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Princeton Republic 1868

Transcribed and contributed by Phyllis J.



Hezekiah Noble 20 Feb
Wilhemina Bahm 27 Feb
Frederic Steinke 19 Mar
G DeWitt Elwood 14 May
Abraham Clark 8 June


List of Jurors for Feb. Term of Green Lake County Circuit Court
Grand Jury:
City of Berlin - C A Mather, Joseph Gutman, J B Luther
Town of Berlin - John Holt, Henry Thomas, Charles Payne, Nicholas Bush
Town of Brooklyn - Albert Long
Town of Mackford - H McDonald
Town of Green Lake - P D Gardinier
Village of Marquette - L R Davis, S H Palmer, John s Palmer
Town of Kingston - F J Peters
Village of Princeton - F A Wilde
Town of St. Marie - Joel Whiting

Petit Jury
City of Berlin - Sylvester C Ruddick, Thomas White, Daniel Forbes, J F Hamilton, Charles H Dunham, Horace Meriam
Town of Berlin - Benj. R Saxton, Harvey, Spencer, Thomas Richards, Clark Burdick
Town of Brooklyn - Clark B Green, W I Sherwood, Valons Root, Darius Orton
Town of Green Lake - Horace Goodell, W Bazely
Town of Mackford - Richard Harris, Rufus C Oliver, Frances Cole
Town of Marquette - John Conley, John C McMynn, Peter Mouine
Town of Princeton - Pat Kenon, R P Rawson, John P Stevens, J M Stimson
Town of Seneca - Samuel Cockerell 23 Jan

Jurors for September Term of Circuit Court
Grand Jury
City of Berlin - J A Wilcox, Wm. R Davis
Town of Berlin - L Eichstadt
Princton - W S Flint, Benj. Haigh
St. Marie - Abram Hall, Thos. Gallagher
Brooklyn - F H Frame, John Weightman, J H Van Wagoner
Green Lake - J H Hurlburt, C P Dunning
Marquette - A Patrick
Kingston - R A Sabin
Mackford - Lyman Austin, Luke Westover
Markesan - James Knight
Pettit Jury
City of Berlin - A D Foote, Philander Phelps, Reeves T Reese, Geo McClellan, M H Shipley, Thos Baker
Town of Berlin - Edward Dougherty, I H Morris
Princeton - S M Eggleston, William C Briggs, E N Durfee, Richmond Tucker, Jr
Brooklyn - George A Morris, Isreal Arnold, M H Powers
Green Lake - S Burdick
Marquette - Daniel Craig
Kingston - John O Jones, Nehemiah Squires, Z Kilmer
Manchester - David Randall, Rufus Langdon, David T Price
Markesan - Asa Holmes, Daniel A Ostrum, Wm W Wilson
Mackford - Alonzo Brown 10 Aug.


Hays - Merkly: Mr. James Hays of Kingston, to Miss Harriet Merkly of Montello, by J a Pratt, Esq., on Montello. 23 Jan.

Roberts - Hughes : By H C Glenndenning, Esq, Mr G M Roberts to Miss Catherine M L Hughes, all of Kingston. 30 Jan.

Kilmer - Kane: In Kingston, Feb 16, by Rev. Geo. Fries, Mr Willaim Kilmer to Miss Mary Kane, both of Kingston. 27 Feb.

Pierce - Van Dusen: In this village Feb 29th, 1868, at the residence of Josiah Luce, Esq., by the Rev. R H Fairbairn, Mr. Chas. W Pierce of Ripon, to Miss Zoa Van Dusen, of this village. 5 Mar

McWilliams - Crosby: In Milwaukee, at St. John's Cathedral, Feb 25th 1868, by the Rev. Mart Kendig, Mr. Andrew McWilliams of Portage City to Miss Bridget A Crosby, of Princeton. 5 Mar

Hartwell - Phillips: In Germania, March 11, 1868, by the Rev H A Allwardt, Mr Samuel N Hartwell to Mrs. Angelina M Phillips, all of Germania. 19 Mar.

Tucker - Haskins: At the residence of Wm. F Scovil on the 10th inst, by John B Fowler, Esq., Mr Frank Tucker to Miss Araminta Haskins, all of this town. 14 May

At the residence of Christopher Maurlic in the village of Princeton, on the 21st of Sept ult, by Edward Haroupe, J P., Mr. Carl Smith to Miss Caroline Krueger, both of Town of Mecan, arquette Co., Wis. 5 Oct.

