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The Scotch-Irish by Charles A. Hanna. Published by Genealogical Publishing Co., 1001 N. Calvert Street, Baltimore MD 21202. Maps, tables and index. Hardcover. 1902, reprinted 1995. 2 Vols. 623 and 602 pp. $75 plus $3.50 p&h for the first vol. and $1.25 for additional volume.

This is a massive compilation of source records relating to Scots who settled in Northern Ireland and America. Volume 1 begins with a section entitled America's Debt to Scotland where it lays out the key role Scots played in shaping the formation of the US with its emphasis on Liberty and Conscience and ideals.

The next section deals with the Scot in North Britain. This section gives a good historical overview of Scottish cultural history but is too early for most genealogists. I personally found the section dealing with the history and documentation about the life of William Wallace interesting to read especially after watching the movie Braveheart and trying to determine fact from fiction.

The next section deals with the Scot in North Ireland. This begins with the early plantations providing lists and information on the original Scottish "undertakers" in the early 17th century. The movement to Ulster was complete by the end of the century. The causes for the migration to the U.S. is discussed in detail providing numerous lists of when and where the Presbyterian colonies were established in the U.S.

In these two volumes there are copies of the texts of many original documents which would be very difficult to locate in U.S. sources. These books are not light reading, but for anyone with early Scots in Ulster or Colonial Scotch-Irish this is a resource to be examined.

Reviewed by Paul Milner
BIGWILL v.3 no.5, 1996