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Adams Township

Extracted from the "History of Green County, Wisconsin" published by Union Publishing Company, Springfield, Ill. 1884; page 644:
The town of Adams embraces congressional township 3 north, range 6 east. It is bounded on the north by the town of York, on the east by Washington, on the south by Jordan, and on the west by Lafayette county.

James BIGGS of Ohio, made the first settlement within the limits now comprising the town of Adams, coming here before the Black Hawk War and surveying and subdividing range 6. He discovered a rank growth of what is termed "lead-wed" or "lead plant" whose roots are said to extend forty feet below the surface. Gen BIGGS knew that a line of this weed on the surface was an indication of a fissure that might contain lead. In 1835, he settled here, but for several years, his family spent much of the time at "Hamilton Diggings."

William BRAZEL, native of Illinois, came in 1837 and in 1840, moved into the town of Jordan, living there until 1849 when he sold out and moved to the town of Adams where he had previously entered land. Here he lived until his death in 1851.

Jonas SHOOK settled in 1837 on section 24 . Shook's Prairie got its name from this pioneer settler.

Richard GABRIEL, native of Ohio came in 1838 and settled on section 13 and then moved to the town of York.

Other settlers were: sons of Robert BAILEY; Willam L, James H and David D coming in 1840 to section 23; Matthew CUNNINGHAM 1842; Michael CROTTY, 1842; Cutler WILKINS, 1843; Davis ROUB, 1844; Samuel KELLY, 1844; Martin MULLIN, 1844; Frank MULLIN 1844. Other early settlers were William MORRISON; R M JACKSON; Reuben HOLCOMB; David COVEY; George DEVOE; Russell ALLEN; Levi ALLEN; Uriah BAILEY; Oliver FULLER; Adam SHRAKE; Orville SPAULDING; Robert P GRINNELL.

The first birth was Julia, daughter of Gen. James and Angeline BIGGS, born 1835.

The first death was that of an infant daughter of William and Mary BRZEL in 1838.

The first election in the town was held at the house of James H. BAILEY.

Jonas SHOOK was the first postmaster of Willett. A post-office called "Walnut Springs" was established in 1848 with James BIGGS as postmaster. The office was on a route from Madison to Wiota. It was discontinued after a few years.

Religions were Lutheran and Catholic. The Catholic church was erected on the southwest quarter of section 21, and there was a cemetery there also with the first burial being John GALLAGAN.

1860 Mortality Schedule
(extracted from 1860 Federal Census for Green County, Wisconsin)

John M. CROOKS 1 month male   Wisconsin October   fits 3 weeks
Antone SWENSON 7 years male   Wisconsin March   unknown 8 days
Thomas BIGGS 40 years male married Ohio May farmer dropsy 2 months
Caroline BIGGS 6 months female   Wisconsin October   unknown 1 week
Wallace GRINNAL 7 months male   Wisconsin March   consumption 3 months
Dixon BAILEY 60 years male married Georgia December farmer cancer 6 months
Frances DIXON 25 years male   Illinois September farmer typhoid fever 6 weeks
Merret OSBORN 66 years male married Connecticut February clothier consumption 6 days
Thomas BRYNE 9 months male   Wisconsin January   unknown 1 week
Mary RINE 1 month female   Wisconsin September   unknown 3 days
??? RINE 7 months male   Wisconsin April   kidney disease 7 months
Margaret FITZGERALD 3 years female   Wisconsin November   burned sudden
Deborah E. SCOTT 1 month female   Wisconsin Decemeber   unknown 5 days
William McGUIRE 73 years male married Ireland July farmer affection of liver 2 weeks
Mary KELLEY 59 years female married Ohio June   chronic rhematism 6 years
William McGUIRE 86 years male married Ireland July farmer typhoid fever 3 weeks

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