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Celtic Women: Women in Celtic Society and Literature by Peter Berresford Ellis. Published by William B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., Grand Rapids, MI 49503. Copyright 1995. 288 pp. Bibliography, index. $25.

For those interested in Celtic history and the social position which women held in Celtic society, Ellis provides an interesting overview for the general reader. Chapters include mythology, pre-Christian religion, Celtic law, the Celtic church and women in medieval history. Most of the author's references are based on Irish and Welsh history law. His secondary sources listed in the bibliography are recognized scholars in Celtic studies.

Ellis is a scholar of Celtic history and culture who has written several books including Celtic Empire, A Dictionary of Celtic Mythology, Celtic and Saxon, and The Druids

In light of the current movement for equality in this country, I was particularly interested to learn of the equal balance between men and women in Celtic Society.

Reviewed by Jacqueline Torrance
BIGWILL v.4 no.1, 1997