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Kelly's Directory of Cornwall 1883 produced by Cornwall Business Systems, Albany Road, Redruth, Cornwall, England TR15 2HY. 1996. £29.95 plus £2 p&h.

This program requires an Internet browser to examine the index on the CD-ROM. This provides you access to five sections: Introduction to Cornwall Index; Parish Index; Court index; Trades Index; and parish map of Cornwall.

The design, operation and construction of this CD is similar to the Gazetteer of Cornwall 1884 by the same publisher. This means that the index is limited to the first item on each page, meaning you have to read the directory to find the person you are looking for. Plus the printing function has the same limitations.

Again, the CD makes a scarce, expensive resource available but more effort on the indexing and the scanning to improve print capabilities would have made this even more valuable.

Reviewed by Paul Milner
BIGWILL v.7 no. 3, 2000