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Local History Holdings

Monroe Public Library
925 16th Ave.
Monroe, WI 53566

Some of the main titles are listed below. You will find histories of towns, businesses, schools, as well as some family genealogies. The library does not do research for you. If you need research done, please contact one of the researchers listed on the Green County Home Page.

Please note: You might try Interlibrary loan to obtain these books before trying to get information from the library.

Abbreviations:LHR: Local History Rare Book
LHRL: Local History Ref Lcoal
NF: Nonfiction
RRRL Reference Room REf Local

County and Town Books

LHR 977.586 BIN Bingham, Helen Maria - History of Green County 1877
LHRL 977.579 COM - Commemorative biographical record of the counties of Rock, Green, Grant, Iowa and Lafayette, WI, containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens, and of many of the early settled families.
LHR 977.333 HIS/K - History of Stephenson Co, IL 1970
LHR 977.586 BRI Bridge, Ferne M Deininger - Juda facts and photos
LHRL 929.3 IOW V.1 Fieldhouse Foundation Iowa County heritage
LHRL 929.3 LAF - Lafayette County marriage index 1847-1990 bride's book
LHRL 929.3 LAF - Lafayette County marriage index 1847-1990 groom's book
LHRL 929.3 LAF - Lafayette County Probate index - earliest record through 1989
LHRL 929.5 MON Bagley, Loren Donald - Monticello Prairie Baptist Church Gap Cemetery: Albany, WI
LHRL 940.322 BRO Brodhead's tribute to her men of the Service 1914-1918
LHRL 940.54 ROT Roth, Nathan  - Farm boys, artillery men : the history of Green county's 5th Battery of Wisconsin Independent Light Artilllery in the Civil War
LHRL 977.333 DRU Drury, John - This is Stephenson Co, IL - an up-to-date historical narrative with county and township maps, and many unique aerial photographs of cities, towns, villages and farmssteads.
LHRL 977.57 SOUR V.4 Gregory, John Goadby - Southwestern WI - a history of old Crawford county
LHRL 977.578 LAX Laxey in the New World - Manxmen and their Cornish neighbors
LHRL 977.579 HIS History of Lafayette county, WI, containing an account of its settlement, growth, development and resources; an extensive and minute sketch of its cities, towns and villages.... its war record, biographical sketches.. the whole preceded by a history of Wisconsin, statistics of the state, and an abstract of its laws and constitution, and of the constitution of the US
LHRL 977.579 JOS  Joshua Darling's town 1880-1920
LHRL 977.579 LAC New Diggings is an old diggings
LHRL 977.579 LAF The Lafayette County bicentennial book, 1776-1976
LHRL 977.579 VIE Views of Argyle
LHRL 977.579 VIE Views of Blanchardville, Wis
LHRL 977.586 ALL Allen, Ken - History of the Green County Fair
LHRL 977586 AME Joy, Janeen - America's "Little Switzerland" New glarus
LHRL  977.586 BOO v.1  Memoirs of Green Co, WI - from the earliest historical times down to the present
LHRL 977.586 BRO - Brodhead Historical Society Bicentennial book
LHRL 977.586 FIG Figi, Mathew L - Enterprise School, 1859-1964 Clarno Township, Green co., WI
LHRL 977.586 GRE 1936 - Rockford Map Publishers - Green Co, WI land atlas and plat book (-1994)  also for some up to 1994; 1979; 1981; 1983; 1985;
LHRL 977.586 GRE - Green County Extension homemaker history 1936-1976
LHRL 977.586 GRE - Green Co WI township maps and index, 1861 - residents listed by name, township and section
LHRL 977.586 HIS - Historic Monroe walking tour
LHRL 977.586 PIN - Our part of America - Browntown, Cadiz, Jordan 1890-1990
LHRL 977.586 YES - Yesteryears--the history of Albany
LHRL 977.586 PRA/1919 Prairie Farmer's Reliable directory of farmers and breeders, Green Co, WI 
NF 977.579 BIS Bisegger, Lucile Monson William Stephen Hamilton's Wiota - 1828-diggings-1993
NF 977.586 HAM Hamilton, Edmund C - The story of Monroe its past and its progress toward the present
NF 977.586 MON Monticello past and present
NF 977.586 NOR  Norton, Marley Jo  A history of Green County for children
NF 977.586 RIC  Richards, Roswell s - The Monticello Drizzle 
NF 977.586 THE  Theiler, Miriam Barbara  - New Glarus' first 100 years
RRRL 977.586 GRE * 1995  Cloud Cartographics Inc - Green county, WI land atals and plat book

