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The Scotch-Irish in Northern Ireland and the American Colonies by Maude Glasgow. 1936 reprinted 1998 by Heritage Books, 1540-E Pointer Ridge Pl., Bowie MD 20716. xxi, 345 pp. Index. Softcover. $27.50 plus $4 p&h.

This book provides a fascinating look at Scotch Irish history in Ireland and North America. It is divided up into nine chapters: Irish history to the time of James I; the plantation and the Irish St. Bartholomew; continued persecution of dissenters and the Siege of Londonderry; Oakboys, Steelboys, Defenders and Orangemen; emigration to America; religious war; the union and home rule; Scotch-Irish in America and the Revolutionary War; the Scotch-Irish in America - many eminent names.

The way to access material in this book is through the table of contents. There is a brief outline followed by a more detailed description of the chapter contents and order. The index highlights only the major people and places, even then only mentioning the main sections where they occur. There are many people mentioned in the text that are not included in the index or table of contents. This is a major shortcoming for a reader looking for information concerning an individual.

The book provides a good historical overview of the turbulent times for the Scots (and English) in Ireland highlighting the different time periods when the Presbyterians were persecuted and the Catholics were tolerated or accepted. The explanations and chronologies for the subsequent migrations to North America are provided. There are many important men named with their exploits or creations in the last chapter but they are not in alphabetical order and not indexed.

Reviewed by Paul Milner
BIGWILL v.7 no.5, 2000