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Photo #1

This photo was taken in Monticello, WI. and is of the William H. and Hannah (Barlow) Clark family. The three children are Charlie, Wesley, and Daisey Pearl.

I would like to put this photo in the hands of a descendant of William and Hannah.

Please email me Donald Gumaer

Photo #2

This photo was taken at C.W. Lucas Studios in Brodhead, WI.
On the back of the photo it reads Mary, Nellie, Nettie (Nube?), Robert and John A. Under John A. it says Grandpa Chambers.

Please email me Joy Vaughn McGinnis

Photo #3

Beth May Palmer. The back says Beth was 5 months old and was born 20 Nov 1897. This photo was taken at the Martin Studio in Brodhead, WI.

Please email me Donna Kjendlie

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