Business, Church, School and Societies Histories

LHR 363.378 BEN/K Benkert, Joe  - A not-so-brief history of the Monroe Volunteer Fire Dept
LHR 920 SWI - Swiss-American Historical Society, Prominent Americans of Swiss origin
LHR 977.579  BAR/K Barry, Catherine - Memoirs of old grist mills in the Pecatonica River Valley:  Owega, Argyle, Blanchardville, Moscow, Puddle Dock
LHR 977.586 EGA Egan, Richard - Green Co., WI: a history of the agricultural development
LHR 977.586 EGA Bridge, Ferne M Deininger  -  The schoolbell rings
LHRL 355.351 RED - The Red Arrow : the 32nd Div, Wisconsin National Guard 1955
LHRL 050 EVA 1885 Evans, Orville  City Directory of Monroe
LHRL 325.494 SWI Swiss-Am Historical Society - Swiss in the US, a compilation prepared for the Swiss-Am Historical Society as the second volume of its publications.
LHRL 355.351 THI US National Guard. 32d Inf Div, Ft Lewis, WA 1962
LHRL 363.378 EIS Eiseley, Jane - Volunteer firefighting in Sauk City & South Central WI
LHRL 371.805 M Book 1966 - M Book
LHRL 371.805 Mon  Figi, Matthew L - Monroe High School graduates 1871-1914
LHRL 637.3 GOL Goltz, Colleen Rae - Green County cheesemakers
LHRL 637.3 ODE Odell, Emery A - Eighty years of swiss cheese in Green county
LHRL663.4 WIS the Wisconsin brewing story
LHRL 977.586 KNI - A hisotry of Knight Mfg Corp 1945-1995
LHRL 977.586 PEA - Commemorating the 65th Anniversayr - Peace Church Evangelical and Reformed, Browntown, WI
NF 977.586 SCH Schilt, Thomas  The history of the Monroe city Band

