett - Rachel, George, John

    Baughman, Silas - Monica, Mary, John

    Blackmore, John R.- Nancy, John, William, Francis, Jefferson, Mary, Roseliott

    Bridger, William - Elizabeth, Cornelius, Cordelia

    Conway, Riley - Mary, Mary A., Robert, William R, Matildy C.

    Cummins, John - Lucy, Amanda, Joseph, Betsy, Cornelius, Leorna, Nelby

    Dale, William - Harriet, George, Joseph, John, Jane, Abel

    Gist, Jesse - Harriet, Clarissa, George, Isaac, George

    Kelly, Mordicia - Catherine, Anna Morton, Sophia, Samuel, Absolom,James, Mordicia

    Kennedy, John - Mary, John

    Kennedy, Hugh - Maloina

    King, John B. - Adelia, Ama W., Robert B. Wells

    Michael, George - Jane, Charles H., Jeramiah Kelly

    Murphy, Stephen - Bridgett, Ellen

    Oleson, Larris - Leave, Nels, Palma, Ola

    Payne, Joseph - Roselitt, Martha, Patience, Joseph, Henry, John, John F. Hogan

    Philips, Isaac - Eliza, John, Mary, William, William Leyton

    Porter, William H. - Hannah, Lovisa, George T., Thomas (brother), Elias Jones

    Shice, William - Julia, Sarah, Mary, Barbary

    Tingley, David - Elizabeth, Robert, Moses

    Willford, Joseph - Phebe J., Samantha, Harriet, Joseph

    Woods, Jesse - Ester, Huldy, James

1860 Mortality Schedule
(extracted from 1860 Federal Census for Green County, Wisconsin)

James KELLY 19 years male   Wisconsin May farmer typhoid fever 30 days
John A. PALMER 2 years male   Wisconsin May   scarlet rash 30 days
Salinda E. BOWDEN 19 years female   Pennsylvania May   typhoid fever 17 days
Matilda HOVER 47 years female married Ohio November   cancer 15 months
Cyrus BROWN 2 years male   Wisconsin May   consumption 60 days
Melisa E. JONES 1 year female   Wisconsin March   scarlet rash 3 days
C.D. VanRIKER 66 years male married New York February shoemaker typhoid fever 17 days
Cenia E. BRATLEY 1 month female   Wisconsin November   spasmodic affliction 1 day
Lovina M. DIETZ 1 year female   Wisconsin August   pleurisy 14 days
Nancy NALLY 6 years female   Wisconsin June   typhoid fever 28 days
Malisa HAYS 3 months female   Wisconsin April   whooping cough 22 days
William DAVIS 4 years male   Wisconsin April   internal injury 65 days
William MOORE 44 years male   Virginia September clergyman jaundice 90 days
Emely VERLY 23 years female married Wisconsin February   lung fever 3 years
John HOOVER 59 years male married Pennsylvania May farmer dropsy 4 years
Elisa ROBB 48 years female married Pennsylvania January   consumption 2 years
Clara M. COX 1 year female   Wisconsin September   lung fever 15 days
Hannah MOORE 3 years female   Wisconsin February   clung fever 15 days
Hester M. HAUGHEY 20 years female single Ohio February   consumption 2 years
Mary GRAY 49 years female married Ohio February   consumption 90 days

History of Cadiz
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Old Cadiz Country School Map
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