In this village, Sabbath evening Dec 20th, by Rev W M Richards, Mr Wm. J Frank to Miss Celia Hake. 29 Dec.

At Dakota, Waushara County, Jan 13th, 1868, a son to W L and Clara M Abbott. 23 Jan.


In Kingston, Wis. on the morning of the 21st of Dec, 1867 of consumption, Miss Nellie Whitehead, aged 22 years.

In Princeton, Dec 18th, 1867, Mrs. Wm. J Frank, aged 35 years. Mrs. Frank was born in Montgomery Co, NY, came to Wis. in the summer of 1857. Her death was very sudden, and to her family and intimate friends it seemed impossible that one in the prime of life, in the enjoyment of good health only one short week before, should thus suddenly be cut down; this adds another to the many lessons given us that time is short, and death will soon overtake us all. Etc. . . She leaves a husband and three children to battle with the storms and trials of life, and to hold in their minds the memory of a good kind wife, a careful, prudent, loving mother,. The funeral was held in the Cong. Church on Thurs, 19th, 1867, and was very largely attended. Sermon from Hebrews 2d ch 14:15verses.
2 Jan.

Shot in a Saloon: John Cassidy, a young man 25 years of age, son of John Cassidy of this town, was shot by a half breed, in a saloon at Grand Rapids last week, and died next morning. His mother left on Monday for the remains of her murdered son, which we learn will be interred in the Catholic cemetery at St. Marie, probably tomorrow or Saturday. 5 Mar.

In West St. Marie on the 9th inst., Mrs. Luanna A, wife of H H Harmon, and daughter of C M Phelps, Esq of Green Lake, after a lingering illness of two months with consumption. Aged 24 years, 11 months and 1 day. Funeral services held at the Congregational church in this village on the 11 inst. Sermon by Rev R H Fairbairn. 19 Mar.

Passed Away: Hon. G DeWitt Elwood died at his residence in St. Marie, Tuesday morning. He was interred in the cemetery at Berlin on Wed. The funeral sermon will be delivered at the M E Church in this village next Sabbath, at 10 ½ o'clock, by Rev J L Hewitt. Obituary next week. 2 April
The death of Mr Elwood seems to deserve a more extended notice, than could be prepared for the last issue of this journal. He had long occupied prominent public positions in this county, and was well and favorably known to nearly all its citizens.
G DeWitt Elwood was born in Minden, Montgomery county, New York on the 23d, day of May 1818, of parents decended from English, German, French and Swiss ancestors. His father, who was a farmer, died while his son was under two years of age, and G. De Witt spent his boyhood on the farm, and at the common schools. He subsequently, by his own exertions, principally by teaching, contrived to attend the Casenovia Seminary and Fairfield Academy for four years, and was then prepared and expecting to enter the highest or senior class in college; but on account of a chronic inflammation of his eyes, was compelled to abandon his purpose. For several years after he was employed in farming and teaching. He afterwards and during his whole life paid attention to the cultivation of literature. He ever felt a deep interest in education, and while in the Senate was chairman of the committee having in charge the whole educational interests of the State. In July 1849 he was married, and in Sept of that year came to this State, and settled at the village of Hamilton, about a mile and half below Princeton, and continued to reside at different places in this county until his death. Etc. . . .9 April

Williams - At the residence of E N Durfee, in St Marie, on Wed, the 10th inst., George Williams
Harmon - On Wed, the 17th inst., Mabel, infant daughter of H H Harmon, Funeral services to day 2o'clock at the M E Church. 18 June

Chas. Seymour of the LaCrosse Republican delivered the obituary of Charles Lobdell, late assistant editor of the La Crosse Democrat, who was killed in the appalling Angola Disaster on the New York & Erie Railroad Dec 19th, 1867
Geo. Hyer read a glowing tribute to the memory of Hon. Chas. L Shoals, late State Senator from Kenosha, and an honored member of the association. Mr. Shoals came to Green Bay July 4th 1836, and in a few weeks commenced the publication of the Wisconsin Democrat, and had been a member of the Wisconsin press nearly ever since. 2 July

