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The Jacobites of Angus. 1689-1746. Part One and Part Two by David Dobson. Published by Clearfield Publishing Company, 200 E. Eager Street, Baltimore MD 21202. 1997. 49 pp. Softcover. $10 plus $3.50 p&h.

In December 1688 James VII of Scotland (James II of England and Ireland) fled to France and in April 1689 William and Mary were proclaimed in Edinburgh as King and Queen of Scotland. Between 1689 and 1746 several attempts were made by the supporters of the House of Stuart, known as Jacobites, to restore the Stuart monarchy to the throne of Great Britain.

The Jacobites were most numerous in the Highlands and the North East of Scotland, particularly among those of Roman Catholic and Episcopalian persuasion. The county of Angus made a significant contribution to the Jacobite armies of 1715 and 1745.

This book attempts to identify the soldiers and civilians from the County of Angus who actively provided support for the Jacobite Cause between 1689 and 1746.

The list is in alphabetical order, giving the full name of the Jacobite, his occupation, rank, date of service and unit if in the military. Many entries also include date of birth, names of parents, place of origin, and destination where sent or fled. All sources are cited. A sample entry reads:

CARGILL, WILLIAM, born 13.5.1726 son of James Cargill and Elizabeth Ramsay in Montrose, a tobacconist in Montrose, transported from Liverpool on the Gildart 24.2.1747, arrived at Port North Potomac, Maryland, 5.8.1747. [P.2.324/98][PRO.T1.328]

Part one of the book covers A through L, and part two is M through Y. A useful resource for Jacobite ancestors.

Reviewed by Paul Milner
BIGWILL v.4 no.6, 1997