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Your English Ancestry: A Guide for North Americans by Sherry Irvine. Ancestry, Salt Lake City UT. Copyright 1993. $12.95.

Ms. Irvine attempts to bring English research to a manageable level for people in North America, without a trip to England, or using a researcher until absolutely necessary. And, she does a very good job of it.

Her explanation of records and what's necessary to use the information they contain is very down to earth; this makes this book extremely easy to read. She goes into depth on each record and indicates where in England you might find it. She then leads you to the Family History Library (LDS) and indicates how to find it there. Of course not every record is available through the Family History Library, but many indexes are, which will help you locate and access the original records through the mail from England.

Ms. Irvine addresses many common problems, such as, "What if I don't have enough information to use a particular record." She does a very good job of suggesting other directions to follow.

While this book might not fill the bill for a more experienced English researcher, I believe that it will be very useful at any level, as she does suggest some not-so-common sources to pursue. And one cannot know every source available.

This book makes for excellent reading and really should be on all English researchers’ library shelves.

Note: This book is now in its second (“Revised”) edition (1998).

Reviewed by Ann Wells
BIGWILL v.1 no.3, 1994