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Extracted from the "History of Green County, Wisconsin" published by Union Publishing Company, Springfield, Ill. 1884; page 1097:
The town of Sylvester embraces the territory of congressional township 2 north, range 8 east of the fourth principal meridian. It is bounded on the north by the town of Mount Pleasant; on the east of Decatur; on the south by Jefferson, and on the west by Monroe.
The first settlement within the limits now comprising the town of Sylvester was made by William WOODLE who had located on section 31 before 1838.
Other settlers were: Amos R SYLVESTER for whom the town was named, Joseph McCRACKEN, Davis BOWAN, Reese RUSH, Benjamin MITCHELL, T. W. THOMPSON, Dr. GRIFFEN, Isaac BETTS, Jacob STULL, Justus SUTHERLAND, Mrs. Jerusha COLTON, A. G. HOUGHTON, Daniel WESSEL, John CHRYST, Mr. RODERICK, Jacob STAUFFACHER, and Samuel VANCE.
The first murder committed in the town was that of F. OHM, who was killed by his son, Fred in June 1878.
The first death was that of Joshua DAVIS in the winter of 1837-38. His remains were buried on the southwest quarter of section 35, near what was then known as Rock Spring but was subsequently disinterred and now rests in the Mount Vernon cemetery
One of the first marriages in the town, if not the first, was that of William BAIRD to Elizabeth WOODLE, daughter of Joseph WOODLE on the 4th of July 1839.
Religions were: Methodist, German Zion Church of the Evangelical Association of North America, and Baptist.
The first burials of deceased residents of this town were made in Richland cemetery.
A burial ground was started at an early day on the farm of Justus SUTHERLAND. The remains of James SUTHERLAND was about the first interment made here. This was used as a cemetery until 1856 or 1857, when a new cemetery was laid out on section 2, and several bodies were removed to it from the Sutherland ground. When the Gap Church cemetery was laid out, another removal was made leaving but few graves in the former grounds.
The cemetery of Mount Vernon Baptist Association is located on the southwest corner of section 36.
The Evangelical Cemetery Association was formed in 1860. They bought one-half acre of land from Jacob STAUFFACHER on section 5. In 1872 it was platted into lots. It contains twenty-eight lots, 18x34 feet in size. It was laid out by Jacob NORDER, Henry BAEBLER, Dietrich STAUFFACHER, and Jacob STAUFFACHER. Among the first burials here were those of the remains of John RHINER and Michael NORTH.

1860 Mortality Schedule
(extracted from 1860 Federal Census for Green County, Wisconsin)

George DECKER 54 years male married Wisconsin March farmer diabetes 14 days
Jackson RAYMOND 33 years male married Pennsylvania November shoemaker killed by falling tree sudden
Sarah LOVELACE 23 years female married Pennsylvania May farmer scarlet rash 10 days
Hugh M. ALLENSWORTH 10 years male   Pennsylvania March   rheumatism 90 days
Laura A. ALLENSWORTH 10 months female   Wisconsin March   lung fever 28 days
Benj. T. RICE 74 years male married Pennsylvania June carriage maker bilioous cholic 10 days
John RINER 32 years male married Switzerland January farmer nerve fever 20 days
Joseph PLACE 52 years male married Vermont April farmer consumption 2 years
Michael NORTH 23 years male   France November farmer typhoid fever 8 days
William SHERMAN 33 years male   Germany August farmer scrofula 7 years
Robt. SEARLS 69 years male married Wisconsin July farmer heart disease sudden
Louisa WEBSTER 38 years female married Wisconsin December farmer consumption 7 weels
John COTTON 36 years male married Wisconsin December farmer quick consumption 42 days
Austin EDWARDS 15 years male   Wisconsin August   brain injury 30 days
Samuel F. BROADBENT 1 year male   Wisconsin May   scrofula & spasm 4 days
Ira J. CLEMMER 2 years male   Wisconsin September   dysentery 4 days

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