In this village on Sat, Nov 28th, Julius Baumann, M.D. Born in the city of Gehren, Feirstenthum Schwarzburg, Sondersbattsen, Germany, Aug 28th, 1844. The deceased came to this county last June, and reached this village in August, bringing with him a young and accomplished wife, who by this sad dispensation of providence, before a year has passed since her marriage, is left a widow in a strange land thousands of miles from her parental roof. But she finds warm friends and sympathizing hearts among her countrymen in this village. Dr. Baumann was the son of Wm. Baumann, who has held the mayoralty of the city of Gehren for the last ten years, who gave his son a fine education at the College of Wurtzburg. Obtaining his diploma, in company with his youthful love he crossed the ocean and came to the great West to minister to the ills of his fellow man and build him a home in our midst. But alas, a breath from the unseen shore, chilled his blood, and the laughing bride of a few months, under a two fold sorrow weeps at his winter grave. 7 Dec.

A Runaway - Man Killed: As S A Hake, Esq. of this village was about leaving the residence of Barney Murphy in Black Creek neighborhood, some four or five miles north of this village, last Sabbath noon, the latter requested a ride a short distance which request was granted. A Mr. Haley was already in the seat with Mr Hake, and both sat apart to allow Murphy room between them. They had proceeded but a few rods when the horses became frightened and started on the run when one grappled a line and reined them to one side against a stump which the wagon struck, throwing Hake and Haley out, when the horses dashed furiously forward, Mr Murphy meantime riding undisturbed in the seat. But a few rods from the place where the two fell out, the near horse grazed a tree, and as the wagon came up, it suddenly stopped, and Mr Hake observed Mr Murphy carried forward by the momentum, apparently striking his chin against the tree, when he regained his seat. Mr. Hake hurried up and caught the horses, and found they had been stopped by the lines being wrapped around the hub of one of the wheels. By this time Haley came up and called to Hake that Murphy was hurt, who fell forward and out of the wagon, expired in a few minutes. His funeral was held at the St. Marie Church on Tuesday and was conducted by Father Gray of Ripon. The procession numbered forty wagons as they passed through this village. Mr Murphy leaves a widow and five children. 7 Dec.

Princeton Lodge, I.O. of G. T. officers:

R C Treat, W C T
Mrs. HH Hopkins, W V T
N Harmon, W S
Mary Meesic, W T
Dr. De Voe, W F S
John Meesic, W M
Hattie Luce, I G
Capt. Hubbard, O G 20 Feb

Princeton Lodge, I.O. of G. T. officers
R C Treat, W C
Adeline Fisher, W V
John Vedder, S W
Miss Jennie Scoval, W T
Mrs. Jane Rose, W F S
John Meesic, W M
Miss Electa Record, w I G
Thos. McConnell, W O G 30 April

Marquette Lodge, I.O. of G. T. officers
Thomas Marshall, W C T
Miss Carrie A Mason, W V T
L R Davis, W S
Mrs. L R Davis, W A S
Miss L A Palmer, W T
Silas B Porter, W F S
C L Davis, W M
Miss Anna Mosley, A M
Wm. Kethcum, O G
Cornelia Marshall, R H S
Henrietta McDonald, L H S 20 Feb

Pupils of District No 4 town of Manchester for winter term ending March 1868

Adelbert Pierce
Adelbert Caldwell
Albert Friday
Birney Bell
Corda Caldwell
Charley Osborn
Elah Russell
Edith Adsit
Eva Ashley
Fannie Langley
George Bell
Ida Millard
Jennie Fye
Lizzie Palmer
Matilda Bell
Margaret Friday
Ordelia Stanke
Olive Shindel
Rudolph Stanke
Robert Stanke
Rose Adsit
Rose Bowman
Stanford Adsit
Sarah Mozley
Sarah Fye
Willy Carman
Wilson Adsit
Zephy Parker
Willy Osborn
A H Carman, teacher 19 Mar

Star Scholars of the Marquette Select School
Phillis Clark, Lanea A Davis, Alice B Hawes, Kate S Palmer, Helen Seely, Mary A Davis, Maggie E Fairchild, Mattie McCracken, Lizzie Prosser, Emma Seely. 14 May

Star Scholars of Princeton School for month ending May 29, 1868
Fremont Rawson, Charles Flint, Ellen Myers, Addie Myers, Clara Treat, Libbie Myers, Florence Holly, Nellie Luce, Elsie Sherwood, Amelia King, Minnie Cook
Edwin Flint, Eddie Green, Hattie Craig, Julia Fisher, Emma Bently, Ella Slat 1 Jun

Star Scholars for month ending Aug 22, 1868
Clarence Holly, Charles Flint, Libbie Myers, Ada Rawson, Charles Parker, Elson Whiting, Charles Demell, Arthur Mcintyre, Florence Holly, Julie Fisher, Eddie Green. O N Russell, teacher 31 Aug.

