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Princeton Republic January 1874

Transcribed and contributed by Phyllis J.

Staples: In Green Lake, Dec 29th, of hemorrhage of the lungs, Lillie, daughter of Samuel and Rebecca Staples, in the 9th year of her age. Angel of death has again visited our neighborhood and this time he has taken to his icy bosom, little Lillie. Her health had been quite delicate for some time, but no immediate danger was apprehended. She retired on the evening of the 19th feeling as well as usual. Some time before morning she called her parents to her bedside, and 'ere five minutes had elapsed her pure spirit took its flight "to realms where fancy shall be filled, and ecstacies of freedom shall be felt, and the soul reign gloriously, risen to its royal destines." In the "far off Spirit Land" in one Angel group, yet another was wanting; therefore, came the Messenger, never once remembering (in his haste) the wounds he was inflicting in the hearts of those left behind, and which time can never heal. 3 Jan.

It is with sorrow that we announce the death, the 25th inst, of Mrs. J E Millard, of this place. For a long time she has resided in this place, and endeared herself to all who knew her, by universal kindness. She was a "Mother in Israel" in every sense, and in this, their sad bereavement, the relations have the sympathy of many friends. The funeral will take place Sunday, the 28th inst. (Kingston) 3 Jan.

Swanke: In this village, on Sunday morning Jan 4th, Minnie, wife of August Swanke, aged 35 years. Also infant son, on Tues. morning, the 6th inst. Mrs. Swanke was one of the early settlers of Princeton having come here when a girl of about 15. She was married to Mr. August Swanke in 1857. She had buried one child, thereby becoming acquainted with affliction. Five little ones are left, who will miss a mother's love. She was a woman of great energy of character, a good wife and mother, and will be much missed, by many friends. The funeral sermon was performed by Rev. T A Hoyer, at the German Lutheran Church, on Tues, and an immense throng of sympathizing friends followed the remains to their last resting place. 10Jan.

Millard: At Kingston, on Christmas day, Harriet S Bingham, wife of J Edmund Millard. In the death of Mrs. Millard her friends and the community in which she lived, have suffered an irreparable loss. She has resided in this state nearly twenty five years, and there came not into this, then new, and untried West, a braver and more buoyant spirit than hers. Though eminently fitted to enjoy and profit by all that civilization and refinement afforded, she threw herself into pioneer life with all the energy and ardor of her nature. She was so intensely active and alive in every fibre that it is especially hard to realize that she is gone; that the living heart and mind ever prompt to think and do for others are stilled; the lips silent, that were ever ready with the word spoken in due season.
She was a precious example of a harmonious character, never allowing her best judgment to be overturned by impulse and prejudice. She was a lover of her race, ever ready to ignore or excuse faults in others, and to draw out their best traits. Once a friend, she was always a friend; no petty disturbances were allowed to turn back the love she meted to others in overflowing measure. Her life was so pure and sweet and good, that eulogy would be superfluous. She was true to her deepest convictions and always candid to look at truth in whatever guise presented. She was benevolent to all without ostentation.
Her last days were in perfect harmony with her whole life, brave and cheerful, no morbid word escaped her lips. Though possessing a strong love of life, she yielded it up with perfect equanimity. Patient and gentle, it was sweet to minister to her. Blessed memories cluster around her. It is a joy that she was so worthy of love and reverence.
A good daughter, a good sister, not sparing herself when a sister claimed her care; a good wife, a good mother, a good friend, true and faithful in all the relations of life. 17 Jan.

Star Scholars of the Mount Tom school for week ending Jan 9th:
May Ketchum, Bell Flowers, Phenie Flowers, Wilmer Hess, Linne Hess, Bert Whiting, Andrew Rendreau, Lettie Whiting, Carrie Whiting, Robert Erstons, Eddie Hayes, Willie Grenzler, Sunie Ison, Hatie Ison, Jessie Kidman, Jessie Beaumont, Ella Beaumont. 17

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