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Decatur Township

Extracted from the "History of Green County, Wisconsin" published by Union Publishing Company, Springfield, Ill. 1884; page 787:
The town of Decatur lies in the eastern tier of Green county's sub-divisions, embracing congressional township 2 north range 9 east. It is bounded on the north by the town of Albany; on the west by Sylvester; on the south by Spring Grove; and on the east by Rock county.
First settlers were: John MOORE, Thomas CHAMBERS, John J. DAWSON, Samuel ROWE, Robert MATTOX, E. T. FLEEK, William Jones, Benjamin H. FLEEK, Samuel NORTHCRAFT, Donald JOHNSON, David BIGELOW, Thomas STEWART, J. I .BOWEN, Perry and Washington MITCHELL and others.
The first settler within the limits comprising Decatur was John MOORE who came in the autumn of 1839.
The first birth was that of Caroline CHAMBERS daughter of Thomas and Rebecca born in 1840.
The first marriage was that of Delilah J. MOORE daughter of John MOORE to William Riley in 1842.
The first deaths occurred in the autumn of 1846. Adults were David BIGELOW and William NIPPLE; while the first children to die were John M. and Emily J. NORTHCRAFT.
The first bridge in the town of Decatur, as well as in Green County, was built across the Sugar river on section 14 in 1849 by Joseph WOODLE and was in use until the road was vacated in 1856.
Religions were Methodist and Baptist.

1860 Mortality Schedule
(extracted from 1860 Federal Census for Green County, Wisconsin)

James KELLY 1 year male   Wisconsin July   sudden 1 hour
Jane BRIDGE 1 year female   Wisconsin April   scarlet fever 6 days
Martin FLANERY 3 days male   Wisconsin November   unknown 3 days
Timothy McLAIN 26 years male   Ireland November laborer accidental drowning sudden
Mary McLAIN 5 years female   Massachusetts May   scarlet fever 2 days
Mary EARLY 10 days female   Wisconsin November   unknown 8 hours
Lillian SCHUMAN 7 months female   Wisconsin November   consumption 1 day
John TURNER 9 months male   Wisconsin November   cholera infantum 24 hours
Mary PETTIS 31 years female   Massachusetts December   diarhea 20 days
Ella A. PETTIS 6 months female   Wisconsin September   diarhea 14 days
Demick O. GARY 5 months male   Wisconsin October   diarhea flux 4 days
John CONWAY 1 day male   Wisconsin October   unknown 1 day
Catharine MATTOCK 10 years female   Wisconsin March   poison 2 days
Maria L. MATTOCK 7 years female   Wisconsin April   poison 14 days
Harriet MATTOCK 3 years female   Wisconsin March   poison 1 day
Mary STEVENS 1 year female   Illinois July   accidentally killed sudden
---- DAUGHABOUGH 6 days male   Wisconsin October   unknown 2 days
William CHAMBERS 2 years male   Wisconsin April   scarlet fever 11 days
Daniel McVILL 44 years male married Wisconsin August farmer dropsy 7 days
Emery W. BUTTON 6 years male   Wisconsin April   scarley fever 4 days
Harvey F. BUTTON 2 years male   Wisconsin May   scarlet fever 7 days
Cyrus H. WOODLING 15 years male   Indiana August farmer inflammation of bowels 9 days
Minne STEWART 5 weeks female   Wisconsin September   diarhea 4 days
Maria ARMSTRONG 2 months female   Wisconsin July   accidentally smothered sudden
Eva S. FILBRICK 3 monmths female   Wisconsin Decemeber   fits 3 days
Ada SHIPMAN 1 year female   Wisconsin March   bowel complaint 9 days
Ellen E. STEWART 3 months female   Wisconsin February   lung disease 4 days
John WILLIAMS 84 years male widow Massachusetts June carpenter old age sudden
Margaret HUMPHRIES 13 years female   Wisconsin September   typhoid fever 28 days

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