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Princeton Republic 1867

Transcribed and contributed by Phyllis J.


Andrew Whyte 4 Nov
Lucy A Whiteraft 21 Nov.

Thomas Paine 26 Dec

Petit Jurors for the Special Term of the Circuit Court at Dartford on the 29th inst.

City of Berlin: J D Wood, D R Burr, T S Basett, P F Whiting, Levi Safford, E Andrews, John McClelland
Kingston: Luke Hall, Albert Greenleaf, Steven Horn, J P Woodward, Jas. M Chapel.
Green Lake: G W Markham, R L Baldwin, Geo Millard
Brooklyn,: A E Olin, W S Reed
Princeton: Sumuer Sears, John Knapp
St Marie, Michael Ash
Mackford: Geo Quiggle, Geo. W Dart, W B Seward
Town of Berlin: A Burdick 11 April

Jurors for the next term of the Circuit Court to be held at Dartford, 9 Sept.

Grand Jurors
Warren B Cole, A P Carman, Daniel Craig, H C Glendenning,
Morgan Epley, John Shipley, J W Bailey, Ansell Shaler, Thomas Smith, Egbert J Cable, Benj. Haigh, Chauncey Griffith, Horace Meriam, Jessie T. Green, B F Saxton, H B Thomas, Moses W Sherwood
Petit Jurors
Roberick A Sabin, Stephen G Thayer, J C Burdock, E P J Spragg, Lewis Lewis, C U Bowley, E M Parsons, Samuel Staples, Urban Palmer, Horace Davis, Gilbert Allard, M M Wilmarth, Wm. Paddock, E H S Dart, L O Fuller. Albert Walker, Geo. Loomer, Levings Wescott, J S Hibbard, L P Greet, John Kane, John Chaffin, Lucius Burrows, Simeon Stratton. 22 Aug.


By Rev. R H Fairbairn, at the residence of George W Darby, Esq., in Manchester, on the 2d inst. Mr. R. Lincoln Taylor, of Golden Prairie, Iowa, and Mrs. Carrie R Atwood, of Manchester. 11 April

April 16th, 1867, by Rev A M Hulce, Mr Alexander Sample and Miss Hattie Willson all of Kingston, Wis
April 7th, 1867, by E A Pickett, Esq., Mr. John Wilkins and Miss Adelaide Phillips all of Kingston, Wis.
By A H Myers, Esq., on Thursday, 18th inst., Mr. Luther D South, of Hancock, Washara Co. and Miss Charlotte Randall of this village. Although Miss Randall was strongly Republican in feeling, she has gone south to get a husband; but now that peace once more sheds her beaming rays over the whole land, may we not wish the happy couple a "Son-y South?" 25 April

Kruger - Groseick: On the 18th instant, at the residence of Christoph Maurlick, by E. Haroune, Esq., Mr. Christoph Kruger, of St. Marie, to Miss Anna Gorseick, of Princeton. 19 Sept.

Hunter - Lewis: In the village of Kingston, on the 22d ult., by H C Glendenning, Esq., Mr. A J Hunter to Miss S C Lewis, all of the village of Kingston. 4 Oct.

Carman - Long: At the M E Church in this village, on Sabbath evening, Dec 15th, 1867, by Rev R H Fairbairn, assisted by Rev J L Hewitt, Mr. W. P. Carman, of Princeton, to Miss Emma M. Long, of Hawkesburry, Canada West. It is the common remark that the marriage ever took place in Princeton that was more eminently "fit and proper to be made" than this. The reward and happiness which comes from a true, pure life will surely be theirs; and we join with a host of friends in wishing them much joy and many returns of their marriage anniversary. 19 Dec.


In this village, on Wed morning, Oct 23d, 1867, a son, to Rev. and Mrs. R H Fairbairn. 24 Oct.