Teachers licensed at recent exams in Green Lake County:
Third Grade: Lizzie LaGrange, Angie D E Brooks, Tira T Walker, Sarah P Bly,
Mary E Tubbs, Mary E Langdon, Ellen M Moore, Horatio A Brooks, Jennie Scovel, Ardie L Palmer, Frances E Davis, Ella A Ferris, Arvilla A Rawson, M C Mesick, Hattie A Luce, Lina J Parker, Julia F Kennety, Washington Whittemore, Sidney Luce, Elizabeth Prosser, Cardie E Caldwell, Sarah Mozley, Ursula Grey, Sarah Grey, Iona L Dantz, Carrie Mackey, Hattie E Page, Mary A Davis, Maggie E Fairchild, Carrie Dewey, Caroline Davis, Amanda Gilmore, Mary J Folsome, Jennie Hales, Emma McDonald, Maggie Rogger, Rose E Currie, Louisa Bond, Elizabeth Prichard, Ella D Cross, Tirza Moore, J W Laughlin, M D Eaton, Mary Bunker, V R Rowland, Mary Bush, Till McLaughlin, Nannie L Bacon, Julia A Bacon, Mary Holt, Frankie Foster
Second Grade: P M Welcome, Simon Patton, Oliver N Russell, Alice M Ayer, Elma J Tubbs
First Grade: Lizzie McKittrick, Emma Stewart 30 April

Town of Manchester officers:

Supervisors, C A Millard ch'n, Peter Wenke, C E Westbrook, A H Carman Clerk
Treas, E L Hoyt
Assessors, H Cooper 1 year, Geo. Ferge 2 years, H Pritchard 3 years
Justice, H Vine, S H Foster
Cons. W Starring, A Lewis, L Shadduck
Sealer of Weights and Measures, C B Johnson 9 April

Town of Kingston officers:

Supervisors - O W Bow ch'n, P Bowley, H Parry
Clerk - Chas Parrott
Treas - Wm Rankin
Assessor - N Squires
Justices - E A Pickett, Wm. Bangs
Cons - W Waterman, Wm. Humphrey 9 April

Village of Kingston officers:

Prest - J E Millard
Trustees - C W Bowley, A Blatchley, F Frei, W Kilmer
Justice - Frank Goss
Clerk - A P Hewett
Assessor - W K Smith
Treas - John Milligan
Cons - J B Whelden, Wm. James
Marshal - C P Hewett C P Hurd 9 April

Town of Mackford officers

Clerk - Wm Patton
Treas. - Wm R Cahill
Assessor - Lorenzo Willard
Justices - Peter Reed, Chas. Aiken
Cons. - Geo W Dartt, A M Walker, Wm. Bishop
Sealer of Weights and Measures - Barlow Swift 9 April

Town of Marquette officers:

Supervisors - L J Brayton, ch'm, D Crage, P McCawley
Treas - L R Davis
Clerk - T B Fairchild
Assessors - L C Potter, 3 years, Rich Noble, 2 years, C Griffith, 1 year
Justices - P D Gardinier, O W Wheelock, C R Wheelock
Constables - James Gray, T Edwards, H M Elkins 9 April

Town of Princeton officers:

Supervisors - R C Treat, ch'm. S Meesick, F T Yahr,
Town clerk - F A Wilde
Treas - W F King
Assessor - J P Stevens
Justices - J B Fowler, A H Myers
Constables - C Piper, W H McIntyre, B G Whittemore 9 April

Village of Princeton Officers:

President - O N Russell
Trustees - C W Loomis, C Boylan
Clerk - F A Wilde
Treas - H McIntyre
Street Commissioner - C Piper 9 April

Town of St. Marie officers:

