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Visitation of England and Wales, Vols. 1-21 (1894-1921), and Notes, Vols. 1-14 (1896-1921) ed. by Joseph Jackson Howard, LL.D., Maltgravers Herald Extrodinary and Frederick Arthur Crisp. Heritage Books, Inc., 1540-E Pointer Ridge Pl., Suite 300, Bowie, MD 20716. Price per volume varies. Visa/MasterCard/Checks/Money Orders accepted. $4.00 p&h.

A full review of this series is to be found in Vol. 3 No. 2 of the BIGWILL newsletter. These are primarily pedigrees starting in the mid-18th century from various counties. Please note that the indexes to these volumes do not include the people contained in the growing additions and corrections section at the end of each volume.

Vol. 15. 218 + xxxii pp. $35.50. Reprinted in 1996. The principal names include: Amherst, Arkwright, Askwith, Bendall, Benyon, Brewster, Burroughes, Crispe, Deacon, De Ramsey, Dixon-Hartland, Fanshawe, Fellowes, Forwood, Freeeman, Goddard, Goschen, Gower, Hovenden, Marsh, Marshall, Mason, Murray, Oswell, Parry, Pearson, Player, Price, Prideaux, Rew, Rudge, Scott, Sheppard, Simpson, Turnbull, Walker, Wills, Woodthorpe and Wright.

Vol. 16. 216 + 1 pp. $37. Reprinted in 1996. The pricipal names include: Abel. Allix, Bazely, Bingham, Boothby, Bradford, Byron, Carter, Codrington, Collyer, Comber, Cormick, Cunliffe, Darell, Devonshire, Everett, Fellowes, Ferard, Freshfield, Grellier, Hamilton, Hind, Leigh, Lowe, Moore, Newman, Penny, Porter, Preston, Prideaux, Rawson, Roseberry, Spooner, Stacey, Strode, Walsingham, Wilberforce and Woollcome-Boyce.

Reviewed by Paul Milner
BIGWILL v.4 no.1, 1997