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THE IRISH At Home and Abroad - quarterly magazine by Kyle J. Betit & Dwight A. Radford. Published by THE IRISH At Home and Abroad, P.O.Box 521806, Salt Lake City UT 84152. cost $18.00

This excellent quarterly magazine is produced by the same two people that wrote Ireland: A Genealogical Guide to North Americans.

The magazine is designed to help Irish immigrants trace their Irish ancestry using North American, Irish and international resources. There are a number of categories into which articles can be placed:

The articles are clearly written by acknowledged specialists in Irish research. They provide lots of clues on what resources are available, what they contain and how to gain access to them. For example, an article on the Irish in Montreal enabled me to track down a client's Irish ancestors there because the time periods involved narrowed my search to one Catholic Church. I have found the detailed articles very beneficial for my own research and that of my clients.

I strongly recommend this magazine for those of you with Irish ancestry.

Reviewed by Paul Milner
BIGWILL v.2 no.5, 1995