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Gazetteer of Cornwall 1884 produced by Cornwall Business Systems, Albany Road, Redruth, Cornwall, England TR15 2HY. 1996. £29.95 plus £2 p&h.

This program requires an Internet browser to examine the index on the CD-ROM. The opening index screen provides search instructions and access to further linked index files which include: Contents page; Places; Mining Terms; Mines; Literary Celebrities; Remarkable Characters; Geology; Subscribers and Advertisements.

The content of this CD is very useful and hard to find. I am a graduate of the Camborne School of Mines in Cornwall but I still found mining terms in this book that I did not know (or had forgotten). Plus the details given on the hundreds of mines mentioned will be of great value to anyone seeking mining ancestors.

The indexing on the CD is minimal, not indexing every place or person but rather the first place or name on the page. You then read the page to find the place or person you are seeking.

The scanned image was relatively easy to read on the screen. However, the print image left something to be desired. On a HP LaserJet printer the image was barely readable even printing at high resolution. On a color inkjet printer the background of the paper had a definite yellow tone to it, but was a little easier to read. This is not the quality to of scanned book images we have gotten used to through Family Tree Maker CD-ROM and I suspect that is due to a lower scanning resolution to make the size of the image files smaller.

Yes, the CD makes the resource easily accessible because the paper version of this gazetteer is now expensive and hard to find, especially in North America. However its usefulness could have been increased markedly with a little bit of extra effort on the indexing and the printing capabilities.

Reviewed by Paul Milner
BIGWILL v.7 no. 3, 2000