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Genealogical Research Directory: 1990-1996 produced and edited by Keith Johnson and Malcolm Sainty. U.S. Distributor: Mrs. Jan Jennings, 3324 Crail Way, Glendale CA 91206-1107. 1996. CD plus manual. $59.95 plus $3.75 p&h. Prior contributors can obtain for $54.70.

This CD combines the data from seven thick GRD volumes making it much easier to search. Unfortunately, the process is not a smooth one.

This is the most involved CD I have come across to install. The search engine is a runtime version of Paradox. The installation process assumes that it is on floppy disks and so you have to keep typing a disk number while installing, even though you don't touch the CD. Surely a simple program routine could have solved this problem. Then when it is installed you have to select the IDAPI configuration button to set up Alias. You have to type four Alias names and 4 path names, anyone of which could lead to a problem. Only after this is complete can you launch the program itself.

From the main menu you can select searches by Surname, Subject, and One Name. One Name is for One Name Societies and Studies. Subject is for all the subject entries from the books but with more flexible search capabilities than in the books. The primary search option is via Surname. Assume surname is selected and you choose the first letter of the name you are looking for. Within that section of the database you can search on surname (exact spelling or using wild cards), city (or place), area (county or state) or country. One selection takes you to the first entry with the desired match. A button selection takes you to the next match. Unfortunately, you cannot go back to the previous match, without returning to the beginning of the search or paging back through all entries. The entries are arranged via contributor number.

If you do not have the past seven years of directories then this is an economical way of obtaining them. Searching it takes a little patience but can be done. The software is not necessarily user-friendly but is workable.

Reviewed by Paul Milner
BIGWILL v.4 no.3, 1997