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History of the Land and Their Owners in Galloway with Historical Sketches of the District by P.H.M'Kerlie. Heritage Books, 1540-E Pointer Ridge Pl., Suite 300, Bowie MD 20716. c. 1906 reprinted 1992. 2 vols 668 + 562 pp., indexed. paper. $72 plus $4 p&h. Visa, Mastercard, Checks and Money orders accepted.

The Galloway district lies in the southwest corner of Scotland and is most readily identified as the pre-1975 county of Wigtown. The catalog description states that the county of Kirkcudbright is in this district but no parishes from this county are included in this book. The area has strong ties with northern Ireland and many of the residents descend from immigrants who fled from Ireland during the Potato Famine years.

The first 261 pages of this large work provides lots of information on the general history of the area focussing on the ethnic groups that populated the area. The rest of the work provides a parish-by-parish account of the land and their owners, giving much genealogical information on the landowners who made up the middle and upper classes. Working class people who never owned land are not covered directly but the farms and estates where they labored are described in detail giving you lots of background information on your ancestors.

The descriptions of the land and features within a parish are very detailed and it highly recommended that a copy of the appropriate Ordnance Survey map of the area be obtained to get the most benefit from this book.

Reviewed by Paul Milner
BIGWILL v.3 no.2, 1996