Family Genealogies

LHRL 929.2 ALMS Alm, Paul A - The Paulsons and Alms in America - the family of Paul and Birthe Gilbertson
LHRL 929.2 AUS Austin, Paul R - Austins to Wisconsin
LHRL 929.2 BECKMEIER Beckmeier, William A - The ancestors and descendant of Henry Beckmeier (Heinrich Friedrich Gottlieb Beckmeier) born 4 Sept 1837 in Brakelsiek, Lippe-Detmold Bermany and Amalia Thies (Amalie sophie Luise Thies) born 4 June 1846 in Hagedorn, Westphalia, Germany
LHRL 929.2 BENKERT  Wartenweiler, Leona S - Your Family tree
LHRL 929.2 BENNETT Ray, Bernadine Smith -  Jehial Bennett : a history of the forebears and descendants of Jehial Bennett, first of ourline in WI, with an appendix of the allied families of Crain, Bentley, Williams, Richardson, Shelpman, McCoun
LHRL 929.2 BINCKHARDT Descendants of Hans and Anna Binckhardt 1675-1990
LHRL 929.2 BRIDGE  Hurd-Karrer, Annie May  - The Bridge family of NJ, OH, and WI
LHRL 929.2 BUKER Buker, Raymond - Cousins--- by the dozens-- by the hundreds--by the thousands-- and on and on--
LHRL 929.2 CHRISTENS Schmid, Byron L - The Christens in Switzerland and America
LHRL 929.2 CRANE  Austin, Paul R - The Cranes of Owego, Marengo and Monroe
LHRL 929.2 DERTHICKS Spencer, Jack Taif - Genealogy and history of the Derthicks and related Derricks : eight centuries of the the Derthicks and related Derricks in Am and England
LHRL 929.2 DETTWILER Dettwiler, Hans - Natives of Langenbruck ; farmers in America for 100 years ; from Langenbrucker als farmer in Amerika vor 100 years
LHRL 929.2 DODGE Dodge, Joshep Thompson - Genealogy of the Dodge family of Essex Co. Mass 1629-1894 vol 1
LHRL 929.2 HAWKINSLovel, Burrell B - A genealogical outline of the descendants of Calvin & Anna (Gannon) Hawkins 1794-1988
LHRL 929.2 ISELI Gnagi, Ralph Kennneth - family genealogy
LHRL 929.2 JOHNSON Johnson, Frances - Paternal war ancestors of Frances Roderick Johnson
LHRL 929.2 JOSS (YOSS) Yoss, Fred L 1898-1974 Roots and brances of Jodocus - a genealogy of the Joss(Yoss) lineage
LHRL 929.2 KELLY Morton, William Markham - Descendants of James Kelly of VA
LHRL 929.2 MITCHELL Mitchell, Stuart McNair - John Mitchell and some of his descendants
LHRL 929.2 MOODY Wright, Jessie Dickson - The Mudie, Moodey, Moody family from Scotland to England to America 1500 to 1978
LHRL 929.2 MORTON Morton, W Markham - descendents (sic) of Francis & Ruth (Powel) Morton from Georgia to Wisconsin 1776-1976
LHRL 929.2 ODELL  Pool, Minnie Alice Lewis - Odell genealogy, US and Canada 1635-1935; ten generations in America in direct line
LHRL 929.2 OWENS  Owens, Edward William - Genealogical record of the Owens family, with sketches of the Byrnes kindred
LHRL 929.2 SCHMID  Schmid, Byron L - The Schmids in Switzerland and America
LHRL 929.2 SCHNEIDER Wagner, Betty Marie Daley - The Schneider genealogy and related families : ancestors and descendants of Carl Rudolf Schneider and Elizabeth Lena Bahler(later spelled Beller); John G Bahler(Beller) and Anna Elisabeth Schneider; Samuel Bahler(Beller) and Elsbeth Litzy of Uetendorf, Canton Berne, Switzerland and Green Co WI 1765-1995
LHRL 929.2 SELCK  Wagner Betty Marie Daley -  The Selck genealogy and related families - dexcendant of Johann(John) Selc and Maria (Mary) Drueger of Germany, Rock and Green Co. WI 18081985
LHRL 929.2 SHOOK Figi, Matthew L - I shook the family tree
LHRL 929.2 TEN EYCK Ten Eyck, Albert Moore - Ten Eyck family record
LHRL 929.2 URNESS A Tribute to Norwegian parents, Ambjorn and Oline Urness : the first three generations in america
LHRL 929.2 WILLIAMS Ehrig, Frances Camille Hansen - A Williams chronicle; desc. of Thomas Williams of Sullivan co., NY and Jefferson co., PA including some families of Horton, Morris Hickox, Foster, Elwood, Rice, Zum Brunnen, Nolph, Crissman, Hastings, Edelblute, McKnight and others
LHRL 929.2 WOODLE Jacobs, Keneth Robert - Woodle family gneealogy - Woodal-Wooddell-Woodell
LHRL 929.2 YOSS Yoss, Fred L - In the shadow of the mound

Other books of interest

LHRL 929 DAR * 1982 supplement to the DAR patriout index
LHRL 929 DAR Patriot index
LHRL 929.1 SWI - The Swiss record : yearbook of the Swiss-AM Hist Soc
LHRL 929.1 TOL - Wisconsin's German element : J H A Lacher's introductory history
LHRL 929.1072 NIE Nielson, Paul Anthon  Swiss genealogical research : an introduction guide
LHRL 929.3 WEL Wellauer, Maralyn A - Tracing Your Swiss Roots

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