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New Glarus

Extracted from the "History of Green County, Wisconsin" published by Union Publishing Company, Springfield, Ill. 1884; page 639 and 1023:
The town of New Glarus is the second in the northern tier of Green county, beginning from the west. It is bounded on the north by the town of Primrose, Dane county; on the east by the town of Exeter; on the south by the town of Washington; and on the west by the town of York.
Several squatters were in the neighborhood, their names being: ARMSTRONG, GREENWOOD, SLATER, MORLEY, BRITTON, HARVEY, LEMON.
In 1884 there were three cemeteries in the town of New Glarus. The oldest one is adjoining the church of the colonists. The grounds forming this quaint church yard, becoming filled with the dead of the congregation, a new cemetery was laid out about eight rods west of the village, which is well cared for. The grounds are dotted with memorial monuments for it is the universal custom of the people to mark the graves of the dead. The third cemetery is located on the same road, about half a mile from the village, and belongs to the German Evangelical society. It is neatly arranged.
The first birth in new colony was that of Thomas, son of Mathias and Katrina SCHMID the date being 12 Dec. 1845
The first death was that of a young son of Mathias and Katrina SCHMID's. No dates are given but presumed to be before 1845.
Among the first marriages in town was that of Henry ALBLY and Mary BECKER on 26 Oct. 1847.
The town of New Glarus was organized in April 1850, prior to which, the settlement had been generally known as the Swiss colony, but to those in Switzerland as New Glarus. The territory comprising it had been hitherto attached, for all civil purposes, to the adjoining town of York. The village of New Glarus was laid out and platted in 1851, by Mr Spangler, of Monroe. During the year, the first framed house was erected by Ott Bros, since of Madison, who opened the first store; and the same year, Joshua Wild built a saw mill with an undershot wheel. The first hotel was erected by Baumgartner Brothers in 1853. In 1862 David Klaessy built a grist mill, with two run of stones, propelled by water power; and with this mill was probably connected the first barley hulling machine in Wisconsin. The demand warranted the outlay, as hulled barley soup is a favorite dish among the New Glarus people. In 1867, a brewery was built by Dr. Blumer and Co.; and beer has been brewed since, supplying the settlement, which formerly received its national beverage from Madison and Monroe.
Swiss cheese was made by many farmers as early as 1854, and much of an excellent quality was sold, but dairy cheese making has given way to the factory system. The first cheese factory was est. in 1870. Three-forths of the cheese made is Limburger and is said to pay the maker better than any other variety.

1860 Mortality Schedule
(extracted from 1860 Federal Census for Green County, Wisconsin)

Jacob KUNDERT 1 year male   Wisconsin July   brain fever 2 days
Sarah J. WAGNER 2 months female   Wisconsin July   dropsy on brain 5 weeks
Henry GEIGER 2 months male   Wisconsin November   dropsy on brain 3 days
Nicholas LEGLER 7 months male   Wisconsin March   lung fever 6 months
Baltzer ETTER 11 months male   Wisconsin June   whooping cough 8 months
Webber JOHNSON 42 years male married Norway March   consumption 9 months
Joshua SELLOCK 1 week male   Wisconsin June   brain fever 7 days
Jacob NORTH 15 years male   France Dec farmer lung fever 9 months
Fanna ZIMMERMAN 4 months female   Wisconsin January   fitz 2 days
Fanna ZIMMERMAN 39 years female   Switzerland March   dropsy 14 days

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