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Great Scots! The Scottish American Hall of Fame by James Casement Thomson. Published by The Illinois St. Andrew Society, 28th & Des Plaines Ave., North Riverside IL 60546. $15 plus $3 p&h pp extra copies $0.50 c Fax 708/447-5269.

This is a collection of one-page tributes to the Americans from Scotland or of Scottish descendent who made a significant contribution to life in the United States. The text and engraved pictures are from the memorial tablets in the Scottish American Hall of Fame maintained at the Scottish Home in North Riverside, IL. All the text was written by Mr. James Casement Thomson who died in 1994. This book is published in his memory.

Each vignette contains some basic biographical information about the Scotsman plus a summary of their achievements. Each person is organized by group which includes: American founders; explorers & pioneers; US Presidents; politicians & public officials; religious leaders; soldiers & sailors; business leaders & industrialists; writers & publishers; fine artists; inventors; scientists; physicians; other great Scottish-Americans.

This book is a great gift for anyone proud of their Scottish heritage.

Reviewed by Paul Milner
BIGWILL v.3 no.4, 1996