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Extracted from the "History of Green County, Wisconsin" published by Union Publishing Company, Springfield, Ill. 1884; page 867:
This town lies in the southern tier of Green county's civil subdivision. It is bounded on the north by the town of Sylvester, on the east by Spring Grove, on the west by Clarno, and on the south by the IL. State line. The territory embraced by this town is designated as congressional township 1 north, range 1 east, of the fifth principal meridian.
Among the early settlers were the following: J. H. and David C. BRIDGE, J. E. CLARK, James RILEY, John BRIDGE, John CHADWICK, Jeremiah BRIDGE, Jotham SCUDDER, John KANE, William RITTENHOUSE, and Rev. Garrett R. PATTON.
The first birth was a son of J. E. CLARK on 19 Nov 1836.
The first death was that of Anna BRIDGE, wife of Jeremiah, who died previous to 1840 and was buried on the Stateline.
Hiram DUNWIDDIE's mark for cattle was under bit in left ear, and under slit in right ear. David C. BRIDGE's mark for stock was a smooth crop of right ear
Religions were Christian or better known as Compbellite; Richland M. E. church; English Lutheran.
Twin Grove cemetery was organized 20 Feb 1879. The first burial was that of an infant child of Rev. James M. REES.
Oak Hall Cemetery, which is located on section 5, embraces one acre of land that was donated by Seth AUSTIN and S. L. ROUB

1860 Mortality Schedule
(extracted from 1860 Federal Census for Green County, Wisconsin)

Hannah CATHARINE 1 year female   Wisconsin September   flux 7 days
Peter BANTA 5 years male   Wisconsin February   scarlet fever 25 days
Mary J. MOORISON 2 months female   Wisconsin January   fits 7 days
Chas. S. KENYON 3 years male   Wisconsin April   croup 2 days
John ALLEN 47 years male married Ohio February farmer cancer on the bowels 21 days
Willis W. ALLEN 1 year male   Wisconsin September   diarrhea 21 days
Wilbert E. ALLEN 1 year male   Wisconsin September   diarrhea 14 days
Harriet A. HILLIARD 8 years female   Wisconsin October   typhoid fever 8 days
Elisabeth B. CRAMER 2 years female   Wisconsin October   diarrhea 90 days
Isaiah LOCKHART 14 years male   New Hampshire Decemeber   fever 35 days
Abegal LOCKHART 12 years female   Michigan December   billious fever 35 days
George A. LOCKHART 1 year male   Wisconsin January   scarlet rash 14 days
Benjamin HICKMAN 60 years male   England February farmer flux 28 days
Margaret PATTEN 2 years female   Wisconsin October   scarelt rash
& sore throat
12 days
Joel ??? 4 days male   Wisconsin October   fits 1 day
John WHITEHEAD 29 years male   England August farmer inflammation 45 days
Arthur O. LATTIMORE 1 year male   Wisconsin January   lung fever 17 days

The 1906 Prairie Valley School Card

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