Wednesday, April 17th, infant son of Mr and Mrs Sidney Parrsons, of Mt. Tom. Funeral sermon preached from the words: "Is the child dead?" II Sam 12,19 on Thursday, 18th by Rev J L Hewitt. 25 April

In this village on the 5th inst., of consumption, after a lingering illness of four months, Mrs. C A Loomis, wife of G H Loomis, Esq. Mrs. L. had been a resident of Princeton 18 years, and leaves a large circle of friends to mourn her loss. She was a loving wife, a fond mother, and a kind neighbor. In her latter illness she was confined to her bed but two days before she died. She has left a husband and three children to mourn, who have our sympathy in their deep affliction. The funeral was largely attended, filling the M E Church. Sermon by Rev R H Fairbairn, from the text: Ex. 24-18. 11 July

Boy Shot: Christian Plett, a german lad of twelve years of age, but two weeks from Germany, and for the time, living with Mr. John Topp on the Mechan some four or five miles west of this village, accidently shot himself on Saturday while out shooting black birds. It is not known exactly how the accident occurred, but it is supposed that standing with the butt of the gun resting on the ground for some reason he stepped back a few feet dragging the piece after him, pointing at his stomach, when the hammer caught a twig and when disengaged, discharged the gun, the full contents passing through the upper portion of the stomach and one lobe of the liver; lodged beneath the skin on the right side of the back. Dr. N. Millard of this village was called and dressed the wound, but of course could not render much assistance. The boy died on Monday morning. Elsewhere in this issue the reader will notice an accident from a pistol. Let this be a warning to all boys. Carelessness is a crime. Let parents teach their boys the necesity of the greatest care in the use of firearms. 25 July

In Kingston, Wis., August 22d, 1867, R. B. Bunce, after a lingering illness of four months. The sands in the hourglass of time had dropped, one by one, until frail nature yielded, the scythe of time cut down, in the mid-day of life, the strong man. Believing his work not more than half done, he was startled by the sound of the gavel, and dropping his tools, we trust he went from labor to refreshment in the temple above. He was buried with Masonic honors by the brethren of the Kingston, Markesan, Marquette and Princeton lodges. Sermon by Rev. B F Fullmer, of Kingston. 29 Aug.

Passing Away: The Old Fathers are one by one passing away. On Sabbath last Mr. John Stimson, an old resident, and quite an old man, died in this village at the residence of Mrs. Hall, his daughter. We are promised an obit next week. The funeral was held at the Congregational Church on Monday. 12 Sept.

In the village of Princeton, Sept 8, 1867, John W Stimson, aged 72 years and six months. Father Stimson was born in Springfield, Windsor county, Vermont. Emigrated to Ohio in 1834, which was then called the "Far West.". He remained there fifteen years, or until the spring of 1849, when he again traveled West, and located in Dartford, Green Lake county, Wisconsin, where he lived surrounded by his family until the spring of 1860, when he had the misfortune to lose his house by fire, after which time for four years he and his wife lived with their children. His wife was then taken from him by death. He lingered on, though weak and diseased, until Sept 8th, and then fell asleep in Christ. The funeral service was held in Princeton, sermon by the writer; after which the body was conveyed to Dartford Cemetry, where close by the side of the companion of his youth, we laid him down to sleep until the resurrection morn, when the grave shall give up its dead, and they shall live forever with the Lord. . . . . . R H Faribairn. 19 Sept.

Beebe: In the town of Manchester, on the 21st ult., Mr. E P Beebe. 4 Oct.

In this village on the evening of the 3d day of Oct, 1867, Rev. Robert Thompson, in his 71st year, of paralysis of the stomach. Mr. Thompson was born in Glascow, Scotland, in Aug, 1897, of pious parents, from whom he received his early Christian training. In his 18th year his yearning for Liberty and a desire to finally settle in the free States of the Great West, he enlisted in a battalion which was sent to Canada. He served during the latter part of the war of 1812 in the British army; but when the war was over, left the service, and crossing the Niagara river, became a citizen of the United States, living for a time at the Falls and then at Syracuse, when there was but one log shanty in the place, and afterwards at Port Byron, NY, where in May, 1849, he married Miss Lovina Avery. In the spring of 1823, they both professed faith in Christ and united with the M E Church of that place. In 1837 he was licensed to preach, and continued during a period of 30 years, when his health would permit, to work in the cause of his Master, ever zealously laboring for the salvation of souls. In 1849 he came to this county, settling at St. Marie, where he continued to reside until last winter, when he removed to this village. Etc. . . . . His funeral was attended by a large concourse of old neighbors and friends, on Sat. the 5th inst., at the M E Church. 10 Oct.

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