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Visitation of England and Wales edited by Joseph Jackson Howard and Frederick Arthur Crisp. Published by Heritage Books, 1540-E Pointer Ridge Pl., Suite 300, Bowie MD 20716. Prices vary plus $4 p&h.

These two volumes continue this fine series of reprints.

Volume 6, 1898. 182, xv. $33.50. Names included: Back (3), Bartlett (2), Beare, Bowring, Brace, Bush, Carr-Ellison, Catlin, Clough-Taylor, Cowper-Essex, Craig, Didham, Drayner, Eaton, Fanshawe, Fawcett, Furneaux, Fynmore, Goddard, Hall, Langman, Lawrence, Ledgard, Llewellyn, Lockett, Longstaff, marten, Master, Norton, Ollivant, Perceval, Pears (4), Roberts-West, Rogers (2), Sexton, Shekell, Smith, Thomas, Walker, Whitby, Wilson.

Volume 7, 1899. 187, xii. $32.00. Names included: Airy, Aldridge, Alington, Arkwright, Bailey, Baker, Barne, Barnston, Boggis-Rolfe, Carr, Chafy, Comber, Crisp, Cruwys, Dendy, Dicken, Dowdeswell, Fawkes, Fotte, Gibbins, Haslewood, Hole, I'Anson, Kitchener, Law, Lukin, Meller, Murray-Aynsley, Newdigate, Packe, Partridge, Pixley, Price, Roberts, Swithinbank, Windham.

Reviewed by Paul Milner
BIGWILL v.5 no.2, 1998