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London: A Guide to Ancestral Research by Phillip B. Dunn. Purchase from the author at P.O.Box 2640, Salt Lake City UT 84110-2640, copyright 1987, revised 1992, $7.50.

There are three requirements for London research. The first is a knowledge of the geography and layout of the Greater London area. Secondly, you must have a good basic working knowledge of London's record sources, due to the tremendous population and the consequent reservoir of records you have to wade through. The third requirement is dedication to pursue one's ancestor through this vast region with more misses than hits.

This guide provides some reminders and some very helpful hints on certain record sources and indexes to be found in the area that can make your searches easier.

This guide is written for the benefit of all interested in the Greater London area, with special emphasis on those just beginning and those with limited experience in this vast region.

The town or place of origin is very important in London research. Ideas, sources and tools are provided for finding this important clue to further research. Once the town is known, next steps are suggested depending upon whether you are searching before or after the beginning of Civil Registration in 1837.

The book provides lots of lists of parishes to help you in your search. There are for example 116 parishes within the City of London itself, and that is not counting the chapels, liberties and precincts. Another list shows which parishes fall within the civil parish boundaries of all the boroughs.

If you have London ancestors you will find this book very helpful, whether you do all your research from the US or are planning a trip to London.

Reviewed by Paul Milner
BIGWILL v.1 no.6, 1994