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Visitation of England and Wales, Vols. 1-21 (1894-1921), and Notes, Vols. 1-14 (1896-1921) ed. by Joseph Jackson Howard, LL.D., Maltgravers Herald Extrodinary and Frederick Arthur Crisp. Heritage Books, Inc., 1540-E Pointer Ridge Pl., Suite 300, Bowie MD 20716. Price per volume varies. Visa / Mastercard / Checks / Money Orders accepted. $4.00 p&h.

A full review of this series is to be found in Vol.3 No.2 of the BIGWILL newsletter. These are primarily pedigrees starting in the mid-18th century from various counties.

Vol. 11. $33.00, reprinted in 1996. Principal names: Abercromby, Barlow, Cave-Brown-Cave, Clark, Coode, De Chair, De Mauley, Freeman, Goddard, Grey, Hamilton, Harrison, Hodsoll, Hunt, Jackson, Jones, Landon, Lockett, Norbury, Patchett, Phillips, Portman, Raglan, Roberts, Roddoam, Shedden, Sieveking, South, Steedman, Taylor, Teague, Thursby, Welch, Wood, Worsley.

Vol. 13. $35.00, reprinted in 1996. Principal names: Adams, Amherst (Earl), Armstrong (Baron), Auden, Bagot, Brewster, Colyer, Crisp, Duncan, Dunne, Edmeades, Finnemore, Fisher, Fletcher, Graham, Keighly-Peach, Kenrick, Littledale, Master, Maughan-Ettrick, Milner (Baronet), Nelson (Earl), Powis (Earl of), Ridley, Round, Scarbrough (Earl of), Sherborn, Shuttleworth (Baron), Spedding, Tenterden (Baron), Treves (Baronet), Vaillant, Vidler, Wigan (Baronet).

Vol. 14. $35.00, reprinted in 1996. Principal names: Ancaster (earl of), Atlay, Barlow (Baronet), Barry, Bodington, Brassey (Baron), Clay (Baronet), Comber, Courtenay, Crisp, Dale, Darell (formerly Stephens), Dent, Disraeli, Elliot, Eyre-Matcham, Fanshawe, Fitzwilliam (Earl), Gidley, Griffith, Harwood, Helps, Jalland, Mawdesley, Moore, Morrice, Pickersgill-Cunliffe, Potts, Poynter (Baronet), Ratcliff, Rendlesham (Baron), Rugge-Price (Baronet), Stapleton, Talboys, Tennyson (Baron), Thursfield, Vincent, Wescombe, White, Woodhead, Wright.

Reviewed by Paul Milner
BIGWILL v.3 no.5, 1996