Supervisors - Mason Whiting, ch'm, H T Green, Charles P Harmon
Town clerk - N P Nye
Assessor - Oliver D Ketchum
Treas - Wm F Scovel
Justice - Harvey Kellogg
Constable - Wm F Scovel 9 April

Village of Montello officers

Trustees - E B Chapman, John Lewis, C F Roskie, Asa Smith, C W Hall
Police Justice - H J Pratt
Clerk - John Barry
Marshal - Samuel Stimpson 23 April

Immigrants: Fred T Yahr Esq. passenger agent, informs us that he has perfected arrangements this spring for ninety new comers from Germany to this county, of which 87 came to this village and 3 to Berlin. Thirty five of this number have already sailed. 16 April

Immigration is on the increase to this section year by year. And as these wild lands are subdued and older farms brought under a higher state of cultivation, there comes a necessity for some reliable place where a man can buy hardware, axes, chains, tools, iron, stove etc. Such a place is Peek's in Berlin. 2 July

The Indian Land:
The more we see and know of the Indian Lands across the River, the better are we satisfied that at no distant day, they will be not only productive and remunerative to a high degree, but will be settled with a class of hard working, frugal people, who will by their incessant toil and really scientific cultivation, of their small farms bring them up to a standard of productiveness, taking into consideration, the quality and variety of crops raised equal to the best prairie farms. Go where you will, the German and Polish settlers are busy as bees around their little homes, hauling out manure, digging here and there, planting their corps early and putting them in the best condition, the result is good crops from what ever seed they sow while their farms are continually increasing in fertility. 7 May

The Indian Land "behind Princeton" is fast filling up, every available piece of land is being Germanized, soon to produce its quota of rye, potatoes, pigs, cows, fat oxen and calves. 11 July

Military: A German Military Company has been recently organized in this village with the following officers:
Captain - August Zierke
1st Lieut - Christopher Maulick
2nd Lieut - Gottlieb Jahnke
Ord Sergt - August Miller 1 Jun

Hops - The following persons in this locality have planted Hops this spring as follows:
Bently, Son & Co, 10 acres
Crown & Son, 6 acres
Delos Maxon 5 acres
W S Flint 4 acres
Thos. Thackery 4 acres
Z Fisher 3 acres
J D Jarvis 3 acres
J C Thompson 2 acres
C W Loomis 2 acres
R C Treat 2 acres 11 June
Marquette farms: J T Green, S H Palmer, J S Baldwin, L C Potter, Mr Seemans, M J byington, Nelson Seely, S H Parker

Princeton Driving Association:
Pres - O N Russell
V P- Chas. Briggs
Sec - T McConnell
Treas - C W Loomis 11 June

Grant and Colfax Club for the Town of Princeton
R C Treat - pres
Dr. N T Millard, 1st VP
W S Flint, 2nd VP
A H Myers, Treas
Thos McConnell, Cor Sec
John Vedder, Rec Sec. 18 June

Accident: Mrs. Van Dusen of this village, while visiting her son-in-law, Mr. Pierce, went to Ripon in company with him and his wife on Wed June 24, and on their return home, Mr. P jumped out the wagon to open the gate, which he did, and the team passed through; but , while shutting it, the team started on the run before Mr P could prevent them. Mrs. Van Dusen and her daughter remaining in the wagon. The team ran over one fence all right, and had come to another, when Mrs. Van Dusen and her daughter were thrown out, the seat striking Mrs. V. on the right limb, breaking it twice below the knee. Mrs. Pierce was also seriously injured. The team still kept on until they had run over two more fences, when they were captured without much injury to themselves. Mrs. Van Dusen is in the hands of Dr Rogers, who is a skillful surgeon, and is doing well and will be removed to this village on Monday next.

Another: Simon Liete living in the Bend three miles south of this village met with a very serious accident on Thurs of last week. It seems that he was trying to lead a cow, when she became unmanageable pulling Mr. Liete down and dragging him over a large pile of stones, breaking his leg in two places. Dr Millard of this village and Dr. Everhard of Ripon set the bones. 2 July

Medical report by Dr I W Devoe, Princeton, Wis during the year ending Nov 20, 1868
All diseases were listed and the number treated for each illness, a total of 379 cases. Total number of deaths, 5. 23 Nov


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