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Green County Surnames

Please me with your surnames being researched in Green County.

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ATTENTION!! This page was updated on 01 Jan 2014. If your name is no longer on the list please email the information to me. I sent out emails requesting updates and if no one responded after two weeks we deleted the entries. Thanks.

Allen Debra Bailey Trail
Allenspach Shirley Jero
Ash Barry D. Wood
Babler Shirley Jero
Bahler Carol Higgins
Bailey Debra Bailey Trail
Baker Barbara Vester
Balis Dianne Stevens
Beckman(n) Ted Beckman
Bell Barry D. Wood
Beller Carol Higgins
Benkert Shirley Jero
Betts Donna Kjendlie
Betts Peggy Rockwell Gleich
Blumer Shirley Jero
Boreson Kathy Olden Berman
Brazel Ginny Gerber
Brunkow Donna Kjendlie
Brunkow Peggy Rockwell Gleich
Burns Verlaine Schuelter Ockenfels
Caradine Coleen Hoffman
Caradine Sandra Wille
Carpenter Jim Carpenter
Case Francis Doutt Snit
Chadwick Penny Chatfield
Coates Dennis Coates
Collentine Ron Hallberg
Colton James Blazier
Crotty Cathy Rossing
Cullison Carol Higgins
Dedrick Lynda McGinnis
Demaray Bonnie Pehrson
Deniston Judith Deniston Falconer
Dezell Angela Wiseman
Divan Wendy Henkel
Disch Shirley Jero
Divan Larry Jones
Dolan Kathy Olden Berman
Drake Larry Jones
Dunwiddie Donna Kjendlie
Dunwiddie Peggy Rockwell Gleich
Earlywine Kathy Olden Berman
Ebert Georgianna Kuebler
Eucker/Eucher/Ucker/Uker Lavina Bates
Eggleston Angela Wiseman
Einerson Jodi Walters
Eley Larry Jones
Eley / Ely Carol Higgins
Ellis 'nita Halverson
Eveland Kathy Olden Berman
Ewert Michael Riese
Fleek Cathy Cadd
Flood Hal Mosher
Francis Christine M. Spencer
Frank Lynda McGinnis
Frautschy John Nordale
Frisbie Sandra Wille
Gadow Lavina Bates
Gannon Bonnie Pehrson
Gans Penny Chatfield
Gapen Mike Appleby
Gempeler John (Eric) Hamacher
Gerber Ginny Gerber
Gill Georgianna Kuebler
Glanzman Shirley Jero
Gleason Joseph Spangler
Gorman Kathy Olden Berman
Griffiths Christine M. Spencer
Gulson Jill Topper
Hafen Shirley Jero
Hafner Victor Schwarz
Halder Laurae Raths
Halverson Sue Meinhart
Hanson Ginny Gerber
Hartwick/ig Donna Kjendlie
Hartwig Shirley Jero
Harwick/ig Peggy Rockwell Gleich
Hauser Shirley Jero
Havens Sylvia Havens
Hawkins Bonnie Pehrson
Hawkins Ralph Ekwall
Hintz Sharlene K. Miller
Jones Larry Jones
Jones Carol Higgins
Kelley Cathy Rossing
King Donna Kjendlie
King Peggy Rockwell Gleich
King Larry Jones
King Carol Higgins
Kline Debra Bailey Trail
Kline Bonnie Pehrson
Knodel Victor Schwarz
Krausser Shirley Jero
Kubly Shirley Jero
Letherman Cathy Cadd
Larsen / Larson Sharon Tack
Larsen / Larson Wendy Winkelman
Lewis / Lewisen Cathy Rossing
Lindstad Wendy Winkelman
Loveland Barbara Vester
Magee / McGee Angela Wiseman
Mahoney Cathy Rossing
Manlove Donna Kjendlie
Marshall Angela Wiseman
Marti Shirley Jero
Martin David Smeds
Matzke Sharlene K. Miller
McCauliff / McAuliff Cathy Rossing
McDonald Peter Biggins
McGee / Magee Angela Wiseman
Meinert Christine M. Spencer
Meinert Mike Appleby
Michael Kathy Olden Berman
Miller Carol Higgins
Miller Frances Doutt Smith
Minch James Blazier
Minert Mike Appleby
Newcomer Lavina Bates
Neeck Michael Riese
Newman Donna Kjendlie
Newman Peggy Rockwell Gleich
Newman Penny Chatfield
Nybroten Jill Topper
O'Neal Debra Bailey Trail
O'Neal Bonnie Pehrson
Ostenson Amy Niedermeier Synesael
Patton Paul Patton
Perry Barbara Vester
Poff Ginny Gerber
Raether 'nita Halverson
Rean Joseph Spangler
Reasa/Riese Michael Riese
Reaza / Reasa/ Riese Donna Kjendlie
Rice James Blazier
Rice Sherrie Rice Smith
Riese Lavina Bates
Roberts Kathy Olden Berman
Robertson Lavina Bates
Roderick Penny Chatfield
Rosenbaum Sue Meinhart
Sawin Ginny Gerber
Schempp Lavina Bates
Schindler Kathryn Mereness
Schmerse John Nordale
Schneider Carol Higgins
Schultz Georgianna Kuebler
Scudder Penny Chatfield
Sellnow/Zellnow Lavina Bates
Sergent M. Kaeser
Shafer Larry Jones
Shrake Larry Jones
Smith Marie Peer
Smith Steve Smith
Spangler Joseph Spangler
Sparks Donna Kjendlie
Stauffacher Georgianna Kuebler
Stevens Dianne Stevens
Strader David Smeds
Staley Michael Walworth
Straw Sam Mendenhall
Stussi / Stuessi Walt Steesy
Sweeney Wendy Henkel
Sweeney Tammy Tunstall
Teuscher Christine Gehrt Wynar
Tilley Christine M. Spencer
Trotter Ginny Gerber
Vansant Judith Deniston Falconer
VanEtten Bonnie Pehrson
Walters Victor Schwarz
Walworth Michael Walworth
Ward Judith Deniston Falconer
Warner Sue Meinhart
Weiss Shirley Jero
Welch Sue Meinhart
Wescott / Westcott Paul Patton
Wetzler Victor Schwarz
Witt Georgianna Kuebler
Witt Sandra Wille
Wonderly Mike Appleby
Wood Barbara Vester
Wood Barry D. Wood
Woodel/le Donna Kjendlie
Woodel/le Peggy Rockwell Gleich
Woodling Cathy Cadd
Woodling Debra Bailey Trail
Woods Sue Meinhart
Wyss Rob Wyss
Yost Shirley Jero
Zimmerman Donna Kjendlie
Zimmerman Peggy Rockwell Gleich
Zimmerman Debra Bailey Trail
Zum Brunnen John Nordale

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