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Photograph by Carol Myers.


St. Frances Catholic/Puddledock 21 Biggs Rd.  
Adams Norwegian Lutheran 03 SW 1/4
NW 1/4
County A by Church  
Fairview/Shook's Prairie 23 County C, West 8.2 miles from Monticello  
James McGuire Farm 25 West of County J, jct. Grossen Road (woods)  
Albany Lutheran 7 County X, north of County EE Albany 53502
Calvary/Crooh     W407 Hwy 59
Albany 53502
Hillcrest 28 Hwy. 59, southwest of town 205 N. Mechanic St.
Albany 53502
Peace     3403 County Trk. C
Albany 53502
St. Patrick's Catholic/
St. Rose's Church
  Jct. 5th and State St. 1005 W. 2nd Ave.
Brodhead 53520
Union/English Settlement/
Welsh/Allen Creek
10 English Settlement Rd. - North of
Dunphy Rd., 2 miles East of Albany
Scott Hill     14841 Spring Hill Rd.
Brodhead 53520
Washington     1307 - 14th St.
Brodhead 53520
W Luther Valley     R 3 W Church Road
Brodhead 53520
Attica 66 County C north of County X Wayne Albertson
N7347 County H
Attica 53521
Jug Prairie 15 1/2 mile East of County E on Yarwood Rd.  
Mt. Hope/Washington   Village of Brooklyn (part in Dane County) 102 N. Putland
Brooklyn 53521
Peach Evang. United Brethren 35 County C, 1 mile west of Rock County line  
Old Cadiz 22 Stubbe and Allen Road  
Michael 03 Hwy. 11 to Allen Rd. South  
Martin/Martintown 32 Martintown  
Franklin/Kelly 01 from Monroe on Hwy. 11, 4 miles
left into narrow lane
Cadiz/Saucerman 22 County B, west of Allen Road  
Bethel/Hawthorne 09 Bethel Road 1415 Willow Way
Monroe 53566
Bowen Farm 33 Hwy 69 West side
(in pasture)
Ralph Figi Farm 20 Honey Creek Road, south of County B  
Greenwood - Monroe City 02 29th Ave. South Michael Doyle
P.O. Box 296
Monroe 53566
Old Pioneer 29 Depeler Rd., West of Woodman Rd.  
Staver/St. Peter 30 County P junction County HK  
United Methodist/
East Clarno School
25 junction County P and Haddinger Rd.  
West Clarno/Pioneer 34 County P west of Clarno  
Calvary 02 29th Ave. South, Monroe  
Gap 06 from Albany, Hwy. 59
southwest 3.5 miles
Moore 20 near Prairie and County SS junction N3528 Prairie Rd.
Brodhead 53520
Decatur 20 County F at Park Rd. Brodhead  
Greenwood/Rock County   County T Brodhead 1035 - 1st Center Ave.
Brodhead 53520
Richland (Austin or Oak Hall) Cemetery      
Twin Grove      
Mount Vernon/Lebanon 36 County S north of Hwy 11 P.O. Box 22
Juda 53550
Dutch Hollow 05 Dutch Hollow Rd. Rt. 4 P.O. Box 35
Monroe 53566
Washington Reformed 21 Church at High Point Rd. Monticello 53570
Thomas Saunders Farm 12/13 County C, 1 mile west of Monticello  
Union/Benkert 22 Loveland Rd., 5 miles east of County N  
Gabriel Family 34    
Green's Prairie 23 Postville Rd. north of Postville  
Postville 27 County H, east of Postville  
Old York American Lutheran 05 Hwy 39  
York Memorial Lutheran 05 Jct. 39 and 78  
Ula 17/20 from New Glarus, County H 10.5 miles  

This information is intended as a guide. There is no guarantee as to the correctness of the addresses or the content within. There have been other cemeteries in the area but they are no longer in use. If you have any corrections, suggestions or know of other cemeteries in the area, please feel free